Self-publishing my poetry

I need a wee conference peeps!

Hi readers!

 I'm looking into self publishing a collection of my poetry, which can be relatively pricey. What I'd like to know from you, my readers - is whether or not it will be worth it. For example, the book will include all my posted poems to date and quite a few exclusive ones too. If I were to publish, would you be interested in purchasing and how much would you be willing to pay for this book?

I know it may seem a little rude for me to be so blunt but I really appreciate my readers and their support and so I want to know realistically what you think. If I just break even with the books this time around then I am happy, I'm not that fussed about making a profit - but I can't afford to lose money either.

Please get back to me and let me know. The books would be available on the likes of amazon etc and maybe even in some offline book stores. This does open up a wider market, but I am more relying on the people that have been there supporting me from day one - you, which is why I really need a mini conference on this one :D Leave comment, let’s get this discussion going and if you have clicked on this hub and have not read my past work, please feel free to browse my poetry and leave feedback here or on the poems themselves. Thank you. xx

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paul f 5 years ago

love to know how u get on, u had any experience with self publishing before?

Aiysha17 profile image

Aiysha17 5 years ago from UK Author

No I haven't got any. I'm just finding out about it at the moment but I'll be keeping you posted xx

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