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Information products can be sold in many different formats. Some formats may not work with certain software and/or computers. This is where Zamzar comes in. Zamzar is a free tool online that lets you convert files from one format to another. You don’t need to download the software because it’s offered online.

It works pretty fast. Switch images to different formats or create PDF files. Of course like any free service online it offers a paid version as well. Zamzar is well worth the upgrade if you decide to purchase it.

Good Keywords

Keyword research is very important. Some programs people usually use such as Overture no longer exist so there has to be something that works just as well as these programs. One I know of is Good Keywords. Good Keywords is a downloadable program that helps with keyword research.

There are many features to this software to cover all your needs. It’s also very fast at delivering the results you need. Good Keywords is the software to use if you want to save time while spending no money in the process. One problem is the fact it has outdated information.

Onlywire Bookmarklet

Onlywire Bookmarklet is a free online tool that lets you submit links to 30 social bookmarking websites automatically. It also allows webmasters to place the Onlywire submit button on their website. This means if visitors like your website, they may submit links to social bookmarking websites as well. If they have an account with Onlywire, they can give you an additional 3o high quality backlinks.

The only problem that many people run into is the fact that you must register for every social bookmarking website included within this program. Afterwards, it’s a great tool to use. It literally submits your links with one click of a button.


This software is for use with the First Person Shooter Creator but can be used for other purposes. Type in a message and let the software read it out loud. There are different voices that you can choose from to read aloud your text. After you’re done, you can save these as audio files and use them for any purpose you have in mind. I used some of the audio files created using Balabolka within marketing videos.

As with any software that reads aloud text, the voice over sucks. It takes a lot of editing to make it worth using for anything. 

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