Pro's and Con's of Working From Home

Tips For Working From Home

Today has become the work from home generation. With the economy in such disarray, and so many unemployed many have turned to working from home for income. Some do it for additional cash until they can find work, most will not continue once they get back into a normal hourly/salary paying position. Others however find they enjoy working from home, and continue doing it full time as their primary source of income. There are many Pro's and Con's of working from home that you should be aware of, you should weight your options and make an educated decision on if it is right for you.

Some things you also want to remember is that nearly 90% of all work from home opportunities are scams so make sure and do research on each one that interests you. After you have researched every work from home opportunity that interests you then you will be able to make an educated decision on which method fits you best, and one that you would enjoy doing on a daily basis. Choose a hobby you enjoy, and turn that into your work from home opportunity is one idea that many have come to use. You also can do multiple things like you may have a business where you mow lawns, yet another registered business to clean houses. A combination of working from home opportunities will not only provide a very diverse work schedule. It all really depends on how much you want to earn, and how much dedication you have. The biggest above all else to remember though is motivation, and dedication is what will make or break most at home businesses.

Below you will find a list of the Pro's and Con's Of Working From Home.

Pro's Of Working From Home

  • Being your own boss

  • More time to spend with the family

  • Schedule flexibility, although it is always good to have certain hours each day that you work.

  • No commuting costs

  • No uniform, or suit costs

  • You do not have to work from home, being your own boss you can work from anywhere you desire. As a writer you could be writing from a cafe, or in a park listening to the birds chirping.

  • You control how much you earn based on how much effort you put into it.

  • You have greater control over your work day. What things must you accomplish, or tasks that you may need to complete. You decide in what order, and when to complete these tasks.

  • Will your business be the next Microsoft? Remember Microsoft start out in Bill Gates Garage, you can be the potential next Microsoft when you own your own business.

Con's Of Working From Home

  • High amount of taxes, it is crucial you write off as much as possible to lower your tax bracket. The average person working from home takes out between 30-35% taxes before deductions.

  • Procrastination affects everyone who works from home. Some it will affect more frequently than others, do not fall prey to procrastination or you may find yourself losing money.

  • Lack of social interaction. If you are socially active, and enjoy talking with others frequently working from home may not be a good idea. Some refer to those that work from home as hermits as they do not leave their houses often since they work from home.

  • Prepare for long hours, your average person who works from home full time works 12-16 hours a day. This will be reduced as you become more efficient, but in the beginning you can expect very long days.

  • Distractions is something you must avoid at all costs. Too many distractions could turn what would be normally an eight hour work day into a 12 hour work day if you are not careful.

  • Many people will be skeptical of you actually working from home as so many have tried and failed.

Is Working From Home Worth It?

In conclusion, is working from home really worth the effort? Some believe it is others would disagree, and decide to rejoin the rat race of corporate America. The majority however who put forth the right amount of effort to make it work, the result is usually the same they would not trade in their ability to work for themselves for the world. Not counting the actual number of pro's vs con's, but weight how important each one listed is on a scale of 1-10. Then you can get a more accurate figure if working from home is right for you.

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cheatlierepeat profile image

cheatlierepeat 5 years ago from Canada

This is a great article. I think if your work from home you need to really enjoy what you are doing or it "sometimes" feels like a whole lot of effort for little reward. I'm sure once a home based business is established it then feels worth all the time and effort... at least this is what I'm counting on.

jasoncox83 profile image

jasoncox83 6 years ago from Ohio Author

Thanks for the input, Fixed the title...I'll keep the ' in there for now due to SEO purposes, but in the future will keep in in mind.

HoopBot profile image

HoopBot 6 years ago from Internet

Not to discredit the article (it's lovely), just the title struck me as odd. You don't have capitals on 'and,' which is good. But you do on 'Of'. And I think Pros and Cons can be written just like that < nowadays, especially in titles. So, personally, I think it should read:

'Pros and Cons of Working From Home'

Oh, and it's good you didn't start with 'The'; T is an ugly letter in titles (spot the irony).

jasoncox83 profile image

jasoncox83 6 years ago from Ohio Author

Just remember if you do begin working from home, make time to leave the house each day. Go take a walk, eat, visit a friend or family member. If you don't then for some you may never actually be "leaving work". Also make sure to set rough hours that you are keeping as office hours each day.

McConnell Group profile image

McConnell Group 6 years ago from Mississauga, Ontario


Great hub, Even though I am not working at home full time yet, it's the fact that I am my own boss that drives me to that goal of working from home


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