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Roofers Liability Insurance Explained

Roofer’s Liability Insurance is one of the most important forms of insurance for any contractor to carry. This liability coverage will protect the contractor and their business if a client or worker ever claims personal injury or property damage. These damages must have occurred on the site or must have been a direct result of the roofing project. The roofer’s liability insurance policy will cover financial losses to the business due to property damage or injury. It will also cover any legal expenses that are incurred.

The liability insurance is designed to protect the worker and the company, not the client they are working for. As a consumer, it is important to make sure the roofer has liability coverage. This will protect you from being sued if the roofer is injured while working on your property. As a contractor, liability insurance coverage is an essential policy to protect your workers. The coverage is easy to obtain. Many insurance companies that are listed in a phone book will offer this type of coverage to a contractor, although because it is a high risk coverage, there are some insurance companies that are hesitant to offer it. Sometimes, liability insurance can be combined with worker’s compensation coverage. When combined, this helps lower overall insurance premiums.

Implications of carrying the proper Liability Insurance

Since roofing is considered to be a high risk profession, carrying the proper liability coverage is a necessity. Roofer’s insurance is relatively expensive. Many contractors try to cheat by not carrying the proper insurance. They will often negate to mention that their company does roofing. If this is the case, the roofer and the business will be walking on thin ice. Accidents are unforeseen, and carrying the proper insurance policy is the best, and safest, way to protect the roofer as well as the contracting company.

Since most consumers are informed, many of them will ask if the roofer does have liability coverage before they will hire them. This is done to protect the personal property of the consumer in the event of an accident or damage. If the roofer or the contractor does not carry the liability, it could mean that the consumer will be faced with a lawsuit that could cost thousands. When the contractor and the roofer are covered by a liability policy, their own insurance company will cover the losses and legal costs.

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Contractor Insurance vs Workers Compensation Insurance

While roofer’s liability insurance can be expensive, it is one of the best insurance policies to have. Many states will require the contractor to carry a policy. However, there are some states in which this is optional. Even if it is not required by law, it is best to carry the coverage. This will ensure that the contracting business and the roofer will be insured and covered if there is a personal injury or property damage loss.

Some people are confused with the terms liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. The main difference is that with compensation coverage, the worker is covered as long as the injury was obtained as a direct result of the job. With liability insurance, the worker is covered for all non-work related injuries. If the injury occurs on the consumer’s property but was not directly related to the job, such as tripping on a rock or hose, the injury would be covered by the liability insurance.

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allphase profile image

allphase 6 years ago

Nice hub the truth is most contractors don't carry the proper insurance.

Michael Benoit 6 years ago

Be sure to review your insurance coverages and options with a competent insurance broker before making a buying decision.

matt  6 years ago

just started a little biz with my cousin doing residential roofs (mostly repairs) do we need to be insured? and if so, who should we go with?

No-yes-man 6 years ago

Matt, the question is, do you have any assets that you want to protect from a law suit resulting from your "little biz" - and also what the local code (law) requires. If your little biz is mostly a cash business with casual laborers, you will probably prefer not to insure yourself unless you have significant assets that could be attached in a suit against you. Insurance is always the safest way to go, but it is not always the most practical option due to cost. You should very carefully consider the risks and make a decision based on your individual situation.

Roof contractor 5 years ago

Yes! I like this article. liability insurance is a necessary thing in the roofing profession. I know for a fact that a lot of companies don't carry it. We carry it and pay the fees every month so please always ask your potential roofer for his insurance carrier.

Phil Christe 5 years ago

I can tell you as an experienced insurance broker, the insurance available to residential roofing contractors is chock full of holes. Most roofers have a policy that only provides them with a certificate of insurance.

Brentwood TN Roofers 5 years ago

Unfortunately in our industry, with the types of employees that come into it, you gotta be careful. Especially as the homeowner. Just one of the rules of the game these days with the lawsuit crazy US.

george rogers 4 years ago

If you are a roofer in NY STATE I suggest you check into The Roofers Edge Insurance Program- exclusively offered by Edwards&Co.If you are a true roofing professional with a good claim history you will very,very impressed with the savings& &coverage ....100 Roofers are already enjoying the savings,631 472 8479-G.Rogers-Program Mgr

GEORGE ROGERS 4 years ago


Lee 4 years ago

What do you know about United Contractors Insurance.

karina 4 years ago


karina 4 years ago


TOny 3 years ago

Asis 20 months ago

As a roofer, we are providing you best solution about roofer insurance.

Asiskumar 18 months ago

Very nice information. Here are some tips on what to look for and ask when hiring a roofing contractor.

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