Professional CV Layout

Professional CV Layout

When writing your Professional CV, after sorting out the STAR wording in various sections, the key question to address in communicating your suitability for a specific job is that of Professional CV Layout.

Accepting that a Professional CV is a focused and factual sales document to get you an interview – no more, and certainly no less – the key evidence the employer will seek is, in order:

  • Your combination of skills, qualifications and experiences matching and just exceeding those required by the job
  • Functional fit and competency with STAR evidence to undertake delivery of the required key skills

They then might look and be assured by positive Social fit, seeing a similar work pattern and methodology to that which they take or similar priorities. Finally Magnetic fit, in that your next career move is considered and fits what this job offers.

But key to getting the interview is communication of your ability to deliver the key skills. How ever well focused or honed the words you use are, your Professional CV Layout is key in making sure the employer or recruiter finds that positive confirmation easily.

Professional CV Layout

Professional CV Layout

Employers are lazy!

Good Professional CV Layout is about assuming your reader is competent and professional, but lazy, tired or distracted. Your first priority therefore is to hone your skills and competencies around their job, not the other way around.

Most job seekers will use a standard CV written and focused around them; but employers want job applicants who look like a confirmed fit with their organisation. Does your CV answer the employer question: What's in it for me?

Hence, focus your skills around their job, not the other way around. This will make it easy for them to extract the confirmation of your functional capability to do the job, and give you a step ahead of other job applicants

Professional CV Layout

Remove unnecessary information

Accepting your Professional CV is focused on that job application, remove all unnecessary information. This includes:

  • Legal – no need for date of birth, marriage status
  • Security – the number of your house, national insurance number, your passport number,
  • Contact – no more than ONE telephone number, and never a works number. A clean and professional eMail address
  • Training – yes, you may think it interesting that you did basket weaving, but is it relevant to the job? Unless it is a degree level qualification, if that training does not enhance your SQE combination relevancy for that job, leave it out

Professional CV Layout

Objective or Summary?

Many CV’s still include a Personal Objective statement. Let us go back to the purpose of a CV: a focused and factual sales document to get you an interview.

Accepting we are trying to make your CV easy to read, do you think an Objective focused around you or a Personal Statement focused around how you fit their job will make more impact? Right, so forget about the personally focused objective, and focus on piece below your contact details which addresses three questions:

  • I am
  • I do/deliver
  • I seek

When writing your CV up or focusing your CV on a specific job application, always write this section of your CV last.


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