Systems, Monitors and How to Gauge Your Life

Perhaps it is partly a gender issue. I have never been particularly interested in things mechanical. Nor have I been especially drawn to gadgets.

My Dad was a private pilot who owned and often worked on his T-6. The SNJ is a beautiful vintage warbird. My younger brother now flies and maintains it. I am the only one of my Dad's kids who didn't learn to fly. Maybe getting sick as a youngster every time we went up in a small plane cinched that.

To his grandkids my Dad was known, with affection and admiration, as Grampa Gizmo. Growing up I sure didn't think I had inherited the gizmo gene. Now I am re-thinking that just a bit.

Recently I have become much more dependent upon, and fascinated with, various systems, monitors, gadgets and gizmos. And what they are teaching me, namely how to gauge efficiency, effectiveness, input, output and results, is meaningful on physical and mechanical, as well as emotional levels.

After purchasing and moving onto this magnificent 50 acre property, we lived in our camper for 12 weeks while the house was being finished. With all the amenities one can imagine, the only challenges of living in the Lance camper were limited space (with three dogs), and making sure the various systems were kept working properly. Propane for the fridge and central heating (complete with thermostat), chemicals for the bathroom, and fresh water in the tank.

Above the stove, and below the microwave, is a nifty Systems Monitor, which I came to rely on to keep me informed and comfortable. Making sure what needed to be filled got filled, and what needed to be emptied got emptied. This was very important.

By holding down a switch, it tells the levels of the Gray and Black Water tanks; the level of charge in the batteries; the level of Fresh Water; and it also had switches for the Generator; the Water Heater; and the Water Pump.

Once the well was dug, and the solar panels, 1500 gallon holding tank, and well house were installed, our well guy mounted a wireless sonar device on the lid to the holding tank and gave me a Tank Level Monitor, which I now keep in the house. It reports the time of day, the water level in the tank and the temperature.

I love how sonar works, and am pleased to have a small sonar system used in conjunction with the well. Sonar utilizes acoustic waves that are sent out and reflected back to detect or locate submerged objects. In this case, the level of the water in the tank. There is also a float which engages the pump when the water drops below a certain level.

Having moved from the camper into the house, the big news this week is the installation of the household solar system. Monitoring this system is much more involved than checking levels in the camper. While I am enjoying the learning process, more than a basic understanding of electricity is needed to grasp the use of the panels, inverter, battery bank and how the charging works. My contractor mounted a pretty fancy monitor on a wall in the dining room and said, "This is your new Bible." While I might take issue with his playfully irreverent terminology, his meaning was clear. I need to become very well versed in how it works, and what it is telling me. At this point I know that I am to keep the battery bank running in the 80% range, which for this system means I want a read out of around 24.8, with an assignment of charging it to float mode of 29.6 once a week; and once a month for 1-2 hours I am to take it to 31 for equalization.

Then for our solar, there is the beauty and the power of the sun. I now have a bumper sticker, which came with the system, that says, "I Get My Electricity From the Sun." One of the most exciting things that Brian, of Backwoods Solar, said to me was, "Linda, once you get your system installed you're going to be your own power company." How cool is that? In subsequent conversations he emphasized this point saying, "You are your own power plant." Living totally off the grid has its major expenses and challenges to be sure. But the freedom and self-reliance is remarkable.

Interestingly, my land acquisition and off grid living experience, has been complementing my on-going work in personal growth and enhanced development of "mindset" for my work. As an entrepreneur and home-based business owner, mindset is crucial in order to achieve continued success, and to maintain my effectiveness as an Internet marketing and business coach for my team.

Among the most valuable teachings I've experienced, I have to highlight studying with Bob Proctor. Widely known for his appearance in the movie, "The Secret," Bob's commitment to studying and teaching spans fifty years. He is a remarkable man. And as I was learning the systems and monitors for the well and the solar, it occurred to me that Bob has taught me how to understand, monitor and maximize my personal and business life, through my mind, body and spirit.

In his teachings, largely based on the work and wisdom of Wallace D. Wattles and Napoleon Hill, Bob has taught me how to become happier, healthier, and wealthier. And this is done by understanding the precise, predictable and elegant laws of the universe; and coming to see just how I fit into our glorious world, which is imbued with Spirit and Intelligence. He explains that we have a conscious mind, a sub-conscious mind and a body. And that we are in control of our life results. The levels in our tank, our depths and the power of our output, if you will.

This is predictable and controllable because we have the power and the ability to determine our thoughts. It works like this: We choose what we think about . Our thoughts determine our feelings; our feelings determine our actions; and our actions determine our results. For those who are always feeling like a victim, Bob explains, "Victims lose. Victims never learn that they are in control of their results." If you are not positive by nature, given all the negative messages in our world, and possibly in your upbringing, it becomes crucial to have a practice of positive self-talk, and undergo a paradigm shift in your thinking. By building an image in our mind of what we truly desire, getting emotionally involved in it, and stepping into action, we will change our results.

There is a clear and straightforward way of monitoring the system or creation known as you and me. It is by checking our results. If you don't like the results you are getting in your relationships, your work or business life, your finances, or whatever category you're monitoring, change how you think about them, and your results will change.

It is enlivening and empowering to realize that we each have the ability to monitor and make adjustments in our various systems; whether they be based on sonar, sun or self discipline. How exciting that every thinking person has the power and ability to chose their thoughts and create the life of their dreams. This property, this house, living off the grid, was merely a dream, a desire, a vision, just a short time ago. And by closely following Bob's teachings and monitoring my results, it has all come to be.

Solar panels
Solar panels | Source
Solar Battery Bank
Solar Battery Bank | Source
One of the solar monitors
One of the solar monitors | Source

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