Quit Your Day Job and Work For Yourself

Time to quit your day job

Most people would probably say yes to that question, do you want to quit your day job and work for yourself? There are many people who would love to quit their day job and become self employed. However, not everyone is actually brave enough to do it. The problem most people have is this, they are scared that whatever they do will not work out therefore, they would rather be stuck in a job they hate for the rest of their lives.

Well the time is now, if you really want to change your life for the better and quit your day job. Well, you know what just do it! I am a really big fan of Toni Robbins and he always says you should take massive action and just do something. The longer you sit around waiting for some sign to tell you to do it the longer you will live the same old lifestyle. If you want to get something you have never had, you have to try something you have never done. This means, take a massive stride towards making your dreams come true. Okay, now let's be realistic, some people will say well, how can I quit my day job when I have bills to pay? I have children to feed. What if my plan does not work out? What am I going to do then? Well, sometimes if you think about all the reasons why you should not take that step, you will never take that step. If you think about the lifestyle you could be leading if you did take that step well, maybe you should just take that step. Let me give you an example

A Lady who Made a Million in a Year

Let me tell you the story of my friend who made a million in a year. You are going to ask, who is this lady? What did she do? How did she make a million in a year? Well, this lady is someone who would rather reamin anonymous. However, she is a friend of mine, a good friend, she was the one who in school did all her homework. She never got into any trouble, she always did exactly what she was supposed to do. She ended up working in a very large firm and earning a lot of money. She worked hard and played hard. Then one day her husband died in a car accident right, well she decided that she was fed up with her job but she was too scared to leave. Then one day, she met a guy, she had seen him around and he always seemed to be doing his own thing. Never rushing to get back to work to meet the demands of a demanding boss. So, when she eventually spoke to him, she asked him what he did for a living. He told her that he was self employed, and she aksed him what exactly it was that he did. He said he worked online and that he rarely has to work because the money rolls in all on it's own now. So, he eventually told her what he did and he said he owned a copywriting company online. He had writers working for him all over the world through his own website so he rarely had to do much anymore except check the site was working and make sure he pays the writers.

Anyway, she was amazed and really started to consider working for herself again. One thing she was really really good at was sales. So, when she went home she went online to search for something she could do to become self employed. She realised that affiliate marketing was right for her. She knew how to sell, she knew the right words to say to get people to buy. So, she decided to sign up as an affiliate for two products. That same night, she set up her own website using a software she had found and it all went on from there. She started seeing the orders rolling in, in the first week. By the second week she had made over £5,000. She couldn't believe it, she decided that she was going to take the plunge and quit her day job. She did it, by the end of the year she had made over a million pounds and the rest is history. So, she decided to take that plunge and now she is living in a half a million pound house and living the best life she could have ever imagined to have been living. So, you see, it doesn't have to be affiliate marketing, it can be anything at all. You can even turn your passion into money.

So, if you want to quit your day job and work for yourself but you are not sure about doing it. Take the plunge today and just do it.

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B. A. Williams profile image

B. A. Williams 5 years ago from USA

Working for yourself; work is never done, there are no set hours, and you can't ask for an increase in pay. I do agree with what your friend did stepping out on her own, and kudos to her succeeding.

Great read thanks for sharing.

intriguewriter profile image

intriguewriter 4 years ago from worldwide Author

Thank you for your comment. I love working for myself.

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