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Nature Never Fails
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Practical Tips for Everyday Living

Everyone, and I mean everyone, at one time or another has had the feeling of failing. None of us is accomplished at everything. All of us, therefore, at some time or another have succumbed to the loss of personal energy associated with failing.

There are two other statements of fact I would like to convey before I provide a few tidbits to help us travel through the reality of failing at anything, its subsequent impact on our feelings, and how to rebound and resume our daily lives.

The first thing is the definition of failure. Oh we can look in the dictionary and get its contextual meaning, but how does that impact our lives? I think that’s different for everyone. I’m not trying to be cute here, I just want to be real and that reality is that most people have a different perspective about everything - so why not failure? It’s exactly that perception that shapes our view of failing and failure itself. We consider success or failure to be what it is based on what we perceive and believe to be true.

That said, I also believe no one actually fails until they think they do! That, my friends, may be my perspective but I would add that what I see as success and failure may be entirely different when applied to someone else’s life. I know, I know, there isn’t anything new here and I’m not delivering a dissertation on nuclear physics. But, grasping the simple truths of everyday life is sometimes obscured or obstructed by our perspective

Tip # 1 - Analyze your perspective

What do you consider success and failure? Write it down. Is this your opinion, or someone else’s opinion that you have adopted through conditioning? Spend some time here; learn what you really think the truth is; do some homework. Discover what you believe. That is very important because it is the foundation for everything else. You will continually come back to what you believe when you have to answer future questions about success and failure, and don’t be afraid to get some help trying to find your answers. Just be sure that when all is said and done the answers are yours and you are convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can stand on those things you learned for a very long time!!!

Tip # 2 - Don’t live in a vacuum

Share both your successes and your failures. I’m not suggesting you go to the highest mountain to shout out your life’s history but, I am suggesting the development of some close relationships that will permit you to speak and listen openly!!! Please don’t forget the listening part. That too, is critical. After all we don’t learn by speaking; we learn by seeing, hearing and doing.

Tip # 3 - Forgive yourself and others

Forgiveness allows you to move beyond the failure because it breaks the bind that ties you to the past. Even if you can’t manage to forget the transgression right away, forgive immediately so your heart is not bound to any event that is in the past because you cannot do anything about it. Spend your energy moving forward on projects that matter now and for the future.

Tip # 4 - Get started on something new

Don’t wait one second to begin a new project or program. Don’t delay in entertaining new thoughts. As the Apostle Paul would say, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Get rid of all of the old and bring in the new and most importantly…ACT…even if you need help to get started, find it and get moving.

Tip # 5 - Exercise!

Not just the body. The mind and body work synergisticly. So if one is out of shape, the other will suffer. Get the body and the mind disciplined and begin to exercise them both. As you begin to strengthen both your body and your mind, the paths that lead you away from failure and toward success widen and they become more inviting.

Tip # 6 – Don’t Give Up

Buddha said, "The only real failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows."

Don’t entertain the thought of giving up. Don’t forget, you are what you think. So this bears repeating, “Never give up, even when it seems you are standing alone, stay in the fight, because when you are ready to quit, you are the closest to victory and even closer to knowing your self.

Tip # 7 – Look beyond your current circumstance

Admit your mistakes, ask for forgiveness and favor, and remind yourself that you are loved, then move on. Viktor E. Frankl says, “Success, like happiness, cannot be pursued, it must ensue, and it only does so as the unintended side effect of ones personal dedication to a cause greater than oneself or a by product of ones surrender to a person other than oneself.”

I leave you with a couple of quotes and motivational video about failure from Chicken Soup of the Soul co-author Jack Canfield!

"There are no failures; just experiences and your reactions to them." – Tom Krause

“Failure is a part of success. There is no such thing as a bed of roses all your life. But failure will never stand in the way of success if you learn from it.” – Hank Aaron

From somewone who knows

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cangetthere profile image

cangetthere 5 years ago from New Zealand

Thank you for putting things into a better light.Sometimes you get so hooked on every little failure it grows to take over your whole way of thinking.It is easy for things to seem heavy.Your hub cheered me up

Born2care2001 profile image

Born2care2001 5 years ago from Asheville NC Author

You are so welcome Paula! Your comments cheer me as well. We all need that, yet so often overlook the simplicity of saying it. I am humbled by your kindness and grateful to you for considering my hubs. Thanks!

GClark profile image

GClark 5 years ago from United States

Another great Hub Voted Up! Zig Ziglar, a favorite motivational speaker talks about failure...

"Failure is an event, not a person. Yesterday ended last night."

"There are seldom, if ever, any hopeless situations, but there are many people who lose hope in the face of some situations."

"The more you express gratitude for what you have the more you will have to express gratitude for."

Born2care2001 profile image

Born2care2001 5 years ago from Asheville NC Author

Hi GClark!

Thank you for reading and commenting. I am always amazed at the caliber of people here on hubpages. We all need encouragement, even Zig! That's one of the many reasons he spoke so fondly of Red, his wife! You have encouraged me by your act of kindness here. Please allow me to encourage to by supporting your goal of 100! Go Get 'em!

I can't wait to read!!!



GClark profile image

GClark 5 years ago from United States

Thanks Bruce for your kind words and encouragement. I, too, have been pleasantly surprised by the caliber of people and writing found on hub pages. That has served as an inspiration to me.

VeronicaFarkas profile image

VeronicaFarkas 5 years ago from Ohio, USA

I am hooked on your hubs! This is another beautiful one. I shared this one w/ my followers, as I feel as though we all need kind reminders that we are human, and that life will go on w/ or w/o us (we might as well join in!). =]

Voted up, useful, and beautiful.

RedElf profile image

RedElf 5 years ago from Canada

Excellent and straightforward advice, and well-presented. I look forward to reading more of your work.

Born2care2001 profile image

Born2care2001 5 years ago from Asheville NC Author

Hey Veronica and RedElf,

I am truly grateful for your reading of my hubs. It's especially rewarding to me when the comments come from higher level hubbers because I know they read a lot. When the remarks are encouraging too...well, I'm sure you know how it makes one feel. I hope you will both come back again and I look forward to learning more from both of you through your hubs!



networmed profile image

networmed 5 years ago from SPL

These are excellent tips when trying to cross-examine ourselves. Self cross-examination is really effective, but surprisingly, not many people doing it.

Born2care2001 profile image

Born2care2001 5 years ago from Asheville NC Author

Thanks for the comment Networmed. The mirror truly can be our greatest friend or in fear, our worst foe! You're right! It's amazing how many of us are afraid to peer into it! Continued success on your hub experience!



fjohn profile image

fjohn 4 years ago from india

hello born2care, Great hub,What you said is very true we need to exercise both mind and body together, its very important for a person desiring to soar high in LIFE.Mind blowing thoughts!! thank you.

phdast7 profile image

phdast7 4 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

Excellent advice and suggestions, especially when so many of us get derailed and sidetracked by how we "feel" about our failures in stead of viewing them as stepping stones. Besides I appreciate any hub that mentions both the Apostle Paul and Viktor Frankl! Thank you. Sharing.

Born2care2001 profile image

Born2care2001 4 years ago from Asheville NC Author

Thanks Phdast7!

As I always say...nothing new here, just my expression of how I perceive it!

I am so grateful for your comment.

suzettenaples profile image

suzettenaples 4 years ago from Taos, NM

How wonderful! I have never read anything so uplifting as this article. You are so wise and the quotes are terrific. Our attitude toward life and its experiences is what makes us successes or failures. I'm with you, I don't even entertain the thoughts of failure in anything I do. Sometimes I am not wholely successful in what I attempt to do, but I never consider myself a failure - just God's work in progress. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this matter and God bless you!

Born2care2001 profile image

Born2care2001 4 years ago from Asheville NC Author

Hi Suzette!

Thank you for reading and commenting! I really like your line, "just God's work in progress." That speaks volumes about your perspective!

Please come back, okay?


suzettenaples profile image

suzettenaples 4 years ago from Taos, NM

I have - I read some of your other hubs! They are excellently written in my opinion and I love the topics your write on. You have so much common sense! It is refreshing. Thanks for your uplifting writing!

Born2care2001 profile image

Born2care2001 4 years ago from Asheville NC Author

Thank you Suzette!

Your comments are inspiring as well. They motivate me by letting me know someone's reading!



alocsin profile image

alocsin 4 years ago from Orange County, CA

One thing that attending Crossfit classes has taught me that a failure now is simply an opportunity to do better the next time. Voting this Up and Useful.

Born2care2001 profile image

Born2care2001 4 years ago from Asheville NC Author

Thank you Alocsin!

Somehow I knew you would take this approach. All the hubs I've read of yours expose your up tempo life. For that, I am grateful. What is Crossfit, if you don't mind me asking?

Thanks for the comment!


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