Oriflame Membership Fee and Benefits

Oriflame Membership Fee

Hi Friends,

To start any home based business you need to invest some money. Be it a parlour or some other business. For a parlour you need to buy space if you don't have any, buy equipments, buy consumables, hire people in some cases, etc.

Similarly to start Oriflame business also you need to invest some money. You will need to invest in the following:

  1. Joining fee of Rs. 299
  2. Business promotion tools like catalogues, flyers, flip charts, etc. (if you want to make a substantial income from Oriflame)
  3. Samples (if you are serious about the business)
  4. Traveling expense (in case customers are far off or you prefer to pick up your products instead of Free home delivery service)
  5. Courier expense (if you plan to courier catalogues to customers

For years Oriflame has kept the membership fee at Rs. 299 in India. Now what do you get for that?

You get to be an authorized Oriflame consultant.

You get a Starter Kit includes the following:

  • Welcome letter from the Managing Director
  • Welcome Programme Flyer
  • Current month Catalogue
  • Success Plan Flyer
  • Skin Care Guide
  • Newsletter
  • Mini Consultant Order Form (COF)
  • Opportunity Leaflet

You can receive your joining kit through the consultant who introduced you to Oriflame or by courier depending on your choice.

From time to time Oriflame comes out with a recruitment offer. This basically has a partial refund of the joining fee. But even if there is no rebate, as soon as a consultant places her first order of around 2500, she earns 20% on it. That means she invested 300 and received 500 and thus recovered her investment in just a matter of days.

Order woth 500, get 40% off on M&H

Oriflame Membership Benefits

Here are some of the benefits we get with Oriflame :

  1. Joining fee is very low, just Rs 299. You can recover the fees in your first order itself.
  2. As an Oriflame Consultants you get a 20% discount on the entire range of high quality beauty products.
  3. You get gifts by doing certain business points (BP). As a new Consultant you get gifts as part of the Welcome Program. And as an existing consultant you get gifts when you share the Oriflame opportunity with other and recruit other in your team
  4. Business Class Offer for all Consultant, every month: when you complete 150 BP in a month, you get any 1 product (worth 1000 or more) of your choice at 50% off in the next month!!! In this way, every month as a consultant you can get 1 high value product at 40-50% off by doing 150 points. This offer is valid as long as you are a consultant.
  5. You decide when and how much you want to work. The only investment needed to build you own business with Oriflame is some 10-20 Catalogues for circulation among your friends, neighbours, relatives and your time and passion to achieve something great in life.
  6. Being an Oriflame Consultant is a lot of fun. You will have the opportunity to meet new people and enjoy beauty events and exciting activities.
  7. You can build your career in Oriflame as a Manager by recruiting other in Oriflame.
  8. You can travel around the world with Oriflame if you choose the Oriflame career path and become Manager or Director with Oriflame.

About the Author

Mrs. Jashmi is an Oriflame Manager and a Certified Beauty Consultant. She has been recognized several times for her achievements at Oriflame events in various cities.

She travels all over India to train, develop, motivate and inspire Oriflame consultants in India.

You can contact Mrs Jashmi on 9377630607 if you would like to work with her and become a Manager with Oriflame. For guidance and coaching on any other topic you may write to her on jashmiw@gmail.com and get answers to your questions.

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Comments 92 comments

ayesha humaira 5 years ago

dear sir/madam,

i want to be a member of oriflame company. please mail me the form.

jashmiw profile image

jashmiw 5 years ago from Mumbai Author

Hi Prajakta,

For membership you can call me on 9820850522.


Oriflame Senior Manager

Mrs. chanchal 5 years ago

Hello mam, i m extremly interested to get oriflame membership.plz guide where nd how to deposit fee & what is BP(business points ),how it can be attained.reply soon Thanks

arnab nag 5 years ago

Hi mam,

May i meet with u for busness perpas

Brindha 5 years ago

just now i joined as a member in oriflame.

my name is Brindha priyadharshini living in chennai.

i wan to access in net to buy products...i don't knw where to access my details and get into the login

page, plz help me

my id is brindhapri@gmail.com

phno .9444667672

Pls assit to enter my details and to get login details to enter into the oriflame website

priyadarshni panda 5 years ago

dear sir/madam

i m already a member of oriflame bt i just want to know tht hw can i build my carrier in this ? how can i move ahead wit this benefits of this company?

jashmiw profile image

jashmiw 5 years ago from Mumbai Author

Sure, just call me to fix the time and date on 9820850522.

jashmiw profile image

jashmiw 5 years ago from Mumbai Author


you need to log in into www.in.oriflame.com

If you don't know your id, then you must contact your upline leader or Oriflame customer care. They will help you out.

jashmiw profile image

jashmiw 5 years ago from Mumbai Author

Hi Priyadarshini, To move ahead in Oriflame you need to attend step 1 and step 2 training in Oriflame branch. This will help you greatly.


Mrs Jashmi

Senior Manager




jashmiw profile image

jashmiw 5 years ago from Mumbai Author

Hi Chanchal,

So for delay in reply. Please call me for registration process on 9820850522.

Manzoor Ahmed 4 years ago

Hello MAM,

I am already a member of Oriflame, but i have got many doubts..as mentioned above do I get 20% off on products that i order being a consultant and how can i earn money by this job? one of my friend said that she got a cheque of 2000 rupees!! How do I get the same??

I hope you will really help me out.

jashmiw profile image

jashmiw 4 years ago from Mumbai Author

To earn a cheque you need to build a team.

sirin zakir bagban 4 years ago

oriflame is bestproduct in world.

Sakshi dhuper 4 years ago

Hii I put up in Bilaspur,Chhattisgarh. I want

To have d membership of oriflame.. Plzz mail me d details.. Sakshi_2923@yahoo.co.in.


shivangi 4 years ago

hey if you want to join then call me on 8800915234

purvi 4 years ago

hi mam

i want to be a member

pls send me a form.

Priyanka 4 years ago

Purvi plz send me your email id or mobile number i will contact you....

asha 4 years ago

i would like to jion in oriflame as aconsultent how i get details.

Dipthy 4 years ago

Hi asha,

Could you please provide me ur mail id so i will provide you all the details

Nikita 4 years ago

hi i have lost my id can i get my id once again............

ramya 4 years ago

hello mam............

i m extremly interested to get oriflame membership.plz guide where nd how to deposit fee,how it can be attained.reply soon Thanks

mukta agrawal 4 years ago

Hi frnds.....anybody join oriflame pls contact me...09560754433

nd mail me mukta.agrawal82@ gmail.com

praharsh 4 years ago

Thank you!

SHAHIN KHAN 4 years ago

HIII...i want to join oriflame ,my name is shahin i love oriflame products plz plz reply me ....

smriti bharti 4 years ago

i want 2 b d part of oriflame.want to know about d membership n other details related to it.plz reply

sonu 4 years ago

i a m joining in oriflam

RAKESH MEVADA 4 years ago


i wnt to know about ur companey and proudects

RAKSHA 4 years ago


bhabna tamang 4 years ago

dear mam, i m newly joined member of oriflame co. and have given 300 BP within short period, as we don't have such good facilities of net i cant go for online business please suggest me how to go for the online business and what are the benefits of doing online business, me from north east zone, siliguri. thank you.

anisa 4 years ago

Hi I want to join the group and be my own boss what can I do please

anastasia 4 years ago

hi I am anastasia..

Rituparna Ghosh 4 years ago

I am oriflam member at kolkata, how i can serach oriflame online flyer my mob no - 9903437887

Rajni Vishwakarma 4 years ago

mam i am already member in oriflame. i want my cunsoltant id password. how can revive my password. send details rajniv2010@gmail.com

jashmiw profile image

jashmiw 4 years ago from Mumbai Author

Hi Everyone thanks for your interest in Oriflame. If you have lost your password, you can click on 'forgot password' on Oriflame.co.in

For joining Oriflame you can call me on 9377630607.

If you want to become a Manager, do let me know so that I can put you on fast track plan.

Mrs Jashmi

Oriflame Director



SEEMA PAREEK 4 years ago

hi jashvi mam,

Richa 4 years ago

Hi Mam,

If i join oriflame this month Feb 2012. What is the welcome gift i might get?

jashmiw profile image

jashmiw 4 years ago from Mumbai Author

Hi Richa, In Feb 2013, the welcome program is - gifts worth 500, 1000, 1500 in first 3 months of joining on placing an order of 100 points per month. Regards, Jashmi (Oriflame Director - 9377630607)

ashutosh 4 years ago

hi mam,

who are 1st leader up ??

and how can i become one ?

mukta agrawal 4 years ago

hi...join oriflame nd buy ori prdcts....cl 09560754433,08882754433,9313010624

sharita 3 years ago

hi mam,

last month i joined Oriflame, i want to grow more & more, in my first month itself i got orders so many, but the thing is half of the products r out of stock and i'm really upset. To get all my orders wht can i do? and i want to become Manager, for tht wht can i do and wht is the eligibility for tht? i'm frm Mangalore.... plz rply..

bhavna soni 3 years ago

hi, mam

this month i have joined oriflame membership i want to know more benefits of membership plz suggest me & rply

jashmiw profile image

jashmiw 3 years ago from Mumbai Author

You can earn more by building a team.

Bhavna soni 3 years ago

Thanks ,


amrita sinha 3 years ago

maam i really want to knw what is 1st leader up and who is designated and please tell me in breif i really need to knw

shivani 3 years ago

m already a cönsultant of this but how can i make a team in small town

muskan 3 years ago

Hello wana join bt hw tell me the details

jashmiw profile image

jashmiw 3 years ago from Mumbai Author

Hi Shivani,

You can make a team in any town or city if you follow a proven process. Contact your upline leader and follow the guidance given to you.


Mrs Jashmi

Oriflame Director


Renuka devi 3 years ago

hello ma'm,

i just want to join as a member in oriflame but before joining i want to know the terms about it lìke the first order should be compulsary 2500 and in second order also hv to maintain the same.hope u wl help.

jashmiw profile image

jashmiw 3 years ago from Mumbai Author

Hi Renuka, There is nothing compulsory like that but I recommend you to join Oriflame if you want to take it as a business or if you are going to buy regularly a good amount of products. Otherwise it is wise to order from a Oriflame consultant who is doing it as a business.


Jashmi (Oriflame Director)


axita 3 years ago

Hi I also use oriflame priduct its really nice n plz inform me on this no also new product available 9898534466 nmy what's up no

tahera 3 years ago


Oriflame is the best products

Kavya 3 years ago

I am a oriflame consultant.I have successfully completed the welcome program of 3 months.What should be the points should I make in fourth and consequent months..

jashmiw profile image

jashmiw 3 years ago from Mumbai Author

Hi Kavya,

After 3 months you can do 150 points and you can get 1 product of your choice at 50% discount.


Mrs Jashmi

tahera 3 years ago

oriflame is not best products

sulekha 3 years ago

Hi m new user hu house wife hu . Mera koi cercile v nahi hai m points nahi pa rahi hu 4 month s. Join hu. But prodect jo maine usse kiyee wo bahut acche hai aur m. Join rehna chati hu to kya ap koi dusra rasta baygi jisse mujhe koi benefit mille

jyoti 3 years ago

i want to take Oriflame member ship. Can you tell what is the processor of taking mamber ship and how many money I need to take membership.

AAYSHA 3 years ago

Muje manager bnna h me kya kru

Guramrit 3 years ago

I Am oriflame consultant. I want to become manager. What is the criteria can u explain.

sakshi r bhatt 3 years ago

I m member of oriflame,newly in this mnth I started and I wnt to become manager so plz let me knw the procedure

nidhi 2 years ago

I m a consultant of oriflame .i want know that

1 bp / 45 rs

1 bv/ 38 rs.

And for which value my comission has been calculated .?

jashmiw profile image

jashmiw 2 years ago from Mumbai Author

Dear AAYSHA, Guramrit & Sakshi Bhatt,

To become a Manager you need to work according to the guidance of your sponsor and achieve 2400 group points. If you have more questions you can write to me on jashmiw@gmail.com


Mrs Jashmi

Oriflame Director


soni 2 years ago

I want to become your member i know it is necessary to sell your product but is it compulsory with any minimum limit for a month otherwise i will lose my membership

rekha saini 2 years ago

Hi i am Rekha i need oriflame prooduct and ilike oriflame products only use my self plz give me me.ber ship

ang diku sherpa 2 years ago

Oriflem is best products

kavita 2 years ago

intrust in joining from jalor rajasthan

savita rathi 2 years ago

Forgot my id...

jashmiw profile image

jashmiw 2 years ago from Mumbai Author

Dear Priyashi Deb,

For Membership or products you can call Oriflame on 9820850522.



jashmiw profile image

jashmiw 2 years ago from Mumbai Author

Dear Savita Rathi,

If you forgot your id you can contact your sponsor or you can check your email for old emails from Oriflame or you can take a new membership.


Mrs Jashmi

Oriflame Director


gouri itagi 2 years ago

hi mam i want to join the oriflame member but how an i join ineed help of yours i am from dharwad karnataka will u please help me here also the members are there but i don't no currect information my email id is gouriitagi@gmail.com and mobile no is 8951871481 i wish u reply me soon

thanking u

arpita patel 2 years ago

Hello mam I want to become a oriflam member... So plzz add me on dis .. I want to order some iteams ...

Shalvi gupta 2 years ago

Hi mam I want to join Oriflame plz can u guide me how to apply ...I m from Kanpur plz guide me accordingly my email I'd is ...shalvigupta137@gmail.com

Ishika narula 2 years ago

Hi friends, oriflame is best product

Neha Singhal 2 years ago

i want to join oriflame membrship

priya 2 years ago

Sales Kit for New Consultants (565209) is not available since last 6 months in Mumbai. When will it be available?

keya chanda 2 years ago

I want to join oriflame. For this what should be done by me?

Deepika Arora 2 years ago

Mam i join oriflame before 10 days.but my senoir don't give me my joining kit.

how could i do for mu kit

soni chandaliya 2 years ago

I have just started my business with ORIFLAME and I want help to reach my goals, email :soniyo2808@gmail.com.

Riya Kapoor 23 months ago

please tell me somethig about career path.... i want to make a career in oriflame

devyani bhatt 23 months ago

I love oriflame products and business. My son also like oriflame.

shahnaz 23 months ago

Hi i hv membership of ori flame. The thing is. Which i realy don't understand is how to calculate points on products i mean to say. Pahle. Order per 100p krna h .to ek pro. Pe kitna ppoint h ye kaise pata kre.

karuna jain 23 months ago

U r provided with one flip with oriflame catlouge you see the code of the product and total bp you got I tht product n 100 no is really not a big deal

sangeeta ravva 22 months ago

Hello ma'm, if anybody wants to take membership from us, then what are benefits We get?

rani khan 21 months ago

Hello mam me janna chati hu membership lene pr hume kitna pusnt% discont milta h or kitne oder prches krne pr.

susmita sarkar 20 months ago


I love oriflame products and businness....pls tell me how many rupees get 150bp???

jyoti 18 months ago

Hello mam, i m extremly interested to get oriflame membership.plz guide where nd how to deposit fee & what is BP(business points ),how it can be attained.reply soon Thanks

ayrina 18 months ago

hello mam i joined oriflame with the help of consultant but i donot get any confirmation n the kit is also not deliver to my address what can i do plz tell me mam

sindhu 18 months ago

hello mam ,

i want to be member of oriflame.what i do plz repiy me

Anurdha 17 months ago

Hi mam i want to be member of oriflame. I tried this last one year. Plz plz reply mam. I have own my parlour.so i need this proudcts so much. Plz reply mam

aaysha 17 months ago

Mere group me 200 point huwe he kya benefit hoga plz tell me

deepika agrawal 13 months ago

Mam I m also a oriflame consultants...I m doing 2000 bv per month...can pls tell me how much I have to do for managership...my number is 8856865462

profile image

arczitek 6 months ago

Hello mam, i m extremly interested to get oriflame membership.plz guide where nd how to deposit fee & what is BP(business points ),how it can be attained.reply soon Thanks http://orioffice.pl/jak-zostac-konsultantka-orifla...

Varsha 2 months ago

Amazing prducts, with in reach to every one .I am oriflame consultant .this month free joining campaign is going on so more and more can join.my contact no is 8750115437.thank u.

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