Oriflame vs Avon in India

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Mrs. Jashmi Waghela Trainer and Coach 9820850522

Why compare?

Many people want to know what is common between Oriflame and Avon and what are the points on which they differ from each other. In this post I have tried to list the points that I could think of. There may be point that I missed so I would be happy if Oriflame Consultants or Avon Representatives would like to add to the similarities or differences list. It is important for people to know what is available with both companies. This might be most useful for those who are considering either of the companies and hopefully help them take an informed decision.


The points common between Oriflame and Avon are:

Both have a similar product range.

Both are direct selling companies.

In both you can make unlimited directs.

Both have more than 900 products.

Both companies have online ordering facility.

Both companies have online reports


Some of the points of difference are as follows:

Oriflame gives a flat 20% on personal sales while Avon has a slab of 15% to 30% based on your total sales amount.

Oriflame gives income till unlimited deapth while Avon Leaders get income till 3 generations only.

In Oriflame you can earn up to 21% on sales done by your directs, while in Avon you can earn up to 10% on the sales done by your directs.

In Oriflame you can start earning on sales done by your team as soon as you have one person under you, while in Avon you can start earning as a sales leader only when you have 5 people in your team.

Oriflame has 19 levels in leadership positions, while in Avon there are 4 levels in leadership positions.

Oriflame gives approx. 7 crores in bonus as one reaches the highest level, while in Avon the bonus amount is under 5 lakhs.

Oriflame offers on the spot pick up of products from its offices, while in Avon this facility is not available.

Joining fee in Oriflame is 299 and in Avon you can join free as Representative and for joining as a leader you pay Rs 500.

In Oriflame all consultants can recruit other consultants, in Avon only Leaders can recruit, Representatives can not recruit others.

In Oriflame you can send sms to all your team members, in Avon you can't.

In Oriflame you can order anytime, any number of orders, in Avon you can order 4 times a month.

Oriflame has 2-3 days order cycle, while Avon has 7 days order cycle.

Potential income at highest leadership level as per the minimum required structure for that level is approx. 3.5 Crores per year in Oriflame and in Avon it is approx. 25 lakh per year.


These points are based on my own calculations, openions, experience and observations. I've tried to be as objective as possible. These points are subject to change based on the changes made by both companies in their product, process, compensation and incentive plans. If you would like to contribute by adding content to this post please write to me on jashmiw@gmail.com or add a comment below.

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neelam shah 5 years ago

Hi, Do you think its possible to work from home and earn more than your salary with Avon or Oriflame?

jashmiw profile image

jashmiw 5 years ago from Mumbai Author

Yes, its possible with proper training, guidance from upline leader and consistent work.

vijay 4 years ago

Hi Jashmi,

All the information which you provided is true except one. In Avon you can place your order n no. time, not 4 time.

And Avon giving credit limit up to INR.12000 and you can return the unsold unopened product in 90 days time.

Any one wants to join as a representative contact,

9884096555 - Chennai

jashmiw profile image

jashmiw 4 years ago from Mumbai Author

Thanks Vijay, for adding the missing information.


Mrs Jashmi

JYOTSNA KHERA 4 years ago

why we can not buy products from market . why there is no add on tv for avon or oriflame? amway is also big company but they are giving their add on tv but both avon and oriflame do not why?

JAYA 4 years ago

AVON is top 5 in the world in cosmetic brands and is no-1 MLM company in the world with 11 billion$/ rs 60,000 crores in sales with only cosmetics, which is bigger than AMWAY(10 b$), ORIFLAME(2 b$). AVON products are cheaper than all other MLM company’s cosmetics!! Most importantly, rates are comparable with other traditional brands like lakme and revlon etc!!! Besides 125 years old brand name with a 500 crore R&D, this is a BIG EARNING OPPORTUNITY for part timers/ full timers.

Any interested persons/ leaders who want to join in AVON or want AVON products, from anywhere in india, contact me 09860049712 .

jashmiw profile image

jashmiw 3 years ago from Mumbai Author

Direct Selling Companies generally do not advertise because Direct selling companies pay the amount saved from ads to the distributors as commission and the distributors do the advertising by word of mouth. Amway is in my view advertising probably to build the brands further and to boost the confidence of the distributors and to pass on the leads generated by their sms service to top distributors. This is my opinion.

jashmiw profile image

jashmiw 3 years ago from Mumbai Author

Both Amway and Oriflame have grown. I am not against any company. Avon is a great company. I am only taking about the facts. The business plan for example in Avon and Oriflame/Amway is different. In Avon you can earn a maximum of 10% on your front line distributors sale as a Leader while in Oriflame or Amway you can earn up to 21% on your front line distributors sale. So if your front line distributor sells Rs 100, in Avon you earn Rs 10 and in Amway and Oriflame you earn 21% potentially. All companies are good but their business plans are different.

madhan 3 years ago

jashmin madam difent pls an amway and avon

bmkyadav@gmail.com send pls

santosh 2 years ago

Yes definitely all company good but marketing plan imp &timing curve also imp

shabana 22 months ago

hi Jasmine,

your information is helpful I must say

I Donno much about others but m so glad that I joined oriflame few months baco,nd m amazed at the number of gifts I have got along vd a fat cheque nd d fun v have, all so easily,,,oriflame is just amazing,

all my downlines r earning well,looking great and having fun in Navi Mumbai !!

Wanna join,msg me on 9892026883

Shrutee 16 months ago

Hi Jasmine,

thanks for the write up. I use to be an AVON representative around 5yrs back and now I am with Oriflame. I find Oriflame better cause of the ease and the commissions. AVON had a very long waiting period and most of the times the products use to be out of stock. This we use to come to know only after receiving the products and not while ordering. I am not sure if that is still an issue.

Also, AVON never use to update their consultants regularly whereas Oriflame keeps sending mails and sms and also the uplines keep informing us well in advance. My personal experience with Oriflame has been better :)



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