Freshwater Pearl Cultivation – A profitable venture

Success in pearl cultivation

This story is not about the oysters that are found in sea water. But a story of the achievements of pearl producer, Ravikiran Bhat, a man from Karnataka State who has become an expertise in the art of pearl production.

He became successful in growing pearls indoor and inside the fresh water tanks.

Ravikiran Bhat, a young man from North Karnataka, India, has ventured into pearl cultivation, a rare adventure.

Ravikiran had an interest to learn astrology and the related planets. In the vedic astrology, pearl is the gem that belongs to Moon. He became more interested in knowing the details of pearl. And later he thought of cultivating the same, at his place.

This young fellow born on June 24, 1987, got his degree of MFSc in pearl farming, from the Freshwater fisheries Research Center CAFS(FFRC), Wuxi, Jiangsu, which is located in China. He collected lot of information through internet and learnt the pearl cultivation methods. He also came to know about the places where training is given for the same.

He visited the Central Institution of Fresh water Aquarium (SIFA) at Bhubaneshwar(Orissa state) and also the Kochin Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) in Kerala state. He got the necessary training from experts there and learnt the techniques. He invested Rs.4 lakh initially before he entered the indoor fresh water pearl cultivation job.

fresh water pearls
fresh water pearls

Inside the fresh water troughs...

Today, Ravikiran Bhat has achieved the rare feat of becoming a successful pearl cultivator in India. After achieving this feat, he has become the only pearl cultivator in the whole of Karnataka. His interest to be a corporate leader is widely appreciated by the people of the state.

Within his house yard he has four fresh water ponds of 60 feet wide and 15 feet long, for the oyster cultivation. The age of the oyster is decided by the lines formed over them. Small oyster shells are useless. Therefore it is necessary to be careful while selecting them. Oxygen is supplied through pipes to maintain the cool of the river environment, within the water tanks. Sand and small lime shells are mixed into the pond water.

Three types of pearls are available in the market. Natural , artificial and the ones that get cultivated within the shells. Ravikiran has accepted the third one, the fresh water pearl cultivation.

Inside the oyster
Inside the oyster
Oyster operation
Oyster operation

Oysters operated

River water has in it 52 types of oysters. Lamellidens marginalis, Lamellidens corrianus, Parreysia corrugata types are of great importance in pearl cultivation.

After 10 days time, the selected oysters are placed in glass troughs and the good quality oysters will be ready to get operated.

Just before the operation, the oysters are given an anesthetic. For this, a tub is filled with water first and then anesthesia powder is added to it. Oysters are left in a condition of artificial respiration for about half an hour. Slowly they reach the subconscious state . During this stage, the oysters will be ready to get operated. So, this is an important part of pearl cultivation.

Ravikiran becomes a real doctor to these oysters, at this stage. Wearing a glouse, with tongs and plucker in hand, he operates 25 oysters per day.

Pearl oysters
Pearl oysters

At the Intensive Care Unit...

Oysters are taken out from the water when they are in a state of unconsciousness and operated. Through operation nucleus is inserted into the organ called Gonad(a small bead shaped thing which is imported from Japan).

Once again, the oysters are placed in troughs for artificial respiration. They will be tested again to see whether they have come back to consciousness. It is totally like an Intensive Care Unit. They will then be placed in the same position for 10 days. More cautiousness is required at this stage, because there will be every possibility of oysters losing their lives.

Month of January is considered to be best for operating the oysters. Oysters that undergo operation are placed separately in small meshes and will be hung down to a wooden ladder laid flat, over the tank. Thus the oysters that have got adjusted to the outer environment will be kept under a close watch. Finally, they are placed back into the oyster collection tank. Later, they will be there in collection for the next 1-1/2 years. As the nucleus is added causing trouble to the oyster, it gives out a sticky liquid called Nacre. This liquid is given out so as to escape from the trouble caused due to addition of the nucleus. Later, it gets transformed into a pearl.

Ravi kiran busy with pearl cultivation
Ravi kiran busy with pearl cultivation

To reduce pearl cultivation costs...

Better quality pearl can be obtained anyway. But the much needed color of the pearl is impossible to attain. So, it wears the same color that is present within the inner layer of the oyster. Pearl also gets cultivated in the similar fashion.

Nucleus will be imported for the sake of cultivation. The Geomentron sheets that are used in pearl collection tank are not available in India. Therefore they will be imported. Lakhs of rupees will be needed to invest into pearl cultivation.

These pearls are checked and tested in the international market when they get ready for the trading purpose, after cultivation. Only the expert consultants buy these pearls. There is a lot of demand for such pearls in the foreign countries.

Mr, Ravikiran says, As the farmers get more and more involved into the purchase of raw materials needed for pearl cultivation, easy methods may be found for the product marketing. Many a young unemployed people get the employment. Research as well as starting of good training centres will help farmers to get a systematic direction in this field.

These are his confident words.

Ravikran Bhat, the pearl culture expert
Ravikran Bhat, the pearl culture expert

The honors he received for his achievement

The State level award for Kannada Kuvara 2008, and State level award for young achiever 2008.

Ravikiran is now, the chairman at his Fresh Water Pearl Culture Research Center and actively involved in training the pearl cultivators who are interested in the pearl farming. He has started the Ravikiran's Pearl Foundation. He is training those people in 3-5 places of Chattisgarh and Andhrapradesh state. He also has plans to start the consultation centres in Karnataka state, this year.

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magnoliazz profile image

magnoliazz 6 years ago from Wisconsin

Pearls are my favorite!

I am so happy for this guy!

Great hib!

vivekananda profile image

vivekananda 6 years ago from India Author

Thank you Magnoliazz for your encouraging comments.

Suresh 6 years ago

This guy is really really gr8, I wish u splendid success in your life Ravi,,,

vivekananda profile image

vivekananda 6 years ago from India Author

Hi suresh... Thank you for the comment. As you say this guy, Ravi is really great. He will surely reach great heights in his field of expertise. His open mind to train people has to be appreciated by everyone.

Iceman1987 profile image

Iceman1987 6 years ago from Washington

This was a great read!

Life Unplugged 6 years ago

Amazing Topic , Pearl Harvesting !Infact I never knew that you can get a degree in Pearl Farming .This guy surely knew what he wanted to do .

I think you should popularize this hub more ,coz story of this guy is amazing !

Thanks for sharing

vivekananda profile image

vivekananda 6 years ago from India Author

Iceman1987 and Life Unplugged... Thanks for dropping by.

Of course you can get a degree in Pearl farming. But skill and experience counts when it comes to practical work. The guy, Ravikiran had both. And that's the reason why he became an expert in Pearl culture.

Prodyut Mahanta 6 years ago

Really great... Best wishes for u... I m an entrepreneur from Assam, may I learn this pearl cultivation? Is it possible to do this cultivation in the NE region or Assam...?

vivekananda profile image

vivekananda 6 years ago from India Author

Prodyut Mahanta....Anyone can learn. Pearl cultivation is possible anywhere. But enough space is needed near the house to set up the tanks for pearl cultivation.

suny51 profile image

suny51 6 years ago

Hi vivekananda,

I had heard about this before,but never knew the exact details and Mr.Bhat.Thanks for sharing such unique informations.

onegoodwoman profile image

onegoodwoman 6 years ago from A small southern town

As a woman who would rather have a pearl than a diamond ( my home state harvests diamonds), I found this to be most interesting.

It is amazing what we can learn here from one another!

VISHWANATH 6 years ago

Dear Ravi,

Congrats for your hard work in learning pearl harvesting

Bindya 6 years ago

Dear Mr. Ravikiran,

Great work.Only those with true aptitude and dedication can reap harvest in aquaculure activities.Wish you reach more heights in your venture of fresh water pearl culture.

ROHITH H G  5 years ago

SIR u have done a grate job,m from mudigere in chickmaglore district,m studying MBA in bangalore,after completion of my MBA i have interest in cultivation of pearl please gave me a guidance about it please sir.Email Id s

Sureshbabu 5 years ago

I earned 21 lakh in last 1 year from the support of Mr Ravikiran Bhat, He is best adviser and consultant. I thankfull to Vivekananda because he introduced us this profittable venture and a good consultant

Naresh 5 years ago

I produced 12000 carats pearls , support of Ravikiran Bhat, he is good adviser, thanks to hubpages and vivekananda....

Venkat Reddy 5 years ago

Ravikiran bhat is a nice guy, he helped me a lot. I produced 40,000carat pearls . This venture is highly proffittable. Farmers should go with this type of modern technologies..

happy new year

Venkat Reddy Vijayawada

Naveenkumar H T 5 years ago

Thanks a lot Vivekananda, I earned 68 laks Rs in last 15 months. Ravikiran advised me and he made more easy my pearl marketing also. He is the best...

Ranganath 4 years ago

Thanks to ravikiran He Helped me to earn Rs 10 crore By fifty fifty partner ship,He Invested money He has given advice I have taken care.

Rohan A Raut 4 years ago

Hi Ravi,

I am a Rohan Raut from pune maharashtra looking to established the pearl farming in my own farm in pune maharashtra, having an abundant amount of fresh water source with own farm n i am a Bsc graduate from pune university.

I am very much intreasted please revert me as early as possible.

Waitinh for ur positive response.

Nina Singh 4 years ago

You have done a wonderful job.I would require your help in doing pearl farming. please guide me

Pratap Singh 4 years ago

Ravi helped me to produce pearls. He is the best adviser, thanks vivekananda to introduce Ravi..

Nikhil Gouda 4 years ago

thanks vivekananda.. I earned lot from Ravi's help...he is very nice...

Ismail Yusuf 4 years ago

I live in Zambia and am really impressed by Ravi and his

ingenious ways. Here is a success story. Truly inspiring.

Vivek Kanitkar 3 years ago

Ravikiran helped me lot, he send me a skilled workers to collect oysters. he provided technology, he purchased pearls from us....good experience..

M A Shaikh 3 years ago

Ravi is a nice person. I achieved lot from his support, he is very honest and best business man . I produced 80,000 pearls from his support in UAE. Thanks Ravi

Akiyo 3 years ago

Ravi you are very nice, I got more profit this year than last year. All credit goes to Ravi. God bless you. Be happy. have a nice day.

Akiyo Tokyo

Imran Khan 3 years ago

My project is successfully completed it's 1st year. It is high benefit and low risk business. Youths should involve in this activity. It will helps to earn more. Any way thanks Vivekananda to introduce Ravikiran. He is the best. Honest and friendly business consultant.

Imran Khan . Mumbai

Saket Prajapati 3 years ago

Great Work Ravi. I am really interested in doing Pearl Farming in Maharashtra. Please give me training and guidance for doing pearl farming. Waiting for the Positive response.

Saket Prajapati

Email Id-

Contact No. 9969154592

Arjun.c 3 years ago

sir how learn pearl forming

Venkat bharadwaj 3 years ago

Hi Sir,

Can you please provide us the contact of Ravikiran sir.

Thank you

Milind Tendulkar 3 years ago

we produced 1 lakh pearls, and its a good , profitable project. Mr Ravi supported us very well. Thanks a lot Ravi.

Milind Tendulkar Goa

Rajesh Krishna 3 years ago

It is a nice project, and we achieved in this. Ravi is best consultant...

Sandesh the prince 3 years ago

Ravi is gr8, last week I visited his farm and his institute.. its simply superb.. Its a highly profitable and super project...

chethan 3 years ago

Dear , Mr Ravikiran I' m chethan and I had done my degree in bachelor of business mgt, but no job .Last week I read an article in the news paper regarding pearl growing n got interested and started collecting information in internet how to grow pearl but it took me to now I'm looking to start the pearl farming in bengaluru. kindly request you to do the needful. ,ph-9901800060

Vishal 3 years ago

I started this venture in small scale last year, now i got good result in this. I got return of my all investments. its really nice project. i am expanding this project next year. Thanks Ravi.

NARESH 3 years ago

Ravi sir,

I am Naresh i have small land in my village yesturday only i came to know about pearly forming now i searched in internet i got lot of information i am very much interested do this kindly help me My father has expired when i was one year now am 28 year i want to stand my self kindly help me

Contact no - 9480394344,

Vinod 2 years ago

Ravikiran helped me lot, he provided a skilled workers to collect oysters. he purchased pearls from us....good experience..

Santosh Reddi 2 years ago

Mr Ravikiran Sir, I am from North Karnataka I am also getting good interest by reading about your new project about production of pearls, Kindly guide us also how to get in to these business so that it will be very much helpful for North Karnataka's unemployed people. Kindly mail your contact Number and email id to my mail ID, waiting for your good suggestion and response.

Santosh Reddi

murgesh yankachi 23 months ago

U are genius, I am intrest in pearl production ,so I will meet u in future.

Niteen Shah 21 months ago

Great job Ravi Bhai i am interested in pearl production so i will meet u in future also i am interested in training programme pl inform me at my mail id niteenshah007 @ regarding next training

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