SEO - Search Engine Optimization For Websites

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO is a combination of techniques, tools and methods used by internet marketers to improve the rank of web pages on search engine results pages, also called SERP's. A website's rank on SERP's is based on information gathered by the engine's spider crawlers. Understanding what the crawlers look for and making web pages attractive to these crawlers will lead to successful SEO.

Although crawlers have decreased the importance of keywords over the years, they are still the foundation of effective optimization. Research keywords and choose the most appropriate for your topic or hire a keyword research service to do this for you. Include keywords in the sites URL when possible. Title tags, description tags and the first paragraph of text are good locations for keywords as well.

Links are a high priority with search engines. Internal links, those within a site, are mildly attractive to the crawlers, as are reciprocating links. Two sites that agree to link to each other do so with reciprocating links. To have any credibility with search engines, these links must be between sites with similar content.

Spider crawlers favorites are one-way, incoming links. Obtaining links from strong sites with quality content and high traffic counts will improve a pages rank on SERP's. Create links from within the text of your pages. When linking, use keywords in the anchor text.

Off-page SEO techniques are highly effective for improving search engine rank. Become a frequent contributor to blogs and forums and always include a link to your pages when doing so. There are many opportunities on the internet to write articles. Take advantage of these with topics related to your web page and, of course, link back to your site each time you do.

Social media sites where you connect to friends, groups and communities create excellent SEO opportunities. Include keywords in profiles, captions for pictures and within the text you post. Most of these sites allow you to list URL's to web pages you are involved with. Social media sites typically have powerful search engines and create avenues for you to communicate with members based on information they have provided in their profile.

There are many ways to make your website more attractive to search engines. The techniques mentioned here should be considered as basic knowledge. Internet marketing is a process of attracting visitors to your pages, informing them about your products or services and converting them from visitor to customer. Good optimization techniques will help you conquer the first step in this process.

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Free tips and troubleshooting for latest iphone 5 years ago

I'm optimizing my blogpost site and will try to implement your tips. Thanks.

Free tips and troubleshooting for latest ipohne

Eddie Jennings 5 years ago

If you intend to succeed on line now, improving your internet site for the search engines must be a part of your ongoing plan.

techmagnate11 profile image

techmagnate11 5 years ago from Delhi

In this time Without the Seo there are no meaning of any site.

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