Shopping Spys Inc. of Forgery

Check Fraud and Mystery Shoppers

Check Fraud and Mystery Shppers
Check Fraud and Mystery Shppers | Source

Check fraud and Shopping Spies

Shopping Spies and Check Forgery

It’s a new day and I have a feeling this Shopping Spys is a check forgery problem, I have just bought into. Yes, I was almost taken by these fine folks, I was sent in the snail mail a few weeks back an offer I could not refuse, A Secret Shopper with Shopping Spy’s Inc. out of Rochester New, York , or Ontario ,Canada, and I am letting whoever reads my blog know about this scam. The above website is still up for some reason and yes they wrote me a forged check for over 2400.00 USD to to shopping for them. I was smart, yet not too smart. Here are the details of my shopping spree.

UPADTE: 3.25.2011 The website below is inoperative now , if this was the group responsible for your issue, they had a website in Australia as well, and I do not know what the name was. But if your check comes from Australia be wary as well.....I received a letter from Shopping Spys Inc. the website was..... and it’s still open for more idiots like me. I opened the letter and a check for over 2400.00 was made out to my name and two other documents, one was a confidentiality statement and another was a shopping form to use when I went to these stores they had listed including wiring 2200.00USD to someone that was not mentioned, being smart as I am ,I knew this must be a joke yet the number worked and I told the lady on the phone from this organization, that I would open an account strictly for business with them as I did, and they would have to wait until the check cleared before I did anything. That’s no problem Christopher; we want you to feel confident you’re dealing with a great group.

Well today, after some investigating on the site, I went to the bank and told the Bank Clerk I believed I was being taken by this group after reading the FTC about check fraud, you see in check fraud the bank, even after a waiting period of 14 days can let you have the money and say the check has cleared, in retrospect, it could take months to have a check totally clear. I did not know this. I was going to wait until this check had cleared and then do as I was informed in the letter, no harm right? Wrong, when I went to the bank and told them that the above company was not listed with MSPA, an organization that is called Mystery Shoppers Professional Organization, and that the web page I went to the other night changed colors from blue to pink with the same format, when I clicked on help in the menu and then click on one of the help statements it will change to Australia,(Go check it out), I was with another Mystery .au site now. So I felt a scam going down, and the only reason I investigated this last night was I read where you actually do not get paid 250.00 a week by shopping services, there is a list with the MSPA , that list valid shopping services and jobs also are available for real, no scams.

I went to the bank and they told me, that yes I was correct the check had come back as a fraudulent check from this company. I was darn happy that it was over, because in reality, I did not know that when a check clears the bank, I figure it’s over with, apparently that is not true, you can still be held liable after the grace period in which a check is cleared as per the FTC check fraud page.

I just received this evening a copy of the check, and it says check fraud on the copy, so if you know anyone that has any dealings with this company, get out of it. I am a free American and I can tell people not to go to a site where they can be burned, why the site is still on, I have no idea. I know about scams I have been scammed many times yet this one almost got me.I just want the public to be aware that this site is still up and running, and to steer away from trying to become one of their check fraud victims.

I hope I am not in violation of terms with Hub , yet someone needs to shut these people down and if getting the word out helps, then so be it. Check Fraud is a horrible thing to do to someone, and to know it hits home, is a violation of human rights in America.

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Amber 5 years ago

THANK! You have confirmed every single one of my suspicions. I too signed up as a mystery shopper (part of being a mystery shopper is that you sign up with as many companies as possible, even the MSPA says to do this). But the problem is you get lost in the tides of the Internet and it is possible to fall prey to scams. As soon as I got the check I almost fell over when I saw the dollar amount. That was my first alarm bell. Not a single book I read ever said that money would be easy to make by being a mystery shopper. They only ever said that you could make some extra cash on the side. Anyways, I am going to notify my local bank about this so at least they have a heads up about what is going on and they can prevent any one else from becoming a victim.

tomy101 profile image

tomy101 5 years ago from Midland, Texas Author

I am so happy , that this has helped out one person now! Your no fool Amber, I thought I was also ,and I wrote this a week ago, and it's just now getting some attention, the scary thing, is that the check even though cleared, can come back to you months down the line, I read this off the FTC check fraud site, I was bummed out ,my check ended up a forgery and I wonder if the website is still up,in this article and why? if it is.God Bless you and you will prosper young lady!

Gina 5 years ago

I to almost got taken!! Thank you for posting this. I did my research before doing anything. It seemed to good to be true and it was. I don't know why this website is still up and running. I am going to report it asap!

tomy101 profile image

tomy101 5 years ago from Midland, Texas Author

Good deal, more great responses, Thank You

AJM 5 years ago

Who wants to work with a company that can't spell spies correctly anyway?

tomy101 profile image

tomy101 5 years ago from Midland, Texas Author

Well you must of checked them out,anyway.

Veltra 5 years ago

Thank you I just received the check for almost $3000 and I got on the internet to look it up and sure enough I found this blog. Thank you so much, because I was about to make a big mistake. At least there are people out there willing to help. Thank you again.

Tiny 5 years ago

I just got one of these letters too. Thanks for the great info. I don't to go thru years of bull trying to make some change.

tomy101 profile image

tomy101 5 years ago from Midland, Texas Author

Wow, Making an impact,not money but an impact on helping the good people keep their money, Great deal.This did what it was suppose to, Put Pressure on the website,and squeeze those suckers off here.

dean 5 years ago

thank you, i got a check for 2950 and the same forms, but i was wary and you confirmed my suspicions before i did anything with check! i actually looked up the bank names and called them, got no response, but one was a foundation! tried to call my contact never got back to me.

tomy101 profile image

tomy101 5 years ago from Midland, Texas Author

Well we think we are doing right and if this has helped your bank account, then God Bless

JJ 5 years ago

I put the ck in for 2950.00 my ck said it was good to go and now 2 days later they tell me my checking is over that amount and I have called Leslie Wyatt and she has not gotton back to me. Im out that money I guess or is there anything I can do? Help

tomy101 profile image

tomy101 5 years ago from Midland, Texas Author

JJ I would reference this site to the FTC check Fraud Division, and check the link out here on this page to see if this is the same company, for some reason this has been over 4 weeks since I have had this site up and no one has taken the bad guys down? I have over 130 hits on this site which is just a partial of the people finding my site, just think , there a hundreds getting ripped off.Sorry you got taken, Lots of cash, I know no way of you recouping your loss. FILE against them.

brwnsgr 5 years ago

I am so happy to have found this page. I just received a check in the amount of $2950.00 from SHOPPING SPYS INC. I told my boyfriend it didn't seem right at all. I decided to look them up today once I got to work. I am so happy that I did. You have helped me not get scammed. You are so appreciated!

J. Tecce 5 years ago

Thanks for the heads up. I got a $900 check from a guy named Vincent Peterson and am vary leery. I am debating on whether or not to shred the check. This guy is being very vague on details. Any advice would be appreciated.


tomy101 profile image

tomy101 5 years ago from Midland, Texas Author

Brnsgr good to hear that was the same amount as my check.

Mr. Tecce, your situation is different, May be the real deal, read the Shoppers List to see if they are on it read the article.

nadine 5 years ago

Hi, thank you...i avoid being scambecause of you....Leslie Wyatt was the name of the personne i talk to

and It seem ok but i was mot sure enought.the company name is

tomy101 profile image

tomy101 4 years ago from Midland, Texas Author

Wow this article has been around a year and these scum buckets are still getting away with fake shopping spys, what a trip. Author

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