Onstar - nations largest fraud perpetrated on the Subscribing Customers

Onstar Fraud

 Are you an active Onstar Subscriber.   Basically someone who believes the claims that this telematics system can and will save your life if you are unable to call for help yourself? Have you continued to pay for your subscription in order to ensure that your family is safe.  If so, please read this post.  Let us take a look at this fraudulent business, then decide if paying for the system is really worth your time.

If you have Onstar the salesman probably gave you the laundrry list of "services" that are available to you:

Airbag Deployment Notification

Stolen Vehicle Tracking

Remote Door Unlocks

Emergency Services

Automatic Crash Notification

Accident Assistance (cancelled recently)

Roadside Assistance

Let's look at each of these services, and we'll see how safe you feel when the truth is revealed about the way business is actually conducted at the Onstar Call Center by Convergys and Minacs employees who make $10.00/hr US.  This is a stunning real life account of the false promises made to Onstar customers every day.

Airbag Deployment Notification -- the system does notify the agents that an airbag has deployed, truth.  Reality is that the majority of the Airbag Calls that Onstar responds to are previously reported by passersby, and Good Samaritans long before the Onstar system connects to the Call Center.  The assistance is en route to the location of the accident long before your "specially trained agent" contacts the appropriate PSAP to offer your information to the authorities.  I would estimate that 90-95% of all airbag related calls are previously reported and assistance has been summoned long before Onstar advisors have anything to do about your dire situation.

Stolen Vehicle Tracking -- PLEASE!  This is one of those false promises that so many people buy into.  Onstar simply ATTEMPTS to locate the vehicle, and then notifies law enforcement as to the location of the vehicle.  This rarely happens,  as the theif that will steal your car is well aware of the functionality of the OnStar system, and simply deactivates the hardware soon after stealing your vehicle.  Do yourself a favor, get good insurance, as this is the only real recourse that you can count on when it comes to your stolen vehicle.

Remote Door Unlocks -- What ever did we do before Onstar, that's right, we called someone with access to the second key, or called a locksmith to have the vehicle unlocked.  Does Onstar have a good success rate -- if your vehicle is above ground, not in an unobstructed area, and the vehicle has been running recently, there is a good chance of unlock success.  The reality is the unreported number of failed unlocks - resulting in a call to the Roadside Assistance department - what do they do?  Well, first the tow driver will have you sign a damage waiver (they could damage transmission, engine, and general drivetrain components if the vehicle is in gear) and then they drag your car up on the flat bed and tow it to the dealership.  Hopefully they have your keycode, and can cut a new key for the vehicle, if not, they may need to literally break into your vehicle to retrieve the keys.  All at a charge not covered by Onstar.  Or you may have a locksmith come out to your location, hope you have a door keyslot -- they rarely are able to unlock newer vehicles with keyless entry systems without a key slot.

Emergency Services -- If you have an Emergency, call 9-1-1 and summon help for yourself.  Onstar agents are not too interested in assisting you, heck they only make a few dollars an hour, and frankly don't care about the peril you are experiencing.   Most agents are tasked with an Emergency Call and their response is to disconnect, only so they do not have to offer assistance.  Policy is to try to reconnect to the vehicle and see if there is anything else they can do for you -- most will not reconnect as the digital cellular phone system has a poor reconnection rate.  The OnStar agent simply writes it off as "no big deal" or "I'm sure they have a cell phone, or they will call back if they really need help."  Most agents end these interactions so they can get back to their conversations, personal phone calls, or doing whatever else they want as the call center has little if any ability to expect agents to perform these "life saving" tasks as the agents are poorly monitored by inadequate, un-trained management of Convergys.  Convergys is more concerned with keeping their hands on the $200M plus dollars that the Onstar account represents, they do not have the Onstar Subscribers best interests at heart.  The only interest Convergys has is the financial interest in keeping General Motors paying for the contract.

Automatic Crash Notification -- Great, car crashed, maybe you are hurt, the agent will likely write this off much in the same manner as the Emergency Call as outlined above.  There is simply no motivation for Onstar call center employees to care about your perilous situation.  The agents will "accidentally disconnect" so they do not have to assist you in your time of need.  Aren't you glad Onstar bills you every month to your credit card to keep this service active????

Accident Assistance (cancelled recently) -- get GOOD INSURANCE.

Roadside Assistance -- get AAA and save yourself the second hassle of explaining your situation to another call center employee.   You can call and summon assistance as quickly as Onstar right from your mobile phone.   Do you really want to pay for a service that simply calls AAA in most instances?  Afraid the redundancy is plentiful, and Onstar is taking advantage of all the subscribers who believe that they have a hotline to some "special assistance."  Get in line behind all the other AAA calls, and wait for assistance to arrive.


Other additional services are available for more money, I will address these in other hug posts to follow.

Have OnStar -- be very afraid, you have been duped, and you pay for it every month.  Stop the insanity -- cancel your OnStar Subscription and truly get some piece of mind.


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JakeAuto profile image

JakeAuto 7 years ago from Calif.

A recent news item of sorts, the acceleration test of a 700+ HP Hennessey Cadillac CTS-V triggered a call from onStar when it reached .99g, a force usually encountered in collisions.

JD 5 years ago

You make some good points but assuming all call center agents don't care about a customer and purposely disconnect is just ridiculous. Someone I think is a little upset at Onstar, it's ok though you can cry that river all you want and assume all those points listed above for their emergency services. They have saved numorous lives including mine where I was actually knocked out after an accident that happened in the middle of nowhere. An Onstar agent had sent emergency services to my location without me having to say a word.

Don't listen to this clown although remote door unlocks are a little flimsy sometimes.

Brian 4 years ago

Try using BlueStar 2010 instead

Christian 4 years ago

We are cancelling them now. They have been double charging us and this month they charged us twice within one week. When my husband called they cancelled the payment and then a few days later re-charged. They are a scam and money hungry bastards!

my3sonsmom 4 years ago

Today, Onstar deducted the monthly payment from my bank account. Problem is I CANCELLED ONSTAR LAST MONTH!!! When I called and demanded my "payment" be refunded to my bank account, they said it would take them THREE to SEVEN BUSINESS DAYS to do so. Why? It didn't take them but a few seconds to pull $$$ from my account for something that no longer existed. Keep in mind that Onstar knew that my 'account' with them had been cancelled but they took the $$$ out anyway. I guess they thought I wouldn't notice &/or say anything about it. FYI: I'm a widow trying to get by on Social Security and they took $$$ I needed for food and medicine. And I need that $$$ NOW...not next week!!!

ohioplayer 4 years ago

i used unlock 5times in fact i keep the spares inside the car so when i misplace my keys and i am in a hurry, work, taking kids to school .. or something for the wife i simply call onstar, in less then 5min doors are unlocked and im on the road. less then 5 min, try calling AAA and having them unlock in less then 2 hours on a modern car. everytime i have ever called them they have went out of the way to be nice, polite and helpful. i have never been disconnect. As my name implies i live in ohio, i believe the call center for onstar is in the south, Mississippi? Being from the north i KNOW what's assholes sound like as im around them all day. I would bet the writer of this is from Michigan, Ohio, Indiana

Anonymous 4 years ago

The fact that GM has outsourced customer service for OnStar to CONvergys alone is a red flag. Worst outsourced customer service provider ever. I thought about getting OnStar, but I won't because of their affiliation with CONvergys.

insider 4 years ago

yeah i worked for Convergys many years ago & know of people who work there now, let me tell you, nothing has changed. they still have inept supervisors & managers. their monitoring system is a joke & all they hire are kids right out of high school. i was going to get onstar today but after finding out that they are affiliated with Convergys, never mind.

EndeakLaTnask 3 years ago

My spouse and i used to obtain at the top of life yet recently I have developed the level of resistance.

Rejoining Customer 2 years ago

Cancelled them months ago due to a credit card problem whereby they added over $500 to my credit card. Lawyer told me to have the credit card company handle it. I did and it was taken care of. I have now rejoined OnStar and I will monitor it and if a problem, I have a friend who is a writer for the local newspaper and he said he will handle it if I am unsatisfied. I no longer utilize my credit card for OnStar service, I pay by check.

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