Paypal Vs AlertPay (Verification)

Paypal & Alertpay are two popular Online processors. Paypal & Alertpay are using in worldwide and there are more than millions Internet users that using these two payment processors as their Online payment method.

To become an active members of these two payment processors, each member has to verify their account by using the methods set up by these two processors. The advantage of become a verify member of Paypal & AlertPay is you can lift up the daily & monthly withdrawal limit and help your account become more secured.

There are only one way to verify your Paypal account, member must linked their credit card with Paypal account and charges will be applied to your credit card bill. There are six digits code provided in your credit card bill and member has to enter the codes given after login to their Paypal account for the verification purpose.

To verify Alertpay account, members have to complete any one option provided there options to verify their Alertpay account.

Option A - Bank Account Verification

Option B - Credit Card Verification

Option C - Phone validation. (The most easiest)

Members can choose any one option (three given) for the verification purpose in Alertpay compare to only Credit card verification for Paypal.

As mentioned before, verifying your Paypal and Alertpay accounts help to lift up your withdrawal limit and securing your account. Therefore, make sure you become a verified member today! 

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wendy rogers 5 years ago

I use both and they are essential to my business and so verification is very important.

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