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Selling on E-Bay

Selling on E-Bay is a fairly easy way to make some extra money. Many of the users of E-Bay sell items to make some extra cash and a few use E-Bay to support themselves financially. There are even people that use E-Bay to sell everyday stuff they don’t want anymore, similar to an old fashioned garage sale just online. The question you need to ask yourself is; are you making what you had hoped for? How can someone make the money they dreamed of making?

In the past many people have purchased something from E-Bay and either never received the item or received an item similar to what they bought. They were scammed, the word got out, and now people are very cautious about making purchases with E-Bay. A cautious buyer will check the seller’s feedback before making a purchase. By doing this they eliminate the chance of fraud. The seller’s feedback gives them a good reputation. Another method of obtaining a good reputation is an “About Me” page. In this page feel free to explain who you are and what your business is. The option to use this page is beneficial.

After the buyer learns about the seller and their trustworthiness they will investigate the item you have for sale. If the product is reputable your biggest opportunity to make the sale comes into play. First you have to ensure that your product is being sold at a decent price. A high price will scare off any potential buyers but too low of a price will prevent you from making any profit. Simply make sure that your product is priced reasonably to eliminate this problem.

The next thing you want to do is correctly portray all items being sold. This is especially true for bundled items. If you are selling a video game console and games, take pictures of everything making sure the titles are visible. You get one free picture so make it good, you can also have more pictures but there is a fee involved. Also note any scratches or dings, and explain what comes with the console. A buyer wants to know exactly what they are purchasing before the purchase not afterward. So make sure everything is explained in explicit detail.

Photo sharing websites allow you to post additional E-Bay pictures free of charge. Close-ups are important and so is the lighting. Remember poor pictures or no pictures means you aren’t making any sales.

Finally, concluding the sale means getting paid. How are you accepting payments though? Payment methods that you accept could also impact your sales. PayPal is the preferred method of payment for E-Bay users. PayPal is probably the most popular purchasing resource because a buyer can purchase their items without disclosing account numbers. Most buyers are very aware of identity theft. If you don’t accept PayPal you’re losing business but don’t worry, setting up an account is a simple process. Not all E-Bay users use PayPal though, there are other methods of payment a seller should accept. They are checks and money orders. Be careful accepting checks though; notify your customers that the item won’t be sent until the check clears. This way you protect the buyer and yourself.

By following these tips your sales should increase right away. Also look at your auction listing and ask yourself if you would buy your item.

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Adventure Colorad 5 years ago from Denver,CO

Very interesting and well written. I'll keep these points in mind the next time I go to sell something on eBay. Voted up and useful.

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Thank you for reading and glad you enjoyed it.

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very helpful

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