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I've recently joined Redgage, and it's is a brilliant site that you can backlink to, increase the traffic to your hub or article, and make money! Post anything from photographs to links of your hubs and blogs, and get paid by the popularity of the content. The more views you get the more you get paid. The best part is that it is free to join and it's really easy to use.

I'm fairly new to blogging, back-linking, making money online etc, and have been scouring the hubs for information, and stumbled upon Redgage. I am so glad that I did because I've been really enjoying my time there, so far so good! I've been signed up for 2 weeks now and have already made $29.14! This is by having a photograph I'd posted chosen to be featured, which means you get a bonus and it get's posted on the front page, and also by winning the daily raffle of $25.00 by posting my hub blogs as 'knowledge-based' content! As a newbie I've found it really encouraging, as we all know how difficult it can be to get started making money online!

The homepage looks very professional, and has an simple format that's very easy to follow. You can choose from the tabs what you want to post, such as a photograph, video, link or blog. Photographs seem to do particularly well on Redgage, so have a dig through the pictures on your PC and see what you can find! You can use the 'link' tab to link back to your hubs or blogs, with literally a sentence worth of description. You can also back link to your hubs and blogs using the 'blog' tab on Redgage, writing a short paragraph or two describing what the content is about, and adding the link at the end. This will definitely help to increase the traffic to your hubs and blogs.

If you post quality content then you do get rewarded by having it chosen for a featured bonus, meaning your content gets a paid bonus and it's shown on the front page of Redgage, which is great for raising the account balance and gaining more views. Also if you submit your blogs into the Daily Contest, under Knowledge Based Content, you gain 2 tickets for each submission. The more blogs you submit the more chance you have of winning the $25 prize! Also gain tickets and more chances of winning the Daily Contest by inviting people using the referal link which they provide, and also by mentioning Redgage on another site and then posting that link back to Redgage, the same as what I'm doing with this hub.

Redgage is a socializing network, so remember to add as many friends as you can. You get paid by how many views your content gets, so the more friends you have the more views you will get. This will earn you money on Redgage, as well as increase the traffic to your hubs and blogs. It's a great place to make some extra money online, it's free to join, and you get more traffic to your articles! It's been a great start for me so far, and I'd encourage anyone who's interested in making money online to give it a go. If you want to check it out here's the link:

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manhan profile image

manhan 6 years ago from Hungary (Budapest)

Thanks for sharing. I am also a meber of Redgage and usually share my Hubpages there.

Goodpal profile image

Goodpal 6 years ago

Incidentally, I also recently joined Redgage. You tips are really wonderful for a non SEO person like me. Thank you very much.

GJ56 profile image

GJ56 6 years ago Author

Thankyou : ) I'm glad you found it useful : )

thougtforce profile image

thougtforce 6 years ago from Sweden

Great information and useful advices! There is so much to learn, and help is much welcome! I will give it a try! Bookmarked. Thanks!

GJ56 profile image

GJ56 6 years ago Author

Hiya! No problem, I'm a newbie to all this so I know how much there is to take in, it's crazy! If yourself or anyone else needs more help with Redgage then give me a shout - I'm new to it too but if I can help then I will do : )

TPSicotte profile image

TPSicotte 6 years ago from The Great White North

thanks I will check this one out. Cheers

Gary Rowell profile image

Gary Rowell 6 years ago from Florida,USA

This is great information. I will definitely check this out. Good content. Voted you up!

GJ56 profile image

GJ56 6 years ago Author

Hey, no probs TP Sicotte, it's definitely worth checking out! And thankyou Gary, Im glad you found it useful! : )

GJ56 profile image

GJ56 6 years ago Author

Hey, no probs TP Sicotte, it's definitely worth checking out! And thankyou Gary, Im glad you found it useful! : )

britishbirdlover profile image

britishbirdlover 5 years ago from London, UK

Thank you for this hub. I've just joined Redgage and will start submitting my hubs.

GJ56 profile image

GJ56 5 years ago Author

Hey that's great...Redgage is a great extra earner and an extra way to get exposure to your hubs, and it's easy to use...submit your hubs into the daily contests too to increase your chances of more money! Good luck! : )

abuhana profile image

abuhana 5 years ago

i'm interesting with this article, this is useful for me because i want my blog have high traffic

GJ56 profile image

GJ56 5 years ago Author

Hi abuhana, glad you found the hub useful...Regdage has definitely helped me gain more traffic : )

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