Onlne advertising creating audio clips and video recordings

Use in addition to traditional online advertising methods

Companies are established on the Internet all the time. Many of these businesses are trapped in a close-minded marketing campaign, using time tested methods to get customers. Using a newer advertising method would bring targeted traffic to any Internet business. Creating audio files and video recordings can serve a number of purposes.

Online advertising with video streaming websites


word of mouth advertising
word of mouth advertising

Massive traffic from video streaming websites

Videos and audio clips can be used to tap into the high volume of streaming websites such as Youtube. Videos can be easily categorized to increase the chances of converting customers, so can audio clips, with the help of an image in place of the video. The links within your profile on Youtube and other video streaming websites are do-follow, so these videos have a chance of being found through major search engines if proper seo is used. All internal links and channel usernames on Youtube utilize the dofollow attribute. To truly benefit from seo with a Youtube profile, you must use proper seo building techniques. Easy methods include the following below:

1. Write articles based on the topic of your videos or channels. These articles will begin to build your video's page rank in the search engine. Articles must have the keywords of your videos and profile so it can benefit you in the long run.

2. Social bookmarking is usually nofollow links and are only good for generating direct traffic. There are some places where you can find free dofollow links via social bookmarking. A great place to get dofollow links is Squidstop. As you begin using this service, you'll be forced to submit nofollow links until you reach a certain amount of points. Once you've achieved this goal, your links will become dofollow and benefit your search engine optimization.

Online advertising offering free download

Submitting your audio files and video recordings to free download directories can generate massive, targeted traffic to your content. Most likely, your video and/or audio recordings will end up on someone's video playlist so it works out perfectly for you. Even if they know nothing about search engine optimization, the internal and/or external links will serve as a boost in their page rank. If multiple users of video streaming or audio websites post the content on their profiles or websites, they will show up in the search engines. Whether or not their rank is high, it will benefit you. Free download websites include Filestube and Bittorrent.

Free downloads can be hard work, just like search engine optimization. Doing so, however, will give you a better chance of getting visitors in the future because people are most likely gonna spread it through word of mouth advertising. It will end up as free online advertising while doing no work yourself. Here's how you get your free product out there:

1. Write articles and submit them to multiple directories. Because you're not focusing on search engine optimization, you can do as many submissions as you want and won't suffer any consequences doing so.

2. Create short videos to promote your free downloads. This is free advertising in itself because you can include links to your website, but the main focus is more long term. People can't download your Youtube videos, so promote your free downloads and get more online advertising by getting them to share your files.

3. Make pdf files and submit them to free eBook directories. The online advertising comes from people downloading your eBooks. While some people may not take the time to download or listen to your audio files and video recordings, some will. Those that do download your content will eventually submit it to free directories and get more online advertising from viral marketing. The eBooks itself will bring visitors to your websites if you include lins to your homepage.

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