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Do you wanna be part of the Philippine Air Force? Live your dream and make it come true by joining the PAF personnel recruitment.

The Philippine Air Force is one of the three branches of the country’s defense organization and structure, an important part of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Working in the air force gives extraordinary honorary level for having the special responsibilities and national duties of whatever profession you act. It’s indeed “soaring like an eagle…protecting our nation's sky in the service for GOD, country, and people” as the air force itself says.

In this hub, you’re gonna know the ways on how to apply for a position or a job in the Philippine air force. Either you’re a pilot or airman who wants to be part of the air force flight missions and squadron operations. Or you’re still a student who wants to undergo military and aviation trainings. Perhaps you’re already a professional and wants to work in the air force and offer your dedicated service. Maybe you’re an aspiring officer and dreams to aspire higher positions. You see, the Philippine Air Force is a big organization and it employs thousands of staffs from different departments. They surely hire qualified candidates for achieving its goals and missions. The air force is always recruiting. Either you’re a nurse, dentist, researcher, accountant, soldier, pilot, technician, instructor or even a volunteer, surely there’s a position for you in the air force.

How to get a job in the Philippine Air Force

First, know the available positions hiring. These are only available on the air force’s official website. The PAF is always hiring if not continuously. Always check their website to know the latest updates. The PAF personnel office is in Villamor Air Base in Manila. It’s cool to check online if you live farther. In case you don’t have internet, you can mail them or call them. You can contact them thru:

Philippine Air Force Personnel Management Center

Col Jesus Villamor Air Base, Pasay City

Email Address:

Pldt Nr: 852-75-85

Local Nr: 6081/6021

Website :

Second step, if you’re qualified, complete and submit the application forms and requirements before the deadline of the specific position you are applying. The earlier, the better of course. Show the eagle side of you in getting anything you want.

And finally, pass all the required examinations, tests and trainings at the air force facility they told you. If you’re not required to do any air force test, good for you. Do the interview and believe in yourself.

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Astra Nomik profile image

Astra Nomik 5 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

Another great hub on the military, Fehl. You sure know the stuff about the Airforce. Would you ever think of joining yourself? Just wondering. Congrats on getting over a hundred hubs. Yaay. Go out tonight and celebrate. :D Have a great day. XO

ImChemist profile image

ImChemist 5 years ago

I think jobs in air force not easy for every one.

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 5 years ago

I'll bet you $10 to a do-nut they won't take me!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

@Cath - hehe I made three hubs bout the airforce so yeah that's enough stuff :p Would I think of joining? No, but a trip in the facility would be cool and a free ride from one of a vintage plane sounds fun :) Thank you. I'm motivated to double the hundred coz I'm aiming for 10,000 views a day Whoooooo! Let's get out tonight! Is curly there? XX

@ImChemist - they need chemists too. :) Jobs in the air force are tough but very rewarding.

@Micky - I'd lose 10 bucks coz you're an expert of aircrafts :)

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 5 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

This is a great hub, Fehl. Full of interesting information. Didn't know you were a 'plane buff. Heh! Good luck on the doubling the hubs and the 10,000 views per day! XO

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

haha I love aviation and stuffs in moi hubs. They give higher cpc LOL And Air force is interesting. ;) 10,000 views a day is possible but tough to achieve. I need your curly power and support for it ;)

Astra Nomik profile image

Astra Nomik 5 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

CPC, I should have known. LOL. "It pays to advertise." Fehl, just set up new sites or blogs and link to your hubs. Okay, I know there is more to it than that. Cassy gets great traffic from twitter, myspace and Facebook. Having the apartment website is cool too. Well, that is what Cassy would say if she was telling you. Fehl, we always support you. LOL. Curly power, that is so funny. Yes, she is so curly these days. She is getting curlier, you know. ROFL. XO

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Wish I've got free time to set up new sites. I don't even visit my other blog site (Wrongsent). It needs new posts LOL You can send me stuffs to post there. You're great at it :) Aww, you know I support you two. I'll always be here like air force. hahaha Curly power! :p Cassy is so smart and brilliant. Waiting for the next bestseller! ROFL makes your hair curly LOLOL

nikov 5 years ago

ask lang po ako kung meron bang naghahanap ng striker kasi gusto ko sana. .

rayven 5 years ago


Sir, I wish to join the Philippine Air Force but I cannot find any schedule and application forms in any PAF website to apply online.

I'm Raymund Vaño Uy. I graduated in Bachelors Degree of Computer Science and I'm 21 years of age from Bohol. I'd like to know the nearest center in my location, schedule of entrance examination and application form. Kindly respond through my email account "" Thank you so much!

alvin 5 years ago

sir can i e able to enter my dream to become an airforce im a bachelor d. ndhaving pre solo pilot lisence thanks'

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

I think you've got a nice chance. I posted the recruitment links above. Thanks. Good luck!

John 5 years ago

Good Day!

I am a registered nurse and I want to join the force. I'd like to know when is the next exam this year. Please email me in my account Thanks!

John 5 years ago

Good AM!

I would like to know when is the next PAFROPP exam in Cebu this year? Please do email me in my email address Thanks a lot!

R0LDAN C INDONILLA 5 years ago


twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

I listed the website and address for the air force recruitment on the article above. Thanks so much :)

achie 5 years ago

gudaft!...pwd po bang magtanong?...kung kailan po ulit ang exam ng PAF? nyo lng po sa email

jordan paolo j. valentino 5 years ago

sana mpasok na po ako sa airforce . .tnx

von 5 years ago

Hello. I'd like to know when will be the next exam for PAF applicant? Please advise if there's still slot.

Can you respond to my email?

thank you so much.

burlogs 5 years ago

san po ung complete address ng PAF? gusto ko rin pong mg.apply. ito po email ko:

tnx ng marami...

felix cepris 5 years ago

i would like to apply the entrance examination of PAF...

how to apply???

this is my email address:

thank you so much

hellothere 5 years ago

can an american who relocated here in PI (and who was a member of the american air force before) apply? do let me know by emailing me on hpmatet at yahoo dot com (need to spell it out to avoid spams)

Othello 5 years ago

I want to join also

khevin cabalang 5 years ago

panu po mag apply ng examination????

Rodolfo 5 years ago

Hello po, may i ask kung kailan ang examination sa PAF? pwede bang mag-apply online dito? I'm a newly board passer Mechanical Engineer. please email me at ""

thank you :)

Ronnie Rick De Belen 5 years ago

mkaka apply po ba ang 2 years graduate?or atleast tesda certificate program..

jamelah 5 years ago

good morning....

jamelah 5 years ago

hello poh...i just want to ask lang poh f u are a graduate of aeronautics school po bah w/ 2 year course only but with 72 units qualify na po ba syang maka pasok ng PAF?.Pwede po malaman ang exact location ng exam sa Dumaguete City,,,thank you poh.... email nyo lng po ako you

jovan 5 years ago

hello sir.. yong 26 na po ang age.. pwede pa po bang mag apply for PAF.gsto qo po kasi magtake ng exam tnx..

garciadanilo81 5 years ago

kailan po filling ng exam?d2 po sa La Uni0n?tnz poh.

rosemarie 5 years ago

how to apply po?

miles 5 years ago

im interested to be 1 of them..... pano po b???

jheng26_04 5 years ago



I am willing to be part of the Philippine Air Force..I am 25 years old, a graduate of BS Office Management..I can't find my destiny in the course that i taken of..So i decided to part of your group..Where I can find ur nearest office here in Region VI for me to take the entrance examination???

Pls reply me on my e-mail address @

Thank You..god bless n' more power!!!!!

rolly cuntapay 5 years ago

sana mkapaxa aq x exam

fitz 5 years ago

kilan po bha exam paf

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

I have posted the air force's official website on the article above. Thank you and best of luck everyone! :)

Fidel M. Moreno 5 years ago

gaano po katagal ang training sa CS sa PAF po???

joh 5 years ago


From d moment i j0in d pafrotc as advnce offcer,i was great bc0z i cn seE myslf as a fu2r soldier.i was thnkng dt i am m0r pRiortyz dn d odr for i hve d advnce ablty in d fyld of air force bt it wsnt g0 dt way,d 3yrs of advnce n d smMr cdre was jst lyk nthng..n n0w hw cn i fulfld my dream 2 bc0m an offcr jst lyk wt dy t0ld us dring our tryning n advnce..evn th0u,im stl a pr0ud pafresrvst n h0png dt 1day i wl b c0l 2 an actv dty..plz advyz.tnx n m0re p0wr..

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hi Joh! I struggled reading your comment hehe. It was like a text message. My advice is never give up and show more of your abilities. Be serious and be consistent. Be a good leader. And if I may add, don't shortcut your text hehe It would help your comprehension better. Thank you. :) Air force rock!

joh 5 years ago

pardon for the shortcut sir, I was just using my cellphone. Thanks for the advice sir, actualy I almost lost hope ask I've heard that only few will be selected from the aspirants and not all of them who pass the exam.

joh 5 years ago

And in additional to that sir I was worried that even I've strive hard and never give up,bt somehow a normal creatures like us are growing older and maybe age will be a problem.

joh 5 years ago

Gosh,.my first comment was missing,pardon sir for making you strugled to read my comment. I was just using my cellphone..And thanks for that very inspired advice..

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hi Joh :) Oh it's cool, no problem :) I'm wishing you good career in the air force :)

joh 5 years ago

Thank you very much, I will prove more to the best that I can to show more the abilities that I have and hoping to become the man of what I deserve in the Phil.Air Force.

God bless and more power sir..

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

That's very awesome to hear :) You deserve to be on top :) More power to the Phil Air Force :)

Mr.Lee Lim chemically imbalanced 5 years ago

Sir I want to join Philippine Airforce with my two cousins and friend and be at service with the government. We want to serve and glorify the country! How can we join? Please reply me at my E-mail at We are naturally born citizens and we are smooth Catholics.Sa tingin ko po may ibubuga kami.We want to prepare our kid's future

and live a legacy at the same time. I pray that you pay caution to our plea by God's will and respect. Thankyou sir!

chester culcul 5 years ago

sir/maam, anong degree level lng po ang pwedeng maapply sa PAF? khit 2years course pwede po b?? tnx more power

Edna 5 years ago

I'm from Bacolod City, i would like to ask, where is the nearest air base in our area or processing center on where i can pass my requirements. and when will be the next exam for 2012? thank you. :))

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Please go to the Philippine Air Force official website. It is posted on the article. Thank you :)

Edna 5 years ago

Thank You, but i cannot find it. can you give me a site in where the dates of next exam posted. :)) thank you

klefford john ramos 5 years ago

sir kilan poh ang apply ng bcmt or potc.advance rotc poh aq, air force.4yrs graduate poh....21 years'old poh...

marry 5 years ago

ayos lang po ba khit my history sa hepatitis?

sonny escoreal 5 years ago

ano powh mga kilangan para maka pag appy cs

John26 5 years ago

Sir kailan po result nung latest exam po??

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

please visit the air force's official website to know the announcement of exam and recruitment

jojo 5 years ago

nag take ako ng exam last dec 18 2011,.,. paano ko po malalaman kung nkapasa ako

niel amarillento 5 years ago

nag take po ako ng exam last December 8,

paano po ba malalaman ang resulta?

emerson 5 years ago

sir.bk8 ala pa pong nkapost xa official website ng paf about xa last examination ng exam po ako last december xaka paanu po b ung mga potc graduate ng army??? accredited dn po b un xa paf???

reina 5 years ago

san po ba makikita kung nakapasa?

reina 5 years ago

san po ba makikita ang nakapasa po bakit wala site po ba?


wala pa po bang result ng pafropp/cs exam? nagtake po ako last dec.4 2011.

edward 5 years ago

gud pm po sir,kailan po lalabas yung result ng exam dito po sa zamboanga city,thank you.

EDEN DOCTOR 5 years ago


DEXTER C. ARBOIZ 5 years ago


mj palisoc 5 years ago

goodpm..bakit wala pa po nakapost na nakapasa last dec.2011? anu po ba website ng pafpmc kasi po walang nakapost na result na paf website..thanks..

april 5 years ago

im the one who interested to ladyguard then still studying...pag graduate na aq apply agad aq sa PAF

jonna 5 years ago

elow po..gud eve..tanung q lng po my result n po b ng exam ng dec.12 2011..reply po s email add me tnx po

willy soriano 5 years ago

may result na po exam last dec 4 2011 na naganap sa tuguegarao city, cagayan po sir

Abigail 5 years ago



I just wanna ask if when will be the next exam sa PAF? And up to what age limit??..pwede poh pah ba ang 23 magapply??reply me @ my

THANK YOU and GOD SPEED!!!!!!!!!!!!

bong cris 5 years ago

lumabas na po ba yong result ng exam nong dec. 2011.

penetrante 5 years ago

kelan po la2bas ang result ng pafroop exam nag december 2011

kiyo boy 5 years ago

Greetings, sir/ma'am, what are the requirements in applying for the position of air force chaplain? when will you recruit one? i'm from luzon, thanks a lot, sir/ma' email add--

cherry mae 5 years ago

hi po ask lang po kong kailan ang exam dito sa cdo?

response lng po plz sa ym ko po

salamat po..

rose ann gabriel 5 years ago

kyln pu b lbs exam result december 12 2011

jamrie 5 years ago

hndi naman kasi updated ang website ng PAF ei

rj 5 years ago

sir plz... i beg ur pardon will you plz make a hurry in posing the result....

mr. M 5 years ago


GREETINGS!!! kelan po lalabas ang result ng exam last december?


PS:send me the result at my account

yours truly,


christian dumalos 5 years ago

hi po sir and mam ask kuh nalng poh kung kailan ung exam for 2012 b'cous i want to join in phil. air force ang want to to my on country thank you emil nyo lng poh ako ( tnx

kumander mola 5 years ago

sir gusto ko mag airforce,,,kylan po ba ulit my exam tzaka ok lang po vah kung vocational lang natapos???

applicant 4 years ago

gud day! just want to know when will be the posting of the entrance examination result held last December 2011. Hope to hear the soonest..thanks and God bless..

Julgajir Hassan Ahadain 4 years ago

Sir, tanong lang po, kung kaylan Ang exam ng POTC ngayon 2012?

jimar celestial 4 years ago

kelan kaya ang labs ng exam results last december 05,2011

mervie placio 4 years ago

kailan po ba ang recruitment nang philippine air force?willing po ako mag apply tapos na po ako nang 72 units na automotive machanics with driving ..thanks po and godbless

jonh mike camarao Taguinod 4 years ago

kelan nyo po post ang result PAFROPP exam dito sa Tuguegarao,Cagayan last dec.4,2011... hope na malaman namen ung result... more power and God Bless.. tnx.

babykocJAYSON 4 years ago

kelan result ng CS Exam nung DECEMBER 2011?

sabi po kz DEC28? kelan po tlga?...THANK you po..

More power PAF!!

richiel laping ebbah 4 years ago

sir/mam kelan poh b nyo epopost ang result ng exam noong dec 4.2011 ng PAFROPP/CS?.Nakapasa poh b ako? pakisagot n lng po ang aking mga katanungan,salamat poh. nyo n lng po ako sa fb ko.salamat

jonh mike taguinod 4 years ago

nagtake po ako last dec.4 panu q po malalaman result pki email na lng aq tnx... God bless

marzon asuncion 4 years ago

greeting,. mam/sir. tatanungin ko lng po sana kung kailan ulit ang exam ng CS sa paf? tnx po

Good day sir/maam. 4 years ago

I'm Rommel S. Ewayan, graduated a bachelor degree of computer science, i live in ipil, zamboanga sibugay..Gusto ko pong malaman kung merong entrance examination malapit dito sa amin, at kung anu-anu yong requirements kung mag take ako ng exam para sa PAF. Gusto ko rin pong malaman kung kailan ang examination..Thank you

vembert lagahino 4 years ago

sir,mam mron na poh bah ang result sa exam last dec.9 2011 sa davao poh

angelito pangan 4 years ago

results po ng 2011 exam ay out na :D

denis 4 years ago

hi sir/maam,

ask ko lng po kng ano ung magiging work kpag nag undergo ng CS training?

thanks po sa makaka sagot :)


GOOD NOON SIR, MAAM,kailan po ba ang examination ng PAF ngyong 2012 dito sa cebu..../? Im 19 years of age,im high school gradueted on march 2009.maam, sir this is my dream, please reply me in my account,jrtomolin@ u sir maam....

leonaldo gamit 4 years ago

inquire ko lng po sana kung kelan malalaman result nung exam last december 2011? tnx

raffy laroga 4 years ago

sir;kailan po ba examination sa paf ngayong 2012

Azzier 4 years ago

Good afternoon just wanna inquire lang po if when will be the next exam sa PAF? paki email nlng po aq sa email Add ko di ko po kasi maaccess ang website na sinasabi sa page maraming salamat po :)

Raffy Laroga 4 years ago

Good afternoon sir;

sir kailan po ba ang examination sa paf ngayong 2012,esend ninyo na lang po ang message sa sa email Add ko.

Thank you sir.

rea grace 4 years ago

good day!! maam/sir, when po ang exam ng AFP ngayong 2012 sa tacloban leyte, region 8??, kindly email me for any new updates,

rea grace 4 years ago

good day! when po ang exam ng PAf Dito sa LEYte ngayong 2012,,.kindly email mme or txt po,,. / 09493355790

jenie zee 4 years ago

good eve.Sir/maa'm kailan po ba schedule ng exam sa AFP dito sa davao city? kindly email me for any new updates or txt me 09997444276.

thank you.

Rogelio P. Legaspi 4 years ago

good evening po sir/madam.

gusto kulang pong malaman kung kailan ang next examination ng tsaka examination po bah dito sa mindanao...

ito po E-mail add

thanks po.....

aivee rojas profile image

aivee rojas 4 years ago

good day!


I wish to join Philippine Air force but i don't know were to apply.

I'm Aivee Marie Rojas from Pikit North Cotabato. I graduated General Midwifery. I'm 24 year's old of age. I am willing to be part of PAF. How can i apply? Meron po bang exam sa Davao City? Please do reply po tru my email address:

Thank you so much! Godbless!

gerald 4 years ago

Hello. I'd like to know when will be the next exam for PAF applicant for 2012

Can you respond to my email?


vladimir 4 years ago

sa lahat ng nagtatanong... if u have 72 units sa college you can join the air force but only as an airman, not an officer... only bachelors degree or any 4 year course are accepted as candidates for officers, and will have the chance to be an air force pilot, a maintenance officer, a flight nurse, etc... if u know an air force base in your area then you can ask for the schedules of the exams.. once you pass all the exams and of course the training its worth it.. starting compensation for newly grad airmen is really good.. so see you in the air force... mag palakas muna kayo ha..

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Must be so amazing to be working in the Philippine Air Force :) Wow.

richmond 4 years ago

pd po ba kht hayskol gradute magtake ng exam sa paf/

rommel 4 years ago

tanong ko lng kng anong petsa ang battery test ng paf d2 s davao ngayong 2012, i'm a newly crimnology grad. hhntayin ko ang response nnyo d2 lng sa

janine dumapias 4 years ago

Good day poh,ask ko lang po kung pwede po 3rd year college po ako ngayon BSIT course. my posibilidad po bang pwedeng maging airforce pilot kung sakaling makapasok ako sa PAF?

pls do reply me poh @ YOU POH

liberty villanueva 4 years ago

hello po....fresh graduate po ako ng criminology from aurra paano mga apply sa phil.air force marame po kcng may gusto.. salamat po

ryan uy 4 years ago

kelan po schedule nang PAFROPP exam sa davao area??

lei 4 years ago

Greetings, I'm a fresh graduate of Engineering and I'd like to know when is the schedule of the 2012 examination? How to apply and what are the requirements?

Thank you, and I'm hoping for your positive responds. please reply to my email account Thanks again...

howie_82 4 years ago

maam/sir tapos poh ako ng SCT 2009 batch mabalasik 29 yrs old,tanung ko lang poh kung pwede pa ako mag CS?mahigit 72 unitspo ako sa college bs crim.pangarap ko kc mag (pAF) dahil nagtitiwala poh ako sa prinsepyo at dignidad ninyo.sana matulungan mo ako,,,good bless (paf)PLEASE REPLY # 09462697060

Jenmar sevillena 4 years ago

Good day sir,ask ko lng din po if kailan po ulit ung entrance exam sa aiforce?thanks po Sir/Madam.God bless and more power.

alwen 4 years ago

kailan po next exam sa PAF for 2012 and ung mga areas especially sa cagayan de oro tog 10, paki email po ako kung sinong nakaka alam.. tnx

because i want to join the paf!!

elmer 4 years ago

sir kelan po ang . . report ulit ng nag report nung feb 15 2012 sa paf band?

ken 4 years ago

sir kylan poh ang paf examination ngaung 2012

Girl 4 years ago

When will be the examination for this year(2012)?

Reply po pls.

callmeanne 4 years ago

guys, sa july pa daw sila magrerelease ng schedule. tumawag na ako sa PAF

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Wow, well good luck to everyone! Cheers to the airforce!

tacloban 4 years ago

good day maam/sir, i would like to ask when will be the PAF exam 2012 here in tacloban city, region 8? I want to be a part of the organization. I earned a degree in Bachelor of Arts Major in Political Science and cOMPLETED one year of study in LAW sCHOOL,I already passed the CIVIL SERVICE PROFESSIONAL EXAM, Hopefully makapasok po ako sa PAF. Gusto ko pong mag serve sa bansa, by entering the PAF. ito po ang email ko

amin 4 years ago

gud morning sir, ask lng po ako panu pg over na 24 dh na pwde mgtake

archie simon 4 years ago

Sir... i am willing to be part of the philliphine Air

force. gusto ko lang pong malaman kung kailan po

ulet ang examination ng PAF...ito po ang E-mail

address ko,,

thank you...god bless...

richard 4 years ago


I wish to join the PAF i would like to know if when the next schedule for 2012 exam in Davao.

hoping for the feedback, just send trough my email

Emilio sallave 4 years ago

sir kailang po ang exam ng phil air force?

Jardine Agayo 4 years ago

Gud day sir/mam gusto ko po sana maging kabilang sa Phil. Air force.. Sa ngayon po 4rth yr. Col. Na ako, taking up BS. Agriculture..pangarap ko po tlga ang maging piloto, pero kahit ano pong trabaho o posisyon ay tatanggapin ko, pano po b ggwin ko? Salamat po.. Pki email nlang po skin ang sugestion nyo..

clark hong 4 years ago

sir when will be the next examination i am very willing to join the air force.. this is my dream.. please respond sir ..

thank you..

this is my email

my number 09161791927

hope for your response.. =)

yze 4 years ago

i'm a dentist po ,thinking of joining the airforce...but i just want to have an idea, before i enlist...

Questions po... pls answer truthfully po

1. how's the physical fitness test po?

2. how long is the officer training po?

3. do you get paid during training po?

4. how much is the starting salary po?

5. where were you statoined po?

6. do you think i have what it takes po?

7. are you in hell right now and wondering what did you get your self



ney here :-) 4 years ago

hi, im 25 years old. graduate of a 4 year course. am i also qualified to be with you guys? really interested. thank you

Arnel Aldave of Zamboanga City 4 years ago

G'am Sir/Madam

Gusto ko po sanang malaman kung kelan and examination ng PAF dito sa zamboanga city this year 2012

Pls Reply my Msg.

Aantayin ko po. thanks! +639056989552

arven a. lofranco 4 years ago

Good Day'

Gustokopongmalamankung kailan ang exampara magingcandidatesoldier...tnx

Sana magreplypo kau...


Mark Rafael Casuncad 4 years ago

good day sir/madam!

gusto ko po sanang maging isang PAF..27 yrs old na po ako..pwede pa po ba yun? 5'9 in hieght..elecrical engineering graduate..kung pwede po reply po kayo sa email ko maging part ako ng PAF..

mark rafael casuncad from aklan contact #09108426211/09278112154

tsk 4 years ago


Mark Rafael Casuncad 4 years ago

good day sir/madam!

gusto ko po sana maging isang PAF..27years old na po ako,5'9 in hieght, electrical engineering graduate po ako..kailan po ang exam..pls reply..thankz!

Mark Rafael Casuncad from aklan

reply po kayo sa email ko

contact no. 09108426211/09278112154

vladimir 4 years ago

To YZE...

sagot sa mga tanong mo..

1. the physical fitness test is very rigid, remember this is a military training..

2. officer training is usually 1 year..

3. yes, but you will get it after the training...

4. starting base pay for officers is around Php26,000... exclusive of other allowances which would raise your salary to around Php35,000...

5. you do not have control of your assignments after the training... it is the task of the higher headquarters...

6. if you have high tolerance of pain, physically, mentally and emotionally, then i can say you have what it takes...

7. its like heaven in the air force...

annelyn mendoza 4 years ago

Have a good day! Sir, Im Annelyn Mendoza 19 Years of age a two years INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY coures garduate.And im willing to join the PAF here nin zamboanga.I live in outik zamboanga city.How do i apply for this said force sir?PLease reply me in my email account, you sir?

CARLA 4 years ago


mark rafael 4 years ago

good day sir/madam!

gusto ko po sanang maging isang PAF..27 yrs old na po ako..pwede pa po ba yun? 5'9 in hieght..elecrical engineering graduate..kung pwede po reply po kayo sa email ko maging part ako ng PAF..maraming salamat po!

mark rafael casuncad from aklan

contact #09108426211/09278112154

rizz 4 years ago

sir/mam kelan po exam dz 2012 s baguio/pampanga?d2 nlan po kau reply,,tenx

C130 4 years ago

I thought meron this June? Im not into salary or fame, i have bigger dreams. I want to prove some things to other people, I wanna have that "K", to tell em to love and respect their country, that in this way u do the same to its ppl, and in this way u honor God's words and of course, i wanna fly that c130. ;) My father retired last 2010 (compulsory) so I know how it is like in airforce, Not just in airforce but in the whole AFP. I've lived with em for 12 yrs.

J.E 4 years ago

Good day!

I really want to join PAF.. Ask ko lng po if when will be the next examination for this year (2012)?. thank you.

Marino Samson 4 years ago


I believe in our air force. Having in my mind to join the force of the Philippine Air Force since day one of taking up my Bachelors degree, and now that I have recently been completed thereof, it is my duty to fulfill said dream. In this connection, I would like to respectfully be informed if there is already scheduled for filing application, when and where to submit them. It is my humble appreciation to receive a response thereof of my queries.My

john albert jimenez 4 years ago

Good day! Im John Albert Jimenez, Im 19 years old, Im from Bacolod city. I took up Aircraft Maintenance technology here in Bacolod for two years. Im welling to join in your force and work as a hardworking and motivated person. Hoping for your positive response. Thank you and god bless air force!

al tagle 4 years ago

good day,,


I am willing to be part of the Philippine Air Force..I am 20 years old, a graduate of associate in Aircraft Maintenance Technology..I can't find my destiny in the course that i taken of..So i decided to part of your group..

my email

moze 4 years ago

wala pa bang update tungkol sa sched ng next exam?

victor tagolalap 4 years ago

sir good day can i ask when the exam of Phil air force here in iloilo city? i graduated bs.criminology.

carla 4 years ago

Sir/Mam, kelan po un g exam po ng CS po?? pakipost nyo n lng po sa website nyo po// o pakisend n lng po sa email ko po

thnx po..


khrislee 4 years ago


im khrislee from ifugao i wish to join PAF but i dont know where to have my entrance exam and other requirements for the said exam. pls email me at .

i will appreciate any help you extend to me.

thanks and more power.


Donna 4 years ago

Good eve. po ma'am pwd po bang mag apply kahit d technical course?

thank you and more power

jay socrates 4 years ago

sir/ma'am good evening.i would like to ask if do you have a schedule of recruitment. ? (when, where, and how could i apply) thank you...........

Constantino Borje 4 years ago

sir/maam pwede po ba malaman kung kelan yung scheduled para maka pag exam sa PAF salamat po


regis 4 years ago

sir kelan po ang application sa PAF for examination?


fernandez 4 years ago

kailan po pwede pumasok sa phillipine air force kung saan po matatagpuan yan po yung gusto ko pero kailangan pa ba makapagtapos ng pagaaral.sagutin nyo nalang po sa katanungan ko sa( facebook

jason 4 years ago

sir,kaylan ung exam pwd po,,ako mag take ng exam kahit fisheries graduate po ako ,4 years po un,,,interisado po ako...mag take ng exam ngaun 2012?

gener bustamante 4 years ago

ndi b prang unfair..?kc pano p0 ung mga nnga2rap mkapgsilbi s sandatahang lakas,4 yr college graduate,my eligibility,pro married w/ a child..?sna mgkroon ng reporma s qualification..

Harry 4 years ago

Gud day Sir/Mam,

Pano mag apply sa PAF? Under graduate kasi ako ng nursing.. 3rd year lang po.. taga pangasinan po ako.. contact # 09151939331 25 yrs old po ako..

rlloydme 4 years ago

...sir/ma,am...kaylan po ang exam nang PAF ngayong 2012...graduate po ako nang 4 years computer technology!!!

..e2 po email and no. ko: update na lang po ako kung kilan ang exam this 2012, taga santa rosa laguna po ako.....

paul j 4 years ago

xaan po ba aq pwdi mg apply ng philippine air force? i am very interested

aldrian 4 years ago

Sir/mam ilan pong unit ang kaylangan.para makapag apply ako ng airforce,at san po malapit sa pangasinan. kasi 2nd year college na BS.Criminology student ako.

aldrian 4 years ago

saan po pwedi mag apply ng philippine airfore o military. 2nd year college po ako bs. criminology po ako.

mark tamayo 4 years ago

kialan exam sa ilo2x ng PAF......plz email xa fb salamat.....

rodan magura 4 years ago

sir/ma'am kailan po ang exam sa philippine airforce,gusto ko pong mag apply..please email nyo poh ako sa fb ko,,,, student poh ako,,graduating student po ako ngaung taon,,,maraming salamat po sir/ma'am.......

dennisfaithdecorion 4 years ago

sir pwd poh ba mag aply ng phippine airforce 27 na poh ako diz coming december i graduated a 2 years course,here poh me laguna nagwrk?sn poh pwd mag aply?sna dn poh my tao na tutulong skn na maging part ng philippine air force,im very to part that team ...09495035033here is my number

Anthony R. Villanueva 4 years ago

Sir/Mam, my Hiring po ba ng Military Nurse ngayon?

jasson 4 years ago

kailan po may exam?

edward 4 years ago

panu po pumasok sa air force?

lhaila 4 years ago

hello po ask ko lang po kung kelan ang next entrance exam para sa airforce po?thanks pls reply po sa email ko from pasay po

claudine 4 years ago

i really want to be part of PAF and keep up your good work

pat cim 4 years ago

gud day maam/sir... i just want to ask kung when ang recruitment sa paf officer here in cebu this year 2012? if you dont mind po pls reply to my email.

bon 4 years ago

panu po mag apply sa airforce at anu po ang mga requirements? tnx po

renan cariaga 4 years ago

good day maam\sir....i wanat ask lang kailan ang exam ng PAF sa cebu?...just reply trough my email am graduated of b.s criminology...

mags1987 4 years ago

Good Day sir/maam

Ask lng po at age of 25yrs old my chance po bah mka pasok ng PAF? Graduate po aq ng 2yrs course related as aircraft mechanic, din my Certificate of Completion na po aq.. dis my email address plz inform us para po sa ating pag kakaisa at pag22longan nating mga Pilipino salamat po 4 years ago


tanong ko lang po kung pwede ang course ko sa PAF.

nutrition on food technology po ako sa TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES.. GOD BLESS po.. tnx 4 years ago

wait ko po reply nyo.. tnx

eto po no. ko 09161640438

Dreamwish 4 years ago

sir,, kailan po b nxt recruitment d2 sa cagayan de oro??

aspire 4 years ago

what po yung age limit in joining?

aspire 4 years ago

gusto ko lang po malaman kung anong rank mo sa AFp after u trained for officer or enlistment. For Ex. graduate ako ng Computer Engineering after training ao po yung rank ko? 1st leutnant ba agad or airman naguguluhan po kasi ako if you have bachelor's degree at nag join ka sa airforceano mgiging rank mo ...pls. kindly reply

ink 4 years ago

Just want to ask po what po yung magiging rank mo if u join the afp if you're a graduate for example Computer Engineering or any degree courses? kasi nauguluhan po ako sa ranks dun sa site. Pag Maka grad ka sa training for officers sa AFP 1st Leutnant kaba agad? pls. reply thanks po! and dag dag po ano po yung mga benefits in joining hw much starting salary? wala po ako balak but my friends like . thank u po

acsta 4 years ago

Good day.....kailan po vah ang exam sa airforcecebu area ngayong 2012...pwede po isend sa email ko or itxt sa 09333396153 salamat po sa inyong lahat gustong.gusto ko talaga makapasok dyan nakakuha na po ng lagpas 100 units sa kolehiyo

George 4 years ago

Good Day sir/mam

ask ko lang po kung kailan po recruitment ?ito po eadd ko and my no. 09465367052

george 4 years ago

i have a cousin a trainee/student of airforce paano ko po malalaman kung talagang student sya ng air force

ju_pis@ 4 years ago

maam\sir..... ask ko lang po kailan ang entrance test ngayon 20012.dto sa villamore airbase .for info pls. contact thisno. 09301743663

Carl Lawrence 4 years ago

Ask ko lang po kung kailan ang recruitment dito sa Bicol ngayung 2012???ito poh email add and my no.09305398729

Carla 4 years ago

mam/ Sir.. ask ko lang po kung kelan ang recruitmentr dito sa Clark, pampanga ngayong 2012? ito po emeil addd ko. and my contact number 09487860472. salamat po..

michael 4 years ago


Good day,,tanong lang po sana ako kylan yong entrance exam sa CS,dito sa iloilo region six,,please kindly email me the schedule of the entrance tex 09484434691/09265498477.


almacruz carino 4 years ago

hi sir/mam

ask ko lang po kailan po ulit hiring nyo ds 2012...rgstration and dfate of exam...tnx and hope to hear from you soon..tnx Godbless

my email ad

jessie omelda 4 years ago

gud evening sir/maam,kailan ba ang examination sa PAF dito sa cagayan de oro city gusto kong maging isang member ng PAF,isa po akong studyanty sa paaralang southern philippines collage dito sa CdeO taking a course of bachelor in elementary education{BEED}.

ito email addres ko JIJIE_OMEDA@YAHOO.COM sent mo nlang yung answer mo sa email ko or txt mo ko sa no. na ito 09265397241.thank you.

erol dongallo 4 years ago

helo, 24 years old and fresh graduate for 4 years course,,,I want to join in PAF,,plz pm me,,,this is my number 09076337146 or in my email,,,, thank you and I hope to be a part in this institution,,,

joseph boragay 4 years ago

hello po mam/sir ask ko lang po if kailan ulit exams ng PAF this year. ito no. ko 09394654008 hoping for you reply .. salamat po

almacruzcarino profile image

almacruzcarino 4 years ago

sir/mam kailan po ulit hiring nyo...ds is my contact no.09196771534

renbobskie 4 years ago

good day sir/madame

i am a graduating student this year of 2012.., i just would like to ask if i can apply into the air force this year? and if ever, will the schedule of the CS training won't be a conflict to my school year?

meron po kasi akong pinsan na nag apply dati sa Marines at matagal daw po bago siya tinawagan para sa tests.

hoping for your reply

ty and more power to PAF

Donna 4 years ago

Hi Good Afternoon Sir/Ma'am

Ask ko lang po kung kelan ulit ang examination sa Philippine Airforce this year for enlistment po or pang Officer. ito yung number ko 09266794318. Thanks po and God Bless

eric 4 years ago

hi goodpm sir/ma am

kailan po ang susunod na examination..?

i2 # q..09161236676..

tnx po..

dragona88 4 years ago

Hello Sir/Ma'am:

May age limit po ba ang pag take ng exam sa PAF?.24 na kasi edad ko bata pa po ako gusto kong maging 1 sa inyo.Tga South Central Mindanao po ako.

Ito po # ko 09053988501.Nursing grad po ako walang license.Pls pki inform nyo po ako.Thanks and God Bless

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Please post your messages in English. Thank you. :) God bless you all!

Alma Gaerlan Cruz just reached a weekly milestone and alm 4 years ago

hi mam/sir:

can i know when will be the next schedule for phil airforce examination and training...thank u

JOHN 4 years ago


IM John from Zamboanga City 21 years of age and I just want to know the schedule for the exam for PAF because I want to be part of PAF (Wing of Peace, Defender of freedom). This is my number: 09267485488 and my email address:

Thank you and hoping to be part in this institution...

Paul Albert Canada 4 years ago


Good day.

I'm from Camarines Sur. I'm a 3rd year Computer Science student of University of Saint Anthony. I am deciding to enter a job in Philippine Air Force after my graduation next year. Kindly reach me if there is (are) an available position preferably in the following PAF Units: 950th Communications Electronics and Information Systems Group, Air Logistics Command, Air Force Reserve Command, or 300th Air Intelligence and Security Group. My contact number +639489690458 or kindly email me in I am also willing to undergo trainings if necessary.

Happy Halloween and thank you so much.

Paul Albert Canada 4 years ago


I just want to correct my contact number, its +639489690457. Thanks.

Jon 4 years ago

Can I 19 year old join the PAF and become a pilot? Thank you

john 4 years ago


I'm john from negros occidental ,gusto ko lang po malaman ang tamang schedule ng PAF . meron ba dito sa negros na exam na PAF .

mark angelo doliente 4 years ago


I just want to inform when the exam start?

jhem 4 years ago


good day mam/sir ..

i am a graduate of bs criminology and i passed the crimnology board exam, really want to join airforce but unfortunately i do have kids, i am not married. can i still join?what will i do?this is my dream sir/mam..

i hope there are still chance to be part of airforce family

hurburt 4 years ago



I am a Registered Nurse and I want to join the force. I'd like to know how to apply and where we can send our application forms so that we can take the said examination posted on your web site. We are from Ilocos Norte.

I want to be a Military Nurse :) please send me some information you have in this email-

Thank you. Hoping your responds. God bless.

EPHRAIM 4 years ago

Hi sir/mam

i am graduate of Bs Criminology this coming 2013 . I want to join the PAF .. I'd like to know how to apply, i am from Binangonan Rizal where i can send my application forms so that i can take the examination.

please send some information here is my email and contact number / 09163377613

thank you mam/sir


cherie 4 years ago


Good day!

I'm Cherie Maugao from Ifugao a registered Criminlogist and I want to join the airforce.I just want to ask if when will be the entrance examination this 2012 .

Here is my contact # and email =

pAfRn1987 4 years ago

Good day! I would like to inquire. I downloaded the CS application form from Philippine Air Force official website, i read from there you only accept applicants between 18-23 years of age. I am 25 now and turning 26 on May 2013, Im a graduate of BS Nursing and passed my NLE on June 2012. I'd also like to know how long the contract would take just incase im able to get in? I really want to be a part of the Philippine Air Force. I'll look forward for your response. Thank you!

-Jovilee U. Victoria

ryanroy22 4 years ago

what are the qualifications for PAF personnel... 4 years ago

magandang gabi po ma'am sanpo maki2ta dito ung result ng exam last dec 04 2012??paki post nlang po sa account ko this my account salamat po@!!!

kenneth agustin 4 years ago

sir more information po about po dun sa exam po this dec 04 aprove n po ba? thank you po

cathy 4 years ago

goodafternoon sir, can i ask when will be the next exams this 2013 for PAF?

Rose Sally Candalera 4 years ago

Goodevening po,when will I see the result of exam last nov.29,2012?just email me at

nylette lebin 4 years ago

maam/sir,kylan po namin pweding malaman ang result nung CS Entrance exam nunng Dec 1,2012.ble dto po sa iloilo..slamat..Just contact me. sa cellphone #09381526490

mirasol cagas caitom 4 years ago

ma'am/ Sir Good Afternoon I'm a student of Information Computer Technology Programming. I want to take this examination. I'am very interested as Philippine Airforce

From Gingoog city. Just contact me anytime...... 09066275176

thank you so much

God bless

Zeve 3 years ago

How do I know the exam result of Air Force held last Dec. 1, 2012 (Cebu)

Pls. txt me at this cel # 09204858774

Biste 3 years ago

Good evez... Ma'am/ Sir

How do i know the succesfull result , of air man qualifying exam was 24 november 2012, at Zamboanga City.

tx me ples! CEL,# 09478235995

ador 3 years ago

hellow im ador salvador iwant to join paf this 2013 when will be the exam? please inform me with my website

LOUIE 3 years ago

Mam/sir im a graduate of BS.hRm i just wanna ask it's possible to become a pilot if i joint in paf? Im very interested to joint

Please txt me the answer or email me... tnz


cephar balios 3 years ago

sir kailan po yong exam dito sa manila

manuel 3 years ago

sir/mam kailan po ang next exam ng paf this 2013, paki inform nman po ako.

brixter 3 years ago

how apply po

supita,fritz gerald g. 3 years ago

hello sir/maam good evening,, first i want to know the true requirements for the enlisted personnel for the philippines air force. if just okey for you sir/maam? and by the way, i want to know also now,if you have a next avilable exam. within this month, or next2x month something? and i finish a two years computer technology. major in computer technician, and with experience of company driver. and thats all thank you....... and my contact number.. 09219708490- 09331036922.

sheryl b 3 years ago

Hi Sir/Madam! I just want to ask if I will still be qualified in PAF. I'm 25, w/ the degree of AB English and I just heard/watch on the TV Patrol Cagayan Valley lately that recruitment is going on but unfortunately, i wasn't able to catch the details and information about it. It's been my dream to join the team PAF but i don't know how. So please give me some infos about it. I'll look forward for your immediate response. Thank You and God Bless!

mahinay, coloniel m. 3 years ago


i would like to apply the entrance examination of PAF....where, when, and how to apply?

this is my email address: col_wargod@yahoo.coom

thank you so much!!!GBU so all

miller himmoldang 3 years ago

hai po , I would like to ask if it is ok to take the entrnce examination of PAF even I'm 26 years old. And if I have a chance to pass the entrance examination .....will ,I will be qualified to be a member of PAF with that 26.?..

reply po kau sa facebook ko because there's an error with my e-mail account . ma open naman sa facebook pero di maopen sa yahoo account..kaya sa facebook kau po magreply ..tnx po and more power..


c.p #: 09261350781

kathy 3 years ago

for the year 2013, when will be the entrance exam?

shiela laguna 3 years ago


tanong lng poh qng kailan ung sunod na PAF CS examination dto sa davao city?

thank you

txt lng poh this # 09395228510

JAMES EDWARD 3 years ago

please help me to join PAF :(

geraldine 3 years ago

when will be the next entrance exam this 2013,.?

please email me.,


Henji 3 years ago

Hi maam. Kelan po exam ds year. 09054366670

rhett 3 years ago rhett latonero registered nurse from iloilo..panu po ba mkaapply ng tnx..paki email lng po

Leo San Jose 3 years ago

kilan po ang Exam sa Bicol Legaspi? pa contact nalang po ako : 09076745650

tom divinagracia 3 years ago

Good day sir/ ma'am

When will the next entrance exam in Iloilo city this 2013

I'm aircraft maintenance with A&P license. 21 years old im interested to join the family of Philippine Air Force to serve Our Nation.

pls email me.

God bless to all.

Win Calleja 3 years ago

i want to be apart of the Service,ask lang po where po ang training sa PAF?thanks.

hustle1212 3 years ago

good pm po mam/sir ask ko lang po kung kelan po ung sched ng exam sa PAF at saan po gganapin ty po?

bernardino tubana 3 years ago

sir pwede po bang malaman kong kylan ung exam ngayon 2013? at ganun din po kong ano mga dapat pong ipasa?

09274879996..salamat po.

lhaila 3 years ago

please email me at kung kelan po ang entrance exam po ng PAF dito po sa villamor iarbase po ngayong 2013.. thanks po..

albert 3 years ago

good day Maam/sir, ask lang po kung kelan ang next recruitment dito sa zamboanga city? gusto ko pong maging part ng PAF. please replay po dito sa email address ko. thank you po ng marami.

andrew 3 years ago

pwd po bang mag tanong ako po ay graduate ng bachelor of science in information technology gusto ko po talagang pumasok ng officer sa air force, 24 years old na po ako february 7 po ung birthday ko, kailan po ba ung officer candidate examination?..pwd pa po ba ako?..salamat po

argie bartiquil 3 years ago

Good evening po maam/sir, ako po pala si Argie 21 year old, gusto ko po sanang mag join sa inyong agency kung pupuwede po sana, graduate po ako nang BS-Criminology, tanong sana ako sa mga dapat gawin upang makapasok, salamat po ito po pala email@ salamat po Godbless

jerlyn 3 years ago

Good Day po...ask ko lng po f kailan ung schedule for the next exam po ng PAF? tnx... 09107581049

leo 3 years ago

Good day,can i ask when will be the examination for officer in 2014?thanks...

emblem0204 3 years ago

Hi. Any idea po kung kelan ang next exam for officer? I have just graduated Industrial Engineering last October. Thanks.

emmerson 3 years ago

Add Your Comment..


anO po ang para,an para makapag trianing nang AIRFORCE..

chen sung 3 years ago


Good day Sir/Madame!

I would like to ask, When will be the next PAF Examination here in Bicol Region this year 2013?

Here is my contact n0. 09079876865

justine 3 years ago

Good morning Sir/Maam

i just want to inquire ,when will be the next CS,Examination here in Iloilo City in the year 2014 i^m graduate of 2 year Aircraft Maintenance Technology.

Please! inform me

here is my contact no. 09482731585

jhoan evangelista 3 years ago

good day, ma'am /sir i just wanna know, when will be the examination of PAF in Iloilo City in the year 2014?

please inform me..

here's my contact no. 09465128203

Frederick 3 years ago

Good day ma'am/sir,

I am a 2nd year criminology student. I says that the exam here in Davao will be on January 16, 2014. But I want to know, what time the examination will start ma'am/sir?

Please inform me ma'am/sir. I really want to take the exam.

lothar 3 years ago

when final submission sa mindanao cagayan de oro??

alvin ducante 2 years ago

Hi sir/maam

I would like to ask, when will be the next PAF examination?

I just wait your information. thank you

please contact my no.


belen lawig 2 years ago

hallo sir/ma'am I'm belen lawig,I am a criminology student(B SCRIM),I'm already third year,i want to join the PHILIPPINE AIR FORCE,,,i really want to join the paf,,can you help me Sir/Ma'am

rigor sevilla 2 years ago

maam/sir when po exam sa PAf ir sa region 6? from aklan po aq ehh..24y/o nq.. irs my #: 09077684721

dubiano yola 2 years ago

sir pwd po ba akong mag proced sa airforce kc im pass the paatb ng ,pwd ba,ito ung #q sir 09462541788,tga iloilo po sir,kun pwd ako sir u txt or cll,im interested to join bcos im a independent chid sir naktira lng ako sa tto q,sana u give an opputunity to join ,so i need a job sir .salamat po

baisjhomar1 2 years ago

ask ko lang po meron pa ba pong hangang may ask lang sa facebook ko sa

andrew 2 years ago

MAGANDANG ARAW PO. Kakagraduate ko lang po pala ng BS BIOLOGY, Cum Laude po pala ako.

Nag-aaral po ako ngayon ng medisina, gusto ko kasi maging doctor. Gagraduate po ako by 2018. Gusto ko maging doctor sa airforce. Pwede po ba yun? Paano po pala ang requirements at mga processes na dapat gawin?

Davila JP 2 years ago

Pwedi b tesda graduate

Oliver R Sumayang 2 years ago


sir i would like to know when is the next examination of air force, i would to take the exam sir , ,im a criminology degre;

tnx sir just post.

aldren bea 2 years ago

sir/madam i would like to know the next examination in bicol reg.i graduated bs criminolgy 2014. pls inform me or text 09303814903..tnx poh

Justine Saraza 2 years ago

Good eve Ma'am/Sir. I'm graduate of 2year Aircraft Maintenance Technology at Asian College Of Aeronautics i want to take a PAFOCS exam when will be the next schedule for entrance exam this 2014 please inform me here's my email;

juan dela cruz 2 years ago

The flying coffin of the philippines.hahaha world war II pa aircraft jn pang moseo na dapat.until now gnagamit pa

ansbab marshainie 2 years ago

interesting!!i hope na magiging airforce din ako,,

aleli 2 years ago

good day po... I am a 27-year old Filipina nurse with a Master's Degree specializing in Medical- Surgical Nursing and have been working as a clinical instructor for 3 years now. I am also reservist of the Philippine National Air Force (with Sergeant as my rank). I want to apply as military nurse. Do I still qualify? What are the requirements and to which site should I apply or do I have to submit my papers personally? thank you pls email me thru

edessa 2 years ago

kailan po ang entrance exam na PAF ito po pala yung email add ko po raydes de leon dimas po

Las Piñas noel 2 years ago

bago po makapag exam ng cs., sa airforce

, kaylangan po mun mag earn ka ng 72 unit sa college for the requirments

ace genesis corpuz 2 years ago

kelan po ang sdusunod na eam dito sa san fernando airbase? thankyou morer power

raymundo abalos 2 years ago

sir,kelan po ung next sched ng examination?

raymundo abalos 2 years ago

good day ma'am / sir

i would like to ask about the next schedule of examination. hoping for your response ma'am / sir.

19 years old.

5'5 in height.

college undergrad. 3rd yr.

ariel Quirong 23 months ago

Sir, marine transportation po yung course ko gsto ko din pong maging airforce kailan po ang examination at anung oras?

Sana po mabigyan nyo po ako ng pagkakataon ito po yung email add ko

Billy Joe 20 months ago

Good Day Maa'm/Sir, ako po si Billy Joe Bongalon taga Cagayan de Oro City fresh graduate nang BS Criminology. Nandito po ako ngayon sa Cebu City para hanapin kong saan mag apply nang air force. Kaso hindi ko po alam kong saan pwede mag apply kaya naisipan kong mag post nalang sa website niyo.

Paki reply nalang po sa email ko ;

Maraming salamat po.

Dhon lopez 20 months ago

good afternoon po, ako po pala c dhon , from Mindanao,, nandito po akongun sa cebu,, gusto ko po mag apply,, paano po? pake reply nalng po sa email ko,..

maraming salamat po..GODBLESS

Julius Baladad 20 months ago

Good Morning Madaam/Sir

Gusto ko sana mag apply nang AIRFORCE kailan po ba ang examination dito sa ZAMBOANGA CITY? ito po number ko 09161838634 salamat po...

Francis Glenn P.Ulitin 20 months ago

Good PM Madam/sir

gusto ko po sanang mag apply sa AIRFORCE kaso graduate po ako ng education k lang po kaya un kailan po examination sa BATANGAS CITY ito po no ko 09304815065 salamat po god bless po

jhon jhon benitez 20 months ago


kailan po ba ang exam sa PAF gusto ko po kasing pumasok eh.

tnx po

ito po cp no ko 09391632407

hermie gabarda 16 months ago

sir/ma'am gud evening poh...ask quh lng poh kng kaylan poh ang exam sa airforce sa legazpi tga bicol poh kasi aquh at paano poh makakuha ng application form ksi wala nman poh dto sa internet content doesn't exist poh plagi lumalabas kpag kiniclick quh ung pm nlang poh aquh sa # na to 09072459197..thank you poh..GOD BLESS!

Juna Pastera 14 months ago

Mam / Sir kailan po ba ang exam ng PAF dito sa Iloilo?

Mark anthony Ramos 10 months ago

Hello madam/sir im from la union and 27 years of age having 72 units is it still possible for me to be part of paf... I really wanted to serve as one of our country's soldier fighting against the foe.. Cause i know that if i serve my country i also serve Our God.. Please reply me at my email

israel nomio 5 days ago


im a college year level,already complied for 72 units in college..

i want to be one member of the Philippine Air Force.

im 22 years old,,im from bohol..I really wanted to serve as one of our country's soldier..

please i need your responding message

my contact number is 09124578254

my email

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