Providing High Quality Service Begins with You

Providing High Quality Service Begins with You

You want to provide a service that is of value to others. The more someone has a NEED for this service the better your chances of success.

There is a ton of talk about competition and competition in a sense is very real~ however people do business with those they are attracted to.

When I say "attracted" I mean in the Magnetic Sense of the word.

You do business with the people who are most like you and that you relate to the best. This is where those Building Mutually Beneficial Relationships Skills come into play.

Lets look at some great ways to always deliver High Quality Service

It doesn't matter what industry you are in. No matter what they end focus should always be on the client.

Providing High Quality service by building and creating value that benefits others will stretch far into the future and have a pleasant impact on your business.

Your Appearance is key.

What you project in that first or maintained image is key.

Your face, hair, clothes and even your makeup say Oodle's about you and it is so true that you have only one chance to make a great first impression. There is no do over on this one.

Incompassed into this is your body language.

 You should have confident positive posture that exudes comfort as well as confidence. Slouching is deffinately out and it is the first give away that you are not a leader Leaders never slouch. Leaders always have a natural smile, and make eyecontact.

Careful with that Tone.

Many times how you sound when you say something is more important than How you said it.

Be sure that your voice is always pleasant and no threatniing. Practice saying things and really listening to yourself.

Pay attention to the highs and lows of your voice. Broadcast with a pleasant tone and you will always be received well. This is key to face to face meetings and on the phone.

Keep your energy level up.

Being sluggish can portray bordem and that is definately the last image you want to portray.

Who wants to work with a bore. If you aren't taking care of yourself or maybe you are starting to feel the effects of Burnout take the appropiate steps to combat this and get back in focus. If it take a few days then it takes a few days. Till then you

are going to have to put forth the effort of energy even if you don't have any while you are charging up the battery.

You must do what is needed to maintain a positive attitude

and that always begins with taking care of yourself.

A positive attitude is attractive and draws people to you (like a magnet) and having some magnatism on your side is a great success tool to have in your portfolio of skills. It will also help you Identify and Meet the Needs of Your Target Market.

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