Plastic Business Cards

Whenever you go outside your office whether it is for an official function or you simply have to attend your friend's party, you have to be prepared and stash a couple of business cards in your bag. What is the first thing that people ask you right after you are introduced?

"What do you do for a living?"

Of course, that is your opportunity to introduce your company or your brand and you have to hand out your business card. It is also embarrassing to write down your cellphone number on a piece of paper, what is even worse is on tissue paper. Nothing spells out unprofessional than that.

It is important that we network because through this we meet people who could help us or introduce us to someone who would play a significant role in your business. That is why in choosing a design for your business card, it should represent you well. You would not want it to sound desperate and seem like a mini-advertisement, yet at the same time you do not want it to be so plain and boring.

You have the option to play with colors, fonts, the lay-out of your text, adding pictures and so forth. With the advancement of technology nowadays, everything you could imagine could be made into your business cards. You have to make sure that yours would stand out among a sea of business cards. 

Most of the time, we sit down and go through several business cards and throw away those that we deemed unnecessary. Surely, if your business card is impressive, they would want to keep yours in their file.

If you go to another country, you might also want to get another business card suited for them. One, there might be colors that could offend them, like black and white colors signify bad luck in some Asian countries. Or you could have a translation of your business name and contact numbers at the other side of your card for their convenience. Remember your goal is for people to be able to reach out to you and so it is important to make it as easy for them as possible.

Another factor where you could personalize your business card is in the material. Most business cards are made with plain white sturdy paper. Some papers are textured while some are even scented. There are even some who have them in laser printed photo paper for a shiny and glossy finish. Have you seen plastic business cards though?

These type of business cards would surely catch attention because they are stiffer than your regular cards. Other cards may have wilted away but yours would remain as when you just handed them out. You also have many options like making them translucent and having print-out patterns on them. You could even emboss your name on it. With a plastic business card, aside from being practical, you are also showing them that you are modern and creative because not everyone's card is made of plastic.


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