Search Engine Optimization : The Strong Internet Marketing Method

SEO is one of the strong techniqe of internet marketing.It is the most popular way of internet marketing. SEO means Search Engine Optimization.It can be divided into two types

1. On Page Search Engine Optimization

2. Off Page Search Engine Optimization

On page search engine optimization includes website submission on all search engines,create site map etc.

Off page search engine optimization means directory submission, Ad posting in classified site,backlink,social networking,social bookmarking etc.

I this article i will discuss about backlink

Backlink is very important factor to get high page rank.The most popular search engine google give much importance on quality backlink to rank a website.Off course you should follow white hat techniqe to make a quality backlink.

You should remember when making a backlink

1. You must choice relevent site

2. You must choice high page rank site

3. You must follow all the rules & regulation of the site from which you want to make backlink.

4. Do not use excessive keywords.

5. You should learn all search engines algorithms.

Choose Right Keyword :

Keyword is the most important factor of SEO.Today it is very difficult to rank top with one, two or three keyword. It is very much difficult. But you can easily boost your ranking with four, five or more keywords.


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