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Globe Communications Philippines has created new customer service to all current and future Globe Subscribers. It has created a fantastic idea of creating more ways of saving money than producing more deficits for all Filipino tech savvy users. How? With its new innovative service called, "my SUPERPLAN" , it lets all its subscribers more reason to stay and incoming clients to apply because it does not only let them have the lowest monthly billing charges ever but it even made its consumers postpaid plan much flexible, convenient and affordable. Why? My SUPERPLAN lets one subscriber pick and mix the plan that will suits your capacity to pay! Isn't that amazing!

What are specific superplans to choose from?

a. My SuperTXT (which means all you can texting) for only P349/month; b. My DUO ( calls landlines all you can) for only P450/month; c. My Super DUO (calls to Mobile and Landlines all you can) for only P599/month; d. MySuper UNLI (call mobile & text all you can) for only P599/month; e. My Super SURF ( unlimited surfing) for only P1,200/month.

Not only that, my Globe Super Plan can also be customized monthly! Which means you are not tied up in one specific super plan services but you may change it monthly depending on your needs and capacity according to the different plans that Globe Communications will make. Great isn't! Very flexible to all our monthly needs! So what are you waiting for? Hurry go to the nearest Globe Communication Wireless Center and avail of this my Globe SUPER PLAN now!

Or you may visit for more details.

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