Its one of the few things on your resume, that you probably don’t even know! Most candidate know where he/she was born, what they did, education, parents etc. somehow when the interviewer get to the hobbies and interests part it all seems pointless.

Most of you have that on your resume, because it came with the format you were copying . Some of you, choose to copy the interests and hobbies too!

Be honest. Do you have one of the following in there?




Internet Browsing

If you do, you are only one of the 96% candidates out there.

Hobbies and Interests are something to talk about. It’s a window into your personality, that is beyond the standard work stuff. These are things you are supposed to be passionate about. You should be using this extensively to not just market yourself, but also to steer the direction the interview takes.

Here are the rules:

Make them true. Have something you are passionate about. Something no one needs you to work upon, or do. Something that excites you, something that makes your eyes sparkle when you talk about it.

Make them Unique. As far as possible mention your hobby in a way that sounds unique. Use this as a lever for the interviewer to remember you. Don’t say reading, when you can say ‘classics’ or ‘Indian art history’ or something more specific. If it is music talk about genre, artist or just decade!

Make them demonstrable. You may like to think, but really that is not a hobby. If you put something like singing, be ready to sing in the interview. If you put something like dramatics, be ready to emote. Put something that can give the interviewers a little break from the monotony of taking interviews. If you say coin collection, carry a unique coin with you!

Make them relatable. Be honest at all times, but if you have more than one hobby, choose the one that the interviewers may be able to relate to. Yes, you read that right. This like all other parts of your resume needs to be customized according to the people you are sending it out to.

Get a life! If you don’t have a hobby or interest, get one! It’s not just something to talk about in an interview, it is something to treasure and add value to yourself as an individual.

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WordPlay profile image

WordPlay 7 years ago from Georgia, y'all

I that love you referred to yourself as an "ideator" in your profile! Great word.

You write very well. You should do well on HubPages. :-)

prabhjotbedi profile image

prabhjotbedi 7 years ago from chandigarh Author

@wordplay thank you!

nisha  7 years ago

u can give the dancing,any sports related hobby very effective ,......

wow_reads 5 years ago


shona 5 years ago

can we mention mehandi designing as our hobby?

Prakash 5 years ago

Is bike wheeling a hobby?

prabhjotbedi profile image

prabhjotbedi 5 years ago from chandigarh Author

@wow_reads thank you!

prabhjotbedi profile image

prabhjotbedi 5 years ago from chandigarh Author

@shona yes you can!

prabhjotbedi profile image

prabhjotbedi 5 years ago from chandigarh Author

@Prakash totallY!

soumya bhattacharya 5 years ago

HI will you please comment on my hobby

"?Reading Novels, Spiritual and motivational Books, Short stories, Comics, Fairy tale"

Regards Soumya

prabhjotbedi profile image

prabhjotbedi 5 years ago from chandigarh Author

@soumya bhattacharya

choose one of the genres and use that.


jay 5 years ago

i love 2 watch cartoons..nd all animated mves. i can ans almst all ques regarding d same. but how can i connect it with d job! sud i put it in my resume?

sharath 5 years ago

If you had to write your hobbies in a resume what would you write???

prabhjotbedi profile image

prabhjotbedi 5 years ago from chandigarh Author

@jay what industry position are you aspiring for?

prabhjotbedi profile image

prabhjotbedi 5 years ago from chandigarh Author

@sharath ha ha! nice. I would probably write 'innovation in hospitality', 'fiction writing' and 'cosmic signs'

sandeep 5 years ago

can any one sugest me any hobbies?

prabhjotbedi profile image

prabhjotbedi 5 years ago from chandigarh Author

@sandeep what do you like to do in your spare time?

joya 5 years ago

not too gud

night_star 5 years ago

can gardening be a hobby on my cv??

shoba.. 5 years ago

i am a day dreamer is that a hobby/??????????????????

sho. 5 years ago

sir is fighting is a hobby??????????? bcz i always love to do that while i am free...............

ganesh 5 years ago

can origami be a hobby

DL 5 years ago

If your hobby is myrmecology should you say "the study of ants" and how do you say this without seeming like a complete dweeb?

Nick 5 years ago

I found carry a unique coin.

If you have a unique coin that means no one else has it in the world. Technically every coin in the world could be seen as unique, it's structure and composition varies on the very small scale. However if you were talking about a coin which was the only one ever made to that specification, it would not be part of a currency. I think it would be more accurate to describe it as a metallic disk than a coin if it's rarity means it has no purchasing power.

vardana 5 years ago

if i don't have any hobbies how to write my hobbie

Sonia 5 years ago

I have to mention hobby in my application for teaching positon.can u suggest me any hobby.Though my hobby is dance.

Shweta 4 years ago

if painting is hobby then?

Maheb 4 years ago

Thanks a ton for giving the knowledge about how to describe our hobbies in resume thanks google. i want to tell about my hobby is listening music any type as per my mood and chatting with friend and colleagues in leasure time and spend time with family.

11 4 years ago

what are some skills and hobbies to post in a resume

Akanksha 4 years ago

simply wow....!!

Dhriti 4 years ago

it is very helpful...

13 4 years ago

@shwetha yes u can mention painting as ur hobby,,bt u shuld be ready to paint wen interviewer asks u..

13 4 years ago

@hub author ..sir ,,iam very much interested to travel ,,cuz,,i enjoys the nature while travelling ,,so can i mention ENJOYING THE NATURE as my hobby,,,,,PLS SUGGEST ME SIR



Utk 4 years ago

Sir i like to play computer action games . .And listening romantic songs. .cn i write these hobbies in my CV. .bt how i can relate these hobbies to banking industry . .m very confused plz help me. .

shalu 4 years ago

Sir painting is my if hr asks me to draw sumthn den i may nt be able to draw properly...coz m nt gud in i luv it.

megha 4 years ago

being an mba, what should be written so dat its looks simple as wall as professional

meghana 4 years ago

Its awesome.. thank you ..

sneha 4 years ago

thanks for suggesting...

Divya 4 years ago

is eating food a hobby ????......... coz i luv eating

praven 4 years ago

can i add playing football to my resume

Shraddha 4 years ago

is collecting animated movies a hobby

prabhjotbedi profile image

prabhjotbedi 4 years ago from chandigarh Author

yes. most def!

rahul sajan 3 years ago

thanks 4 d information.this helps me a lot....

Sarah May 22 months ago

I want to get one of the resume templates on or - they have interests / hobbies, should I remove the section then?

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