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Interesting in building a business out of your salon?  Try watching the big guys to learn from what they are doing.
Interesting in building a business out of your salon? Try watching the big guys to learn from what they are doing.

Top Salon Businesses

Generally speaking, those entrepreneurs that open their own salon are exceptional artists skilled in using their shears manifest their creativity into beautiful works of art enabling their clients to feel better about themselves.  For those professionals who truly know how that feels, it is quite an empowering experience.  However, the cold and dog-eat-dog business world has little appreciate for our inspiring creativity and most salon professionals seemed to have missed the day in beauty school when they taught all that is needed to know about business.  Fortunately, for salon professionals interested in scratching their entrepreneurial niche, there is a readily available free guidance on how to grow your business.  For the best and most timely advice on growing your salon business, watch what the big boys are doing and learn from their mistakes, accomplishments, and trends.  Here us a list of a few publicly traded salon and beauty companies that you should keep your eye on.

Public Salon Companies

Regis Corporation (NYSE:RGS): Regis corporation is headquartered in Edin Minnesota and was founded in 1954. It owns, operates, or franchises more than 12,700 salons around the world but primarily in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Regis Salons operate under several different brands including Supercuts, Cost Cutters, MasterCuts, Regis Salons, SmartStyle, Magicuts, Hair Masters, First Choice Haircutters, and Hair Club. Regis corporation has 56,000 employees.

Ulta Salons (NASDAQ:ULTA): Ulta, a comparative newcomer to Regis, was founded in 1990 and is headquartered in Bollingbrook, IL which is a suburb in Chicago's far southwest suburbs.  The company owns and operates 350 professional salon product and beauty supply stores throughout the United States.  Salon professionals interested in emerging product trends will want to keep their eye on Ulta to keep ahead of the curve on new and innovative products.  Be careful though, if Ulta is carrying it, the product is already mainstream and likely lost some of its salon-exclusive appeal.  The company does operate full-service salons in most of their stores so expect to find signs of emerging trends in salon services within their annual reports as well.

Sally Beauty Holdings (NYSE:SBH): Another staple of the professional salon industry is Sally Beauty Supply which was founded in 1964 and operates 3,000 beauty supply stores which sell almost 10,000 individual products.  Reading SBH's annual report will help keep your finger on the pulse of what other salon owners are buying and what products are catching ground.  The company is located in Denton, TX.

Stay up to Date on Salon Developments

If it's important to you to stay updated on the latest developments in the salon industry (which it should be if you own or are considering opening your own salon) then you may want to consider purchasing one - two shares of stock in each company.  The investment, which should be less than $100 for all three, will provide you with annual reports mailed to your home each year for you to review and consider when planning your future strategy for you salon.

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Michelle Flagg 6 years ago

This is excellent advice and makes a lot of sense. I believe the public filings you mention are available right through Yahoo. Are they are from a company called Edgar?

I am a young salon business owner and these documents are the best source of free information on the salon industry that I have ever come across. Thank you so much!

Jack Honoway 5 years ago

This is good advice. Thanks.

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