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You’ve built a terrific site for your business on Facebook and one on LinkedIn. They look great and portray just the image you want to brand your company with. Your contact information is on the site, of course, so your potential clients and customers can easily find you.

Remember that once your name is out there in the public eye, you can be easily found on other sites, too. You were smart enough to create a separate profile for your personal life, but anyone wanting to check out your business could find your personal site. The last thing you want to do is embarrass yourself by posting inappropriate pictures or posts that anyone can see.

Pictures that are complimentary consist of wholesome activity such as family outings or participation in sports. Definitely avoid posting that funny picture of you with the beer mug tipped upside down on your head at the Octoberfest drinking contest. In the same light, don’t post photos of you scantily clad or in potentially compromising situations.

When you post an update to your status, it’s alright to mention your plans for a trip to the Grand Canyon or a cousin’s wedding. Special events that involve your business would certainly be ok to post, too. A trip to a convention or trade show might even give a potential customer the idea that you are indeed dedicated to your business.

The posts that are made intended to spark a debate or a discussion of some current event may not be a good idea. Someone could post something very crude or offensive on your discussion before you can delete it. The same goes for what you respond to on other’s pages as well. Keep your comments light and never hurtful or exceptionally judgmental.

Anything that you wish to communicate to someone on a personal level should be done through the private message area, not on your wall or theirs. If you have your privacy set so others can see your information and your wall, be cautious about what could show up there and how potential customers might see it.

When receiving friend requests, add only those that you know personally. Strangers can not only get your personal information once you friend them, they can inject viruses into your pages. Not only your business contacts can see your posts and photos, attorneys now use this public information in court and potential employers explore what they can find, too. Make sure you take a moment to think before you post.


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