Organic Search Engine Optimization: 1 great reason why google is smarter than the average engine

Matt Cutts over at google has published a post today which confirms what savy web-preneurs have being saying for a while. Google is a heck of a lot smarter than you might think, and to get the right position on search results it isn't just about keyword stuffing. You have to think like someone who is trying to find something.

Matt does support research of Google keywords though, which is something I have already posted about. In his post he talks at length about using sensible words and phrases to help your site to be found. Now we would go one step further of course and say that as we want decent adsense clicks to be displayed we will pay attention to the CPC rate as well as the search volume.

Isn't it all just google adsense semantics though?

Yes, that is exactly what it is all about.  Semantics and synonyms.

The reality is that google search doesn't want to give people junk when they are hunting.  With billions of pieces of information on the net we need a filter system that will deliver information as quickly as possible to us so that we spend less time on the junk.  The only way forward therefore is for an intelligent engine that will do things for us.

For example, if a spammy website just needed to produce a load of keywords and that keyword density should kick it to the top of the google search then you wouldn't be too happy.So instead google uses some intelligence and notices the difference between, as Matt puts it, Arm reduction (plastic surgery) and arms reduction (warfare).

Why synonyms are crucial

Whilst google is still a little bit like a kindergarten kid playing with its toys, this level of intelligence can only get better.  Look at Microsoft word: not only can it spell, it knows when you have used bad grammar.  Now put that into a super computer that google uses, and give it an understanding of synonyms.  You have the basics of a computer that is going to understand what you are going on about, even if you aren't too clear yourself.  

I have been running some experiments in free writing, and talking vaguely about a subject, and been amazed that google adsense has been roughly displaying the right kinds of ad!  Now that's clever, and it will get cleverer.

Long term presence

If you are going to want to have a long term presence on the net then you need to take all this into account now when you are writing your content.  Don't write for what web searching is doing now, write it for what it might become.  These are my suggestions.

  • Write NATURALLY for your keywords
  • Use related keywords in your posts
  • Remember that there are synonyms and semantics - think about the MEANING of what you are trying to say rather than just the content or tag stuffing
  • Keep relevant
At the moment you might find that following these rules doesn't always get you to the top of google, but in the future it certainly will, and as the spammers lose the high ground you will come out on top.  Rather, write following these thoughts, then get yourself quality back links.  
One final thought.  We get backlinks to increase the PR of our site.  But the purpose of the net is to provide information.  I wonder if links OUT of our websites to provide further information related to the meanings of our posts, as well as relevant citing in line with copyright, will also one day give us higher PR?  I will deal with this in detail in the future.

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