SEM or SMM - Which is the best internet marketing style?

Internet has become an instant hit and an unsurpassed phenomenon worldwide.  In this age, most people rely heavily on internet on work, school, home, and with other matters.  The internet has also been a very useful source of information and this has been a channel for advertisers to reach out instantly to a very significant number of the population.

I came across two different terms which at first seemed very similar to me.  I thought it would satisfy my hunger for my lack of knowledge about Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM).  The curiosity in me never stopped and it would be best to dig deeper and shake up my brains a little bit.  Let me share with you what I have found out about these two things that actually plays an important role in the internet world. 

Defining SEM and SMM

According to Wikipedia, the Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a form of internet marketing.  Just like the typical concept of marketing, it promotes a certain product or service through the internet.  It increases the traffic of visitors who visit and enhances the visibility of the website of the product or service by enhancing the visibility in search engine result pages.  In the traditional form of marketing, one hires an advertising agency to do the promotions while SEM uses pad placement, paid inclusion and contextual advertising. 

So what is Social Media Marketing or SMM then?

SMM is also a fresh form of internet marketing where it primarily depends more on interactions between people.  In this form of marketing, SMM is used as a venue for discussions and fora where integration of words is molded to form shared-meaning.  SMM has provided companies a venue for talking and sharing their products and services with consumers as against to talking to them.

Social media marketing can come in the form of weblogs, social blogs, bookmarking, VOIP, wikis, internet fora and more.


It really depends on the marketing style of a company.  Majority still employs the services of traditional marketing but with the fast-paced technology, more and more are using both SEM and SMM.  It will be to a company’s advantage if they carefully plan their marketing strategy.  If they feel the need for a product or service build up then it would be best to focus on SEM because they can more or less control the promotional content.  If they just want to find out how they can better improve their branding or the real needs and wants of their products and resources, feedbacks and comments from the SMM are a great source.


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