Positive and Negative Body Language

Positive and Negative Body Language

Sometimes you may not notice your own body language.

It's not like you look at yourself all day in the mirror but you can practice and take note of what you do notice. Having a buddy to do this with is also very helpful.

Practice at home in the mirror or if you are teaming up at work make sure that you are paying attention to each other without looking obvious or being too distracted to take care of the clients.

Lets look at the difference between Positive and Negative Body Language so that you will know what to do, and what not to do that can be corrected.

Positive Body Language

Your Face is the first thing that everyone notices. It communicates to the world that you are together, knowledgeable, informed and capable with your title and position. Your face should be relaxed and clearly in control.

Eye contact is very important when speaking to another person and listening well. Making eye contact send the message that what is being communicated to you is worth your attention.

Having a smile shows that you really care about your work, clients and yourself.

How you move is always done with intent. Make sure that you are in control of how you are standing and where your hands or arms are. If you have your arms crossed, you are on the defense. If you have them at your side or on your hips you are being serious and attentive.

Even chatting with hands in your slacks pockets is natural and casually comfortable providing the rest of your posture is upright and straight

Negative Body Language

Your Face is frowning or tight. Maybe you have a wrinkle between your brows or one of your brows is raised in annoyance or disbelief. This clearly states that you are not interested and do not have time.

Eye contact is in constant motion when speaking to others. Its one thing to look and watch the room but its another to constantly be focusing on everyone else instead of your client. You are distracted, and uninterested in the communication you should be participating in or that your self confidence is low.

If you force a smile, its going to be transparent. In short you will be pegged a faker. Things that people will think is that you don't like what you do or that don't know what you are doing.

Your Body language isn't anticipated. It lacks control and is rushed. The next thing that you know your client is going to leave to keep from feeling like they aren't important or that they are wasting your obviously precious time.

Practicing at home

Use a mirror preferrably a long one so that you can take in the whole picture.

Rehearse a conversation that you had earlier that day or a presentation that you will giving.

Make mental notes on all of the things that are sending out a message, be sure that the message you are sending is positive.

Practicing with a work buddy

Signal each other, a simple indication to smile.

A simple straightening of the spine when you are standing.

Make sure that afterwards you spend time talking so that you can share the perceptions.

Always be willing to accept the perceptions remember you teamed up to help each other expand and be more professional.

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aasum 5 years ago


aasum 5 years ago

well done this is amazing pat yourself on the back you deserve really you do!!!!

aasum 5 years ago

no just joking OR AM I!!

Zoe 5 years ago

Yeh, You're the joke.

itumeleng mmane 5 years ago

i want to know more about sign language

kuhu 5 years ago

huh huh huh

lol 5 years ago

this true

stacie 4 years ago

thanks very much this was very helpful for my assignment. very happy with the information :-)

nula 4 years ago

this is goood

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