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One cannot overemphasize the fact that posting on forums and commenting on blogs properly will help you become visible to the public and eventually build up a massive traffic to your website. The string of words that follow the terms “is used properly” is good, relevant and useful forum postings and blog commenting.

Everyone wants to get a free and easy way of earning money. While there are many opportunities that you can find online, competition is also tough. Your website is your foundation and your strategies can be the fundamental wheel to drive your visitors to your website.

Forum posting and blog commenting are the two most affordable social media services because you don’t have to pay a single dime to do these things. Here are some tips to get things right.

1. Do not post a huge advertisement when posting on forums or commenting on a blog. Most people will get irated and will just simply ignore this.

2. Do not spam people with email or in a forum. It is just not the way to do it. Most often than not, you will get banned or blocked from the forum site or blog that you are following. Not to mention the fact that you will get a not so nice reputation which you do not want.

3. Do find relevant forums or blog sites that you would want to follow or support. It is important to read and understand the forum’s rules and regulations to avoid any problems.

4. Do use and maximize the search engine by indicating your keywords or key phrases. This is one reliable way of connecting to your niche market.

5. Do post articles or comments that are relevant to the topic, interesting enough for readers, tell something that they do not know, and most importantly, give something of value to others.


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