Preparing for a Job in the Hotel Communications Industry

The hotel industry provides lodging and accommodations of all kinds for a variety of people. No matter what different services hotels offer, they all try to satisfy guests and keep them coming back. Offering guests the most competent, courteous employees to provide available services meets that purpose. Although automated equipment has caused a decline in the number of available jobs in hotels, some hotels are still looking for the right people to fill open positions.

To prepare for available jobs, develop good listening, speaking, writing and grammar skills. Guests want to be served by someone they can understand who speaks clearly, listens to problems and requests and provides solutions. You may need to provide these solutions by e-mail, phone or in person. Learn and work on these skills in an applicable program in a college, community education, trade school or online class.

Learn one or more foreign languages. If you are trying to be hired by a hotel with several guests who speak another language, you will have the advantage over other potential employees if you can communicate with them. Pimsleur or Berlitz type classes are available online and community education or college classes offer several foreign language classes.

Be available during unusual periods of time since hotels are open 24 hours every day. Employees may have to work nights, weekends, holidays or split shifts. Your ability to accommodate potential employers may make the difference between them choosing you or hiring someone else.

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Angela Kane profile image

Angela Kane 5 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

Great article about preparing for a job in the hotel communications industry, I work with job seekers every day and the details in this article will be recommended to my followers.

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