The Secret to Attracting More Business

Achieving Success through Gratitude

What makes some people successful while others struggle constantly? Why do certain people come immediately to mind and put a smile on your face, while others simply fade away? If this happens in your personal life, it's unfortunate. If it happens in your business, it's tragic and your business will ultimately fail.

Did you know that it's much easier (and cheaper) to keep a customer or client you already have than it is to find a new one? So why don't we work harder at keeping the ones we have?

Why Customers Leave

  • 1% Death
  • 3% Move Away
  • 5% Buy from a Friend
  • 9% Were Sold by a Competitor
  • 14% Product Price
  • 68% Perceived Indifference

Here are a few more statistics that should really hit home:

  • For every month that we don't contact or communicate with our clients & customers, we lose 10% of our influence
  • A 5% increase in customer loyalty will yield a 20%-80% increase in your bottom line profit
  • Only 3% of our mail is personal. How do you feel when you walk out to the mailbox and see a personal card or note addressed to you? Your clients/prospects are no different

Your current customers are leaving because they think you don't care about them - that all you wanted was the sale. They certainly haven’t heard from you since then, right? But it doesn't have to be that way.

Here are a few simple ways to always be the first person that your customers & clients think of when they need what you have. Regardless of the type of business you are in and whether you are looking for customers, business partners, referrals or prospects, these simple tips will help increase your business to incredible proportions.

Say "Thank You!"

Two simple words can mean a world of difference to those you deal with.  If you know you should have said "Thanks" and you didn't, it's NEVER too late.  Saying "thank you" late will mean more than never saying it at all.  Be honest:  you forgot ... you didn't realize how important it was ... you were too embarrassed ... you were an idiot.  Whatever the reason you didn't say "thanks" right away doesn't matter if you say it now.

Write Thank You Notes

It sounds old school, but a written Thank You note is one of your most important business tools.  And I mean WRITTEN, not e-mail.  I'm talking about a note you put in an envelope & stick a postage stamp on.  Some of the most successful business people today use this old-school technique. 

Remember Birthdays

Remember how great it was to open a birthday card and read the senders well-wishes?  Didn't it make you feel good?  When was the last time you sent your customers a birthday card?  Not an e-card or a generic postcard you bought in bulk and stuck a label on, but a personalized, hand written birthday card.  Send every client a birthday card - make them feel special on their special day.  This is a wonderful way to do a very simple thing that will keep you in the front of that person's mind.  While you are at it, remember anniversaries, holidays and special occasions in their lives.  Don't blow it by advertising in the card.  Don't even mention your business  - don't give them a discount or something free.  Just say, Happy Birthday.  Make the day about them ... not about you.

Go The Extra Mile

In today's busy world, everyone is concentrating on "getting" everything they are entitled to.  Very few business people go the extra mile and concentrate on "giving."  Here's an idea.  Create a newsletter where you send tips out to your customers.  Did you learn something recently that's really cool?  Let your customers know about it - even if it has nothing to do with your business.  Find an absolutely awesome service that you enjoy?  Share that with your customers.  If you send a newsletter, write a blog & send a note with information that is valuable to your customers - they will appreciate it and remember you for it.

Become "Like-able"

Once again ... what is going to make you different from every other business that offers what you do in your community? How can you stand out & be sure that when someone is looking for your service, you are the first person that comes to their mind in a positive light. In Jack Mitchell's book "Hug Your Customers," he promotes treating your customers like human beings and not walking dollar signs. Jack says, "We mainly metaphorically hug every customer by showering them with attention in a way that every business ought to, but doesn't." Turn every customer into a friend and treat them like one.


How will you know what your customer or client is looking for if you don't listen to them.  Ask questions.  Be truly interested in what they have to say.  Remember it.  Do they love dogs? Have dogs? OK, what are their dog's names?  Don't know?  Ask them - then remember what they tell you.  If you are talking face-to-face, it can be tougher to remember.  It's much easier if you are chatting with them on the phone and can jot down these important nuggets.  The more listening you do, the easier it becomes.  For most of us, this is a learned ability and we struggle with either keeping our mouths shut or coming up with questions to ask (or both)!  Being truly interested in the answers and honestly listening to what is said makes coming up with new questions much, much easier.  If you are just beginning, then start out with "What do you do for work?" and "What are your hobbies?" or "What do you do for fun?"

Give unselfishly

If you know that your customer is looking for a specific item, service or vendor - and you know someone you can recommend with confidence, do it!  If there is someone that is in your same line of work, but can handle the request better or faster, give your customer their information and explain why.  This will be remembered by your customer who will tell others how unselfish and wonderful you are.  And the other company may do the same for you.


Take your customers to lunch, go to networking events, and throw a Christmas party.  It’s ok to ask for referrals (and give referrals) while you are having fun.  But be the person that everyone enjoys being around because you are interested in them as people and in helping them.

To paraphrase a credit card company that falls in the "guilty of total indifference" column:

  • A smile and a sincere 60-second phone call once every six months: Two cents.
  • A heartfelt birthday card and a personal, hand written holiday card once a year: Three dollars.
  • An endless referral source disguised as your customer for life: Priceless.

In today's Google high-tech world we do business in, what keeps your customers & clients coming back to you time and time again will be the high-touch appreciation & personal attention they deserve.

Appreciation Wins over Self-Promotion Every Single Time! ~Kody Bateman

Who is Sande Saimond?

Sande Saimond is a self-admitted computer geek & internet marketer who enjoys helping small business owners & network marketers combine internet and real world marketing tools to retain customers, grow their business and create a huge rolodex of friends & satisfied customers.  Armed with over 25 years of hard-knock experience with computers, the internet and internet marketing, contact Sande Saimond when you are ready to take your business to the next level of appreciation.  If you are interested in learning more about a real world marketing system that can save you hours of time and thousands of dollars, visit Sande at her website,

When she doesn't have her nose buried in her computer screen, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Tony, and their two "boys," rescued greyhounds, Phantom & Archer.

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