Are Personal Injury Solicitors Worth The Money?

If you've been injured at it is the fault of a third-party, it would be a good idea to look into personal injury solicitors to help you get compensation.  Injury solicitors have a strong, working knowledge of the law and how to go about getting you paid for your injuries and time off of work.  In the more severe cases, your personal injury solicitor will be able to do all of the work for you and represent you in court if you cannot appear.  They usually charge a hefty fee for their services, but they usually increase the compensation by more than they charge for service.  The more money that you get paid, the more that they do.

The key element that a personal injury solicitor has that you do not (hopefully!) is experience dealing with injury claims.  They've been to court many times, and settled many cases so they can leverage their experience to get you the most compensation.  In this hub, we'll look at what they can do with the insurance companies, in the courts, and with you.

Image courtesy of Erix! via
Image courtesy of Erix! via

Personal Injury Solicitors and Insurance Companies

The insurance companies know that you are inexperienced with handling your injury claim.  Knowing this fact, they'll use it to work you into paying the least amount of money possible.  When filing your injury claim they will counteroffer with a much lower amount since you don't have experience negotiating these types of claims.  Insurance companies will also do what they can to prevent you from seeking second opinions on your injuries and other damages.  It's not the "right" thing for them to do, but they are just doing their job.

Enter the personal injury solicitor, they know the laws and have dealt with cases like yours.  They are much less likely to be taken advantage of by the insurance companies.  Strong legal representation can be the difference between you barely getting enough compensation to cover your legal expenses or getting enough to get your life back on track.  Sometimes telling insurance companies that you plan on getting an injury solicitor will be enough to get them to listen and work with you, instead of against you.

Injury Solicitors in Court

Personal injury solicitors are trained to handle courtroom proceeding and coach you to success.  They've been there before and know how everything goes down.  This is probably your first time and run the risk of making a dumb error due to stress and inexperience.

Another great thing that injury solicitors can due is work to get the case settled out of court.  This is most common with work-related injuries since the company usually doesn't want to deal with the bad media of a public court case.  These types of injury settlements are a little bit lower value than going through court, but you'll save money by not needing legal representation for the extended period of time.

What Personal Injury Solicitors Do For You

The bottom line is that personal injury solicitors give you peace of mind.  They are someone you can lean on a little and answer all of your questions.  They will give you direction and help you see the light at the end of the long and dark tunnel your injury has put you in.  I recommend that you use an injury solicitor to help you navigate the winding road to injury compensation.

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