Is Project Payday a scam? An objective review


I joined Project Payday several months ago and now I would like to give it my review. What is Project Payday? How does it work? Is it a good way to make money online? I will answer these questions in this article.

The screen of Project Payday Website

What is Project Payday?

Project Payday is an online course. It teaches you how to use the Incentivized Freebie Websites (IFW) to make money.

Basically, IFW is a kind affiliate website.The website promote some companies' products and get commissions from them. Different with other affiliate website, it offers some rebate to the customers, if they refer other people get into the website and also try the offers.

Therefore, there are at least two methods to get money from IFWs: 1) try the offers as the referral and get payment from your sponsor;2)buy the referrals and get money from IFWs.

Once you join Project Payday, you will get whole bunch of relative information and tutorials help you feel easier to get start.

Work With Project Payday

To work with Project Payday, you must frequently use your credit card and personal information to complete offers. If you want to make more money, you must have more referrals. There are some forums for Project Payday people, but to get enough referral on the forum is not so easy.

In short, for Project Payday work, you will do two kind of things: 1) try the offers; 2)looking for referrals. Hence, generally it is quite similar with those survey sites.

Is Project Payday right for You?

To sum up, Project Payday is not a scam, it is much better than those data entry job, paid survey or paid surfing programs. However, it is not for everyone. If you meet the following conditions, Project Payday may be a good choice for you.

1. You live in US.

2. You have a lot of time (time is what you sell in this "business").

3. You don't mind to frequently use your credit card and reveal your personal information.

4. You are very chary and good at organization.

5. You are very patient.

If you want to know more about Project Payday, please read another detailed review of mine: Is Project Payday a Scam? My complete review

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Jane 7 years ago

Hey this page is awsome. Thank you for your review on After reading this I have a better understanding of it. :)

Sonya 7 years ago

thanks for the review. I understand it a lot better now. phew I am so glad I read this. I joined this program today and haven't really done anything about it. I know now what to do. I especially appreciate the last part of your review. thanks!

wordly 7 years ago

I have bought astral project now, its a good product overall, you can readmy review here =>>

Jane 6 years ago

Nice Article! It's comparable to quality of

Tommy 6 years ago

Good review. Thanks for the information. Just signed up recently.

Sylvie Strong profile image

Sylvie Strong 6 years ago

I tried this program. It does what it promises, but I personally don't think this is a great way to make money. It is very time-consuming, returns are not that great, and you are constantly signup up for offers and then cancelling them. Signing up for so many offers also exposes your personal information a fair bit. I made like $20 doing this before I realized that it was just not the best return for my time.

Rob Cas 4 years ago

Hi, I live in Europe, is there no way of me being able to join Project Payday?? Is it exclusively for US citizens?

Thanks in advance!

Lacey 4 years ago

Very good information. I also found to be a very helpful Project PayDay Review. You guys share similar information and overall it sounds like an awesome company to work with, thanks!

Wagner 4 years ago

Thanks very much for your info. It made very clear the idea for what project payday is all about it. thanks again.

bigtimecashflow profile image

bigtimecashflow 4 years ago

I am also a part of PPD. It is very time consuming to do and you get very little results. I have in fact found something a lot less time consuming and the money that I make is more than what i ever expected. I am with a company called ZNZ. If you want more info go to checkout my blog at

blank 4 years ago

um did anyone notice all of the misspellings in this article? this guy doesn't even sound like he's from the US based on how he types and again the SPELLING! anyone find that suspicious at all? anyone?? hello!

Dan S 4 years ago

Duh - do you think he might be from Bulgaria - they usually pay these people to write the "testimonials" and want you to believe that they are legit - hence the "speling erors that are don on perpose" - there's so many of these ridiculous work at home scams - ahhhh the power of the interenet. Just give all of your credit card info and make $20.00 - wow!!!

Project Payday Affiliates 4 years ago

We're actually training people to promote Project Payday rather than using the actual low-paying method at

jon 4 years ago

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Getpaidsurveysnow 4 years ago

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MyView Reviews From Others

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I hope you found this MyView review helpful and will start earning from it today

Rachel 4 years ago

Thanks for the advice on this opportunity. A lot of opps are time consuming and deliver very little in return. The only program I found to be really worthwhile was It tells about how you can realistically make ends meet.

Jones 4 years ago

Very good review! This reminds me of the review that I read about MySurvey as well.

joe m 4 years ago

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Nadia 4 years ago

Good review! All the information helped a lot.

leadsuperhero 4 years ago

Listen everybody if you want to make money online you have to know what to do .....plan and simple it doesn't matter what you buy you will not make it until you get help...You need to get that "oooooohhhhhhh I get it" feeling and that only comes from trial and error and in this industry that costs time and money.Or you can get a mentor that will help you walk until you can run on your own. I can help look me up if help is needed that's what Superheros do....

laine 3 years ago

Very helpful information. Thank you!

Shasta 3 years ago

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review, I know now this is NOT something I am interested in at all!

Jeeban 3 years ago

Nice review but i think this is the best online businessever i have seen

Dbarik 3 years ago

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vane kitrozoski 3 years ago

Very good review! This reminds me of the review that I read about MySurvey as well.

Ashley Lewis 3 years ago

I made $200 literally in one day… all I did was sign up, no out of pocket cost… JUST SIGN UP WITH YOUR E-MAIL and there you go…. Refer a friend and that goes up even more…. Its that easy…. Click the link…. sign up… refer a friend to get automatic payment into your paypal account

Tom Alter 3 years ago

Very good informations are here but so many online business may be scams or very difficult to do this due to pay by credit card or debit card.

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Jon 2 years ago

Wow.. So many fake comments for a fake article! Its all a scam, as are all the rest that say "Good information! Try out this website too!" If you REALLY could make good money from those websites, don't you think they'd want to keep that to themselves?

Lou 2 years ago

Glad I read the article. I know I will not be joining this circus. Thanks

Sourav 2 years ago

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ben 2 years ago

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Penny Warden 2 years ago

I started with this crap back in November.....I have answered 7 total surveys that Panda Reserch sent me.And guess what they keep sending,and I am still waiting to get paid.they keep sending me emails that my check has arrived but I just need to answer a few more serveys.Well you owe me for servey #10173,#11049,#11095,#11161,#10779,#11150,#and an inclosed commision.Why would I continue to answer these when I am still awaiting payment on these?Thats one way to get free work

Cleos 2 years ago

omg! and people buy into that stuff? I think the best investment you can buy online is real and substantial education to finally be able to do something with your life and excel in your own style!

Marian 2 years ago

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anom 2 years ago

he lied about my view

What the F 2 years ago

How the h*ll did I end up here? 2 years ago

Did anyone notice "4. You are very chary and good at organization."

Meaning of chary: cautiously or reluctant do something.

Selena 2 years ago

PPD is not going to give you the results you are looking for. First of all,

the only way you can make any money is if you spend money. And you get paid something like $1.50 for each referral. You have to sign up and complete offers just to start training and last but not least, it is very time consuming. Just sign up with Daily money team. All you need to bring to the table is motivation and the drive. My email is or Training is provided, it is absolutely free to join with no monthy fees and it is very easy and simple to make money. Try $80 to $200 dollars a referral. You can't beat that...

Jeeban 2 years ago

Nice review but i think this is the best online business ever i have seen.

you can earn $1000-$5000 dollar only 10 hours work per week.For details click...

Jennifer 2 years ago

The Internet is polluted. Let's erase all the bullshit lies and start over, with honest and legitimate opportunities. (In my dreams).

mar 2 years ago

This is ridiculous! Why work for anything that is going to driver innocent people who have no interest in that companies other than the fact that its a brand name so that those companies can get your email address and/or you IP address and then spam you to death even though you didn't sign up with any thing. This is without a doubt some scam crap that makes someone make money but not the ones who foolishly sign up for doing it. This crap floods Craig's List with BOGUS work at home jobs. Stop filling Craig' List with crap you idiots!!!!!

Janet 2 years ago

This looks like a "Sniper" review webpage.

Flo 2 years ago

Thanks for the good review. I do not think I will join it because I do not feel comfortable giving out my credit card info and personal details all over the place.

dustin 2 years ago

I hope that's not true 'cuz I'm at $27. $3 away from cash out for 18 referrals @ $1.50 a pop. Really frustrated though 'cuz my convert percentage is only 4% from almost 500 clicks on Craigslist so my $1.50 will not get up to the $5 limit they have for a long time. I find it so hard to believe though that outta 500 clicks on craigslist that only 18 people signed up. I mean, people only have to put in their name & email address to sign up so idk y almost 500 people wouldn't do that. So, I did more research & found a site that says project payday is not giving credit for referrals from Craigslist'cuz of people posting it as a job in the customer service or whatever categories in Craigslist. I think that is a big crock of shit scam from project payday though 'cuz they advertise that they are a BBB Companie & I believe they say they area work at home company. Anyway, whatever the case I'm just hoping they are legit'cuz I've been scammed a number of times online & I'm fed up with being a very poor single dad. So, anyone that sees this then please sign up through my link. Thanks.

dustin 2 years ago


Dutch 22 months ago

Nope. No thank you.

Johnk59 20 months ago

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