Overcoming Failure

When you fail at a job, a relationship or just something simple, you can become depressed and feel as though you just can't make it in life. Why should you go through life like this when you can turn it around completely.  

Starting Over   

When you fail, you have to get back up again. Trying again is always the hardest part. It's easier to give up in life than to keep pushing forward. To overcome failure, you must push forward though. Don't give up. Sit and figure out what you did and what you done wrong and then start over. Make a plan from the beginning. Step by step, and if you reach the part where you went wrong then figure out how to fix it and push forward.  

Wake Up to a New Day

    Each day is a new day. A new day to try again. How many times have you woke and thought  "great it's another Monday". Studies show there are more heart attack and stress related illnesses because of the stress you put yourself through because it's Monday morning. I use to go through this every Monday, dreading waking up, knowing I have to rush to get my kids up, rush to get breakfast made, rush to get them to school, rush back home to start working. Then I learn how to look forward to it. Everyday I wake up, look out the window and find something to look forward to. The sun shining in the winter mornings. The sound of my kids screaming at each other over the bathroom, and yes I'm serious, I learn to love that. Why, because I learn not to take things for granted, we aren't promised the next day, I'm going to love each day and live stress free as much as possible. So tomorrow when you wake and everyday after wake up and tell yourself, Today is my day. Today I will succeed. Even if you don't succeed in that business venture, you will succeed in something today. 

 Dealing with Others   

When it comes to overcoming failure, who better to bring you down even more than someone else. Why do you listen to them? Did they become something great? Did they accomplish their dream? If you answered no, then why are you letting them kill your dream. People use to tell me there is no way to work at home, that's a laugh. My husband use to think my work was useless, until I started making money. My mother was the only one that really believed in me, she told me everyday to keep it up. Do you have someone to lift you up or bring you down? If everyone around you just talks negative then don't tell them what your doing. Find someone that can lift you up. I for one beleive you can do it. Don't believe that words people say can make a difference? Let me give an example, two boys the same age (11) in the same grade. Ones mother, tells him to always focus on school, respect the teachers, and always do their best. The other tells him she's glad he's passing. The first is encouraged to study what he loves, medicine, bones, and healthy living. The second isn't, the parents put him in front of a television to keep him busy. The first tells him that he can do whatever he sets his mind to, she believes in him and will help him. The second , tells her son if he will just behave she will be buy him a new game. Doesn't tell him that he can do anything in life. Don't take that wrong gaming has nothing to do with this, it's an example.  The first child remains on honor roll through out school and is at a extremely high educational level for his age. The other is at average level, which is great, but he doesn't have the desire to do anything in life and can end up as the new bag boy at the local grocery store.  Can you think back in your lifetime when you wanted to do something you know you could succeed in but no one gave you that little push and you never tried.What would have happened if you had of?  

The Future is Yours   

Only you can live your dream. Now I'm not saying get yourself further in debt so you can live your dream. But you have to live your dream. My dream was to have my own house, a better vehicle and nice things. How do I accomplish this? First I set and made a plan, how much will it cost, in what length of time am I giving myself to get it done, and how much will each take all together, a month, and a week. Now I figure up, how do I go about making that kind of money?  Without someone giving me all kinds of money, I have no choice but to work. Now that I have this information down, I can determine not ony how much its going to take a week but how many hours I will have to work to get this done without neglecting everything else I have to do. The future is planned out, but what happens if something should happen to arise and knocks me off track? That's why it's put into plan, just like with every job out there, schedule a vacation. That way if something does arise you can take that time off to handle it. And if it doesn't then enjoy a vacation at the end of a year.  


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