Positive Affirmation

The Day That Turns Your Life Around

The day that turn's your life around.Have you ever being in a situation were you have felt disgusted with any given situation and you have wanted to prove a point to this particular person and prove that you can do it without them.

This is when you start to think of ways you can change the things you have previous done and start taking massive action to prove your point and increase confidence .

The problem with most people is that we all get into a routine and we don't think of changing our thoughts all through the age the great philosopher have agreed on one thing and that is you are what you think about all day long.

This is called the law of attraction this is how it works if all you think about is debt you will attract debt this is a given l know what you are thinking so if i am thinking debt in my  thoughts how do l change this .This can be simple done in a heart beat by changing your thought pattern  something different and acting in a different way from yesterday and the day before.

Positive Affirmations

Create Your Own Positive Affirmations That Really Work

An affirmation is a phrase that depicts what you really want and is repeated over and over again either verbally, mentally or via the written word. You need to visualise the affirmation as you speak it, think it or write it. This gives a great deal of added power to the affirmation.

If you word your Positive Affirmations correctly, and put emotional feeling into them, you are able to tap into the most powerful source that guides you constantly, the subconscious mind. It is here that you will register and develop all your worldly desires.

To develop your own positive affirmations, there are a few simple techniques that you need to follow, in order to make the best and most effective affirmations possible. These are called 'Power' Affirmations.
Firstly, all affirmations have to be in the 'present' tense.
I am in the possession of.......
I have created.......
I love myself.......etc.
This creates an image in the subconscious mind that the event is happening 'now' and will speed up the process.

Affirmations also need to be expressed as a 'positive' not a 'negative'. For example 'I am no longer overweight' would be more effective as 'I have now reached my goal weight'. By affirming what you 'do' want rather than what you 'don't' want, the affirmation will be much more powerful which in turn will reinforce your goals.

Keep your positive affirmation statements short and to the point. It is a temptation to add lots of 'extras' just to make sure you don't miss anything out, but by streamlining your affirmation the subconscious mind will remain uncluttered by non essentials.


Repetition is the key. You want those positive affirmations imbedded into your subconscious mind.

Feel the affirmation as you say, think or write it. Imagine you are already in posession of what you desire.

It is important to practice your affirmations regularly. The more you do them, the sooner you will achieve your goals.

When you set your affirmations, you must ensure they feel 'right' to you personally. If you don't have this feeling, then you may need to re-look at the affirmation and re-word it until it 'fits' you.

Rinse and Repeat the process over and over. Keep your enthusiasm going as this is the catalyst that, alongside your positive affirmations, will fulfil all your worldly desires.

Positive Affirmations

The day that turned my life around was 23 year's ago when everything l touch turn bad.One day in mid August someone asked me to go to a garage sale they were raising money for children in need. I thought this was for a good cause so of l went the event was certainly a big win their was loads of people trying to look at all the goods for sale for me l was looking through the books and l came across this book called think and grow rich by napolean hill.The title grab me straight away.On my way home l open the first page and started to read the book the first few line grab my attention and couldn't put the book down 12 hours later l finished the book.The book it self talks about the law of attraction and what you put out you get back.Napolean Hill explain the 6 steps to turn desire into gold this blow me away l started the next day without fail.Put your plan in place even though you do not have the means to turn riches into gold.


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