Surprising Benefits Of Optimizing Your Website For Search Engines

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important if you want to earn money online.

Many website owners spend a lot of money and effort improving their website's ranking on search engines. This article outlines key benefits of SEO to your website and to your online business success.

  • SEO helps to increase the ranking of your website on search engines. When your website ranks high on search engines, it means you get a higher volume of traffic that is targeted to your website through the search engines. More targeted traffic means more sales.

  • SEO helps you to save money on paid advertising. The friendlier you are to the search engines, the more traffic you get from “organic search” which is when your site comes up in a search rather than placing your ad on the search page by paying for it. This means that you do not have to spend money on other advertising like Pay Per Click (PPC).

  • Optimizing your website for search engines and using your keywords and phrases in this process ensures that you get targeted visitors on your website. If you use all your keywords and phrases in your articles and website content, it means that your website is visible on search engines for your relevant keywords. When people type your keywords on search engines, your website ranks high on search engines.

    • Optimize each page with seven or fewer keywords or key phrases. The more specific your keywords or key-phrases, the better (more targeted) the search results will be.

    • Using more than seven keywords or key-phrases dilutes the keyword density on the page and probably makes the page rank lower. A page devoted to “Using the Canon EOS Rebel XSi will get more targeted traffic than a page devoted to “digital cameras.” These are both key-phrases but the first will get you people who just got a Canon EOS Rebel XSi and want to learn more about using it. The second will get you “tire-kickers” who are just poking around.

  • SEO helps you become recognized in your niche. If your website ranks high on all major search engines, and for all your keywords, you soon dominate the niche and become an expert in your niche or topic. This builds a good reputation for you, resulting in “Word of Mouth” advertising, which drives additional traffic to your website.

With all these benefits of SEO, it is important that you start to optimize your website for search engines today!

Wolf Halton

What is Keyword Density?

Keyword Density is the number of times you keywords appear, in natural language, i.e. sentences and paragraphs; in headings and as alternate text connected to photographs or graphics.  The search engines are wise to a number of games people have played to up their keyword density unfairly. 

How do you compute Keyword Density?

You compute Keyword Density by counting the words, counting the number of times your keyword (or key-phrase) appear.  Then divide the count of keywords by the total number of words.  Keyword density is displayed as a percentage.  An article with less than 1% keyword density will not be noticed by search engines for its keyword density.

Keyword Density tricks that don't work and can actually get your page dropped from a search engine's listings:

  1. Repeating the keyword 1000 times at the bottom of the page to get a keyword density of 80%;
  2. Repeating the keyword 1000 times using a font color that matches your background color to make the trick invisible to humans;
  3. Writing in un-natural ways that increase the keyword density weirdly, e.g., "Fnords" are the best "Fnord" tool for "Fnording" your "Fnords."  (please assume "Fnord" was the keyword here).

How important is Keyword Density?

Keyword Density is one of hundreds of factors the search engines use to ascertain the usefulness and relevance of a page.  In this article the logical key phrase, "Keyword density" appears 15 times in about 265 words.  That is about a 5.6% keyword density.  This is not so dense that it appears weird to the reader, but gently sets a reasonable keyword density.

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I am glad you liked it.

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Very nice information about optimizing a website.

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