Paid Charity Fundraiser blog - Training

Paid Fund Raising - What's it all about?

Ok, what I am going to do in this series is weekly updates of the ups and downs of being a paid fund raiser.

A paid fund raiser is someone that goes door to door, talking to people and trying to convince them to donate a small amount to a specific charity on a regular basis.

Sounds... simple, right? Well, we all thought it would be when we were practicing our scripts in training but it can be a very different story when you get on the doors. It can either go fantastic or aweful! The quote here: 'it's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get' seems fitting here!

I am enjoying it though and you do meet some amazing characters on the job! If you are outgoing/good at learning scripts/winging it then I'd say go for it! If you're thin skinned - then maybe not...

Training Day 1 and 2

The first day of training consisted of the age old powerpoint - woop! ;) A little boring but it has some very interesting and vital information - so, not a total waste of time.

The second day was much better! We started learning our scripts and having pitch practice with our team mates.

I was given Barnardos to represent. Now, everyone's heard of them of course but not a lot of people actually realise what amazing work they do. Myself included! When I started reading through the different projects they run - I couldn't have asked for a charity closer to my heart to be honest! They help about 100,000 disadvantaged children, living in the UK, every year. And, with 1 in 3 children now living below the breadline in the Britain - they need all the help they can get from charities like Barardos.

They run centres for young carers (children that look after their family, basically a reverse of roles), Barnardos offer counciling to sexually abused children, they support young adults coming out of the care system into indpendent living and so, so much more. They really are amazing.

To be honest, with my background in acting - I found the script memorising to be a piece of cake but many of the others didn't find it quite that easy.

However, by the end of the day we had all bonded and helped each other out, so, most of of us basically had the script down with a few adlibs thrown in. To be honest, the more you can relate it on a ground level, the more likely you are to get someone to meet you half way and sign up.

Story of the week

Man enters room. Man is about 7ft tall with arms that have more width than my own head.

During introductions time man reveals he used to be a semi-pro boxer... hmm figures!

Lovely guy - just mildly intimidating to say the least! Unfortunately for him, he was a little too popular.

He recieved several phone calls throughout, the interviewer was highly unimpressed and when his phone went off during the final assessment - she sent him home without another question.

Moral of the story - put your phone on silent!!!!!! Poor Guy!


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