Good Governance And Its Qualities

Qualities Of Good Governance

The word governance is as old as civilization. It is not a new concept. It is simply the process of decision making and the process by which decision are implemented (or not implemented).That is, it has to do with the actions and inaction of the principal actor in governance: Government in decision making that affect the followers or subordinate either positively or otherwise.

However, not minding the level or context: Corporate governance, international governance or local governance in which governance in which governance is used or practiced, it must possess the eight qualities of governance which are:

Participation: The key cornerstone of good government is the participation of both men and women. It could either be legitimate, intermediate institution, direct or representative. But since representative government is a matter of numbers or majority, it might not necessarily mean that the concern of the most rules able in the society is considered in decision making. Participation needs to be informed and organized. It means freedom of association and expression on the one hand and an organized civilized society on the other hand.

Obedience to rule of Law: A good government must be able to enforce the law impartially not minding the individual involved their status. It must also obey court judgment and court orders where there is one.

Transparency: It means keeping to rules and regulation in the enforcement of decisions taken as well as making information freely available and directly accessible to those who will be affected by the decision and their enforcement. Also it involves the provision of information in an easily understandable form and median.

Responsiveness: A good government must be able to respond or serve the people within a reasonable and actualization time frame for easy assessment of the government in power.

Consensus Oriented: Since there are several actor as well as viewpoint in a given society. Therefore, good governance requires mediation of the different interest in society to reach a broad consensus in society on what is in the best interest of the whole community and how this can be achieved. It also requires a broad and long term prospective on what is needed for sustainable human development and how to achieve the goals of such development. This can only result from an understanding of the historical, cultural and social context of a given society or community.

Equity and inclusiveness: It has to do with the ability of the government to jettison marginalization and ensure that every stakeholder is carried along in the every aspect of government. This will make all members to feel that they have a stake in it and feel not marginalized

Accountability is another element of a good governance which has to do with rendering account of how material and human resources where distributed to different segment of the society for the actualization of the set goal. This is important both in public and private sector of the economy of the society.

Effectiveness and efficiency: A government is said to be effective and efficient when it can make use of the available resource, both human and material resource to the meet needs of the society it governs and also protect the government.

In addition, where these qualities are presence in a government it can result in: quality, health care, wealth creation, food security, infrastructural development, employment generation as well as adequate national security among other.

Furthermore, if these qualities are missing or non-existent in government, it means that governance is bad and that it is engrossed in the twin evil of bribery and corruption, disobedience to rule of law, lack of accountability and others thereby plunging the people into: insecurity, abject poverty, unemployment as well as poor state of infrastructure.

In conclusion, from the above analysis. It should be clear that good governance is an idea which is difficult to achieve in its totality. However, to ensure sustainable human development, action must be taken to work towards this idea with the aim of making it a reality.

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john jackson puyee 3 years ago

leadership are qualities but the difference is to contral societies

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