Short Task- Scam

Is Short Task a Scam?

Yesterday, I came across a questionable website called,"ShortTask." The website claims to pay users for doing tasks or charges hosts for uploading tasks that need to be done for them. This article will be covering the task portion of the website.

The basic concept of the website is this. People upload tasks that need to be done and sets a reward price for whoever completes it. Once a host has verified that a someone has completed their task, they are paid. Once a solver has reached the 50 dollars, they are eligible for cashout via paypal. Although this may sound enticing, I will be explaining why one shouldn't join this website. After doing some in-depth research on the site, I found some negative feedback. One user complains of getting his account cancelled after reaching about 40 dollars. He spent about a month and a half of solving tasks, only to be scammed out of 40 bucks. Another user complains of not being credited for his tasks. He roughly completed 50 tasks but only received credit for about 5. The rules and policies of the site state that any host has the right to refuse to pay solvers. That means that no matter how well a solver completes his assigned task, there is a likelihood that he will not be credited. 

I failed to find a review that provided definitive evidence proving ShortTask to be a scam so I decided to test it out myself. Upon joining the website, I jumped right into doing tasks. While looking through the extensive list of tasks, I noticed that almost every task paid less than the amount of effort you put in per task. For example, there are hundreds of tasks asking you to write a 500 word review on a certain website or product for a measly 20 cents. At that rate, you'll be making less money than sweatshop workers in 3rd world countries. After working for a solid 2 -3 hours, I decided to wait until the next morning when my earnings and submitted task would have updated. Of the 78 tasks I completed, 70 of them were accepted! Although the ratio of accepted to declined tasks were surprisingly high, my earnings total was incredibly low. I had about $1.23 in my account, averaging at about 2 cents a task. Even if I worked at this rate everyday for a month, I still wouldn't hit payout. Right now, I'm debating whether even all the tasks combined would hit the payout! 

Although I am not sure of whether the site pays you upon reaching the $50 threshold, I am certain that it is not a site I want to spend time working on. The site can already be classified as a scam due to its horrible pay rates. If one averages at about 40 cents an hour, they can be making more money begging on the streets. The highest paying offers that I have seen on the sites are at about $1. These tasks are extremely difficult. Usually, they require you to write a review on a product or website, including specified keywords, vocabulary words, and references. The reviews then must be published on a forum or article website where it pends conformation from the host. If the host doesn't like it, well, sorry... that's an hour and a half down the drain.

The overall feel of the website is uncomfortable. The website has a basic interface which smells of cheap and the task submission process is very slow and complicated. There will always be a box to enter your username, email, and proof that you completed your task. This can be very irritating as providing evidence for your task is usually copying an entire review into the text-box.

I have noticed that this program is extremely similar to MTurk(Mechanical Turk). MTurk is a website run by where it has the same concept of ShortTask, except that it seems to be getting better reviews. There is only a $10 payout limit and the tasks pay a small fraction better. Although MTurk seems to be a legitimate version of ShortTask, I can most definitely conclude that both programs aren't worth your time. 

People are better off working at more lucrative pay sites such as Treasure Trooper. Happy Earnings!

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SJKIM1995 7 years ago Author

im glad to hear your success with shortask, however, i do feel that the site does have some major issues that need to be fixed

i find it strange that you have found 2 dollar tasks only using 15 per task because the only high paying tasks ive seen go up to about 75 cents and require a 500 word review

JPSO138 profile image

JPSO138 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines, International

Thanks for this great review about the site.

Mac Mission profile image

Mac Mission 7 years ago from bangalore

thank you very much. I joined today and i came to know this its scam thanks once again keep going it helps people like me

Mohd Ilyas 7 years ago

Its is very bad review by you. I am have been working with short task since last five months and I have been paid regularly. I have done tasks that were of $10 also. If any one of you wanted to see a payment proff then you can mail me at and I will send you the screenshot of the payment I received thru paypal.

Its really strange how people post this type of articles.

Anyways invest in good article writers who do research before posting.

Have a nice day.

honestyt4isaac profile image

honestyt4isaac 7 years ago from Planet Earth

God will surely bless you for the review, because i was about registering when i saw your Hub, God will give definitely judge them for what they are doing scammimg people with their site. I will love to tell you that you can make money online, not thinking of writing, advertising or even been worried about traffic, the only thinh you need to do is to just look how much you have earned. learn this secret at :

wandererh profile image

wandererh 7 years ago from Singapore

Hmm...interesting. Although I don't think that Short Task is a scam for sure, but the pay rates do appear rather low to be worth it. One question: Is there a rating system? Otherwise, the site can be very easily abused by people to get work done for free. :)

SJKIM1995 7 years ago Author

hi guys, thanks for all the helpful are supportive comments

@Mohd IIyas, im sorry you don't agree with my article. I might have a different experience than you seeing as though you are quite successful. However, I do ask that next time you comment on someones work, you should be more polite. I took time to write this article to help people understand how short task works. I took time to inform MY OPINIONS about it. to call my writing bad and done without research is just....shallow.

Peter 7 years ago

The best review of this site is at It is an absolute scam. I doubt that the post by Mohd above is legit. Short Task is designed to pay people to promote and advance all sites owned by A Harrison Barnes. I've looked at the site a few times and never saw a task that paid more than $3.00 and that was once. Most tasks just pay a few cents. Reaed the review at the link above.

Peter 7 years ago

The link in my post was truncated. The full link is

Koran 7 years ago

I have been going to Shorttask for a couple of days now and have seen one task for $125, one for $50, and I think a couple for $20. These tasks usually asked for the Solver to find a large amount of resumes online and send them to the Seeker but are only available for one person. The cheaper tasks ($0.20, $0.10, $0.05) usually have anywhere from 20-70 spaces available for solver, but are not worth the effort. In the few days i've been on the site I've only made $0.15 so I might give up on it.

Anchel 7 years ago

Koran-Do you remember the name of the person who requested to search for resumes? That is a very strang request and it sound like something A. Harrison Barnes would do to bulk up on his spaming.

vjsinduja profile image

vjsinduja 7 years ago from Srilanka,Colombo

I joined short task today only after reading a hub here. But now I am really confuses after reading your hub as whether it is legitimate or scam?

People who have been paid from ST, please make a payment proof and post links here. Or if u got real proof that it's scam, please do make that too available so that newbies and others won't be mislead.....

Akarsh 7 years ago

hi all

donno about what u feel but let me tell u that i hav got 42.28$ today after i redeemed them.

6666666666 7 years ago


jeak 7 years ago

Law Student Jobs

jeak 7 years ago

big scam shorttask is a big scam?i sure

Anon 7 years ago

Akarsh - How did you receive $42 after redeeming when the minimum redemption is $50? Or did Shorttask and Harrison Branes just pay you to lie?

Frustrated  7 years ago

STAY AWAY FROM SHORTTASK!!! That is unless you want to waste time doing tasks that will waste your time and push you to the limits of your patience or if you are happy locking yourself away from the world and family for weeks while trying to reach an impossible $50 payout. It's so not worth it.

I wonder how Akarsh got paid out before the $50 threshold. If Akresh is reading this and knows how to get around the $50 minimum for payout please let us know how you did it.

Regent 7 years ago

I am with ShortTask since 20 days and so far I don't see any issues with this site. You go there you find tasks and work on it if it suites to you. Also they have reduced the minimum withdraw limit to $20 now. I have just redeemed my $22.30 and I got my payment directly in my PayPal account within 24 hrs after I requested.

roezer profile image

roezer 7 years ago from Ireland

Nice hub I noticed all the Pro Short task users Don't seem to have a hub page Delete them If they are Afraid to give a true Identity I bet they are all from the same IP address. I seen this Site and all I can make of it is click fraud and people asking you to Register at other sites. Now I do not mind only getting 5 cent to Digg a page or put it on mixx because that's worth 5 cents a Digg maybe a comment but what the hell do you get for 5 cents in any country

Complaint Resolution Option 7 years ago

For anyone interested in filing more effective complaints against any of A. Harrison Barnes’s companies or interested in a potential class action lawsuit, please refer your comments to Each complaint is thoroughly reviewed by staff including attorneys specializing in class actions. A complaint form may be found at and their position on class action review may be found at Consumer Affairs is a legitimate organization that does not seek a fee from anyone who files a complaint.

Tara Walsh 7 years ago

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Tara Walsh 7 years ago

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Comments: About company:

kelvin carm 7 years ago

yes of course Short Task is SCAM my friends did not received his money yet

Swapan Dhar 7 years ago

Well, right now, the minimum payout is $10. I joined Short Task a couple of months ago but I rarely visit the site to complete tasks. Let's see if they pay once I earn $10.

One thing I agree is that both Mturk and Short Task rates are very very low.

FTC Watch 7 years ago

People who earn cash through ShortTask by receiving payment will now be required to disclose that they have been paid to post positive comments about companies (particularly those owned by A. Harrison Barnes such as Employmentcrossing, Lawcrosing and Hound) or face up to an $11,000 fine per violation. This according to an FTC ruling that deems such activities as endorsements and considers a failue to disclose payments as consumer fraud and deception.

manhan profile image

manhan 7 years ago from Hungary (Budapest)

I received my payment from amount of $13 staright to my paypal account two days ago. has reduced their payment threshold to $10.

mitch 7 years ago

hi. i finished 2 tasks with shorttask worth $25.. after 4 days i received my earnings. but, (this is the scam part) when i transferred my money to my paypal account,payment never reflected!!! i waited for days, still no payment has been transferred to my paypal!!!

mitch 7 years ago

hi. i finished 2 tasks with shorttask worth $25.. after 4 days i received my earnings. but, (this is the scam part) when i transferred my money to my paypal account,payment never reflected!!! i waited for days, still no payment has been transferred to my paypal!!!

AntiScammer 7 years ago

Here is why you didn't get paid. Shorttask's Participation Agreement says: "We reserve the right to terminate or suspend any Escrow Account, or to delay the availability of any Prepaid TASKs, transfer or disbursement of any amounts, in each case for any reason in our sole discretion."

Translation - Shorttask may or may not pay you at our sole discretion. What a crock!

Jimmy B 7 years ago

Hi all, Short task is not a scam. It is not worth it for those of us that live in the civilized world but there are tasks on there that pay a few dollars but it is usually not worth it for most of us to do.

Most of the people that work on short task live in the Philippines or in India. If you are a middle class person in the Philippines you will make about 5000 pesos a month. at the current rate that is about $150.00 US dollars. You won't live like a king but you will have a roof over your head, food and running water. To them, this is a valuable service.

I set up subscription web sites and I have used short task successfully. I usually ask 5 or 6 people to go to a website, click a banner and sign up. the proof is the success page URL. this takes about 1 or 2 minutes and I usually pay 25 to 50 cents. this is enough for me to tell if it is working.

Frankly, I think it is a win win. I know I am not paying a lot but to the people in 3rd world countries, I am paying a lot. the 13 peso that person in the Philippines earned from me for a few minutes work just bought them a loaf of bread.

It may not be worth it to YOU but believe me, if the site is still running (and it is) then the jobs are worth it to someone.

Insight 7 years ago

To Jimmy B - I think a lot of the issues that people have with Shorttask is that it is mostly used by Harrison Barnes to bolster his other weak companies with false paid-for statements about how great his companies are while the rest of the word on the street is that his companies are atrocities. If you and a few others can piggy-back and get some legitimate benefit then that is great. It just seems like the real purpose of the company is to promote false marketing and that is something that people shoul dunderstand.

Kind Regards profile image

Kind Regards 7 years ago from Missouri Ozarks - Table Rock Lake

SJKIM1995, thank you for your hub. I've been a Turker for awhile and know that it is reputable and reliable. was created by someone who got banned from Mechanical Turk for violating its policies. When I discovered, I was suspicious because it's a complete rip-off of MTurk's design. No reputable company would copy cat another website's layout. I recommend everyone go to Mechanical Turk for work of this nature. It is true that the pay can be low, but for transcription and well-paying academic studies, it's not hard to pull in over $100 a month, plus it's fun. Kind Regards

Eve 7 years ago


Hi, thanks for the review.. I was thinking of researching first about short task so I could recommend it to my readers since my blog is all about earning online. You just saved me a lot of time. =)


I'm pretty sure you didn't mean to insult anyone from the Philippines, but let me tell you just did! I live in the Philippines and people that belong to the middle class won't survive for just 5000 pesos or $150!!! I find that too insulting. That kind of amount is just for paying up a rent, a small space to be specific. Unless you are referring to people who belong to class D or lower.

So before you keep insisting that people from my country is somewhat thankful already for the very very low pay rate that you suggest.. I'm sorry but $150 won't provide any of us here in my country with proper shelter, food and water for that amount.

I think the real problem here, is with people who abuse other people who live in 3rd world countries. We may not live in the US or other well-developed countries, but that doesn't mean we are under qualified to do tasks properly and efficiently. A lot of people take advantage of others who are desperately looking for ways to earn. What a shame!!

Anyway, I'm not even sure where the heck you live, I'm even guessing you're from the same country as mine cause you keep calculating things in pesos!!?!?! It doesn't matter really, just want to clear things up for my fellow countrymen.. so others won't think that paying us cents is already great for us. We are very hard workers and we also deserve to be paid rightly.


Manju 7 years ago

Thank you for the information about SHORT TASK. I think many people will be benefited from this.

BerryP 7 years ago

It is no secret that Shorttask was set up by A. Harrison Barnes primarily to entice impoverished people to complete work at sweat shop wages that Barnes is unwilling to assign to legitimately paid employees. It is likely that JimmyB is either Barnes or someone working on his behalf to justify this charade. Not only is Barnes an inept social goof who can't go an hour without insulting someone, he is a total hypocrite and basic a-hole. The sewer-slimeball Barnes has the nerve to try to show that his beloved Shorttask is actually a gift to the hungry people of the world while boasting every day that he knows how employees can be successful based on his own experience running companies. No wonder why so many people talk about how pretentious and unethical he is.

vishnu 7 years ago

hey that not good, writing abt a site that's paying!

i got paid thrice in a month each of $15.

the payment processed in 24hrs.

short task it's a legit one.

akhil 7 years ago

Thanks for this great review about the site.

Masdin 6 years ago

For me ShortTask is not scam. I have received three payments to my paypal for the jobs I have done. The payout limit now only $10. I have earned more than $30 with ShortTask and I have requested for withdrawal three times. I think nothing indicates this site is scam.

Shalanda 6 years ago

I have a short task account I was referred to the site by rat race rebellion which has a pretty good record of providing legitimate online jobs (I saw them on 20/20). The thing about online work is that it does not pay much depending on what you do and experience. For those who complain about ST pay I also have an Amazon Turk account and they pay just about the same to do the same type of tasks. With all due respect, why should someone pay you over a dollar to take 10 seconds out of your time to bookmark a site? most of the tasks are of this nature. FYI Short Task has lowered minimum withdrawal amount to 10$ I haven't earned enough to withdraw yet but then again I joined this site to make a little pocket change. If I don't get the money It's no sweat off my back because I am a member of other sites that I know for sure that do pay.

SANJEET 6 years ago

i m very upset with this review, i was working for this site for the last month or so, i just used to spend only 15-20 minutes with this daily, i too was curious whether it it is legit or scam, i just reached my payout limit which now is just 10$, i ordered the money to be transferred to my paypal account and waited............. today i just saw that my account is credited 10$ which is just amazing................... i bet it is a legit website unless they are cheating me along with paypal, which i think is not, if you want some further info regarding this website, plz email me at:


mack 6 years ago

im very much confused from the articles given above.some are saying that shorttask is a scam and some are saying that they got paid.please can anyone say me which is true.

please give ur reply at

Simona 6 years ago

Hello, I've long heard about shorttask as scam, there are many other opportunities for work at home tips.You may visist my blog, I posted there only trusted sites.

frustrated 6 years ago

how do i delete my account with them?

Srikar 6 years ago

Very nice post indeed,mate.

You are did an awesome job.

If you people want to learn more on how to make money online, visit this site:

christine 6 years ago

Thanks for saving me the trouble!

Zero-lun 6 years ago

thanks for your post.. its really weird why wait 50$ just to withdrawn you hard work XD

anyway do you really need a paypal account just to withdraw your money?

Shailesh Tripathi 6 years ago

I don't think it is scam. Find more on the site

L.B. Stotch 6 years ago

I'm unemployed, and Mechanical Turk is a nice way to make a little extra money for gas while I hunt for a job. It's not worth the time you put into it per hour, but if you're broke it can keep your head above water. As for Short Task, I was about to sign up until I read this article. A $50 payout limit? Hell No!

pp 6 years ago is not a scam, ive received a total of $100 USD from 2 TASKS.

All i do is aim for the high paid tasks, those round 30-70 and the highest one, that im working on is of $200 USD.

It has paid me one time of 100 USD, the other will be of 200 USD ;)

chellay 6 years ago

I am about to start working on this site...i do not know if i am going to continue..can anyone give me a site that i can make sure that it is not a scam.?this is my e mail add.

Amit 6 years ago

I got money after 25 days is late but finally I got it is not a scam site..

Akarsh 6 years ago

i said long back that i got the money, no1 believed. i got 42$ at once.. my withdrawal limit was lessend to 20$. i got a mail about this and i withdrew the amount to my paypal.

Rose 6 years ago

I really have to agree with you! The amount that people are offering to pay is so, so small - yet some people will be desparate enough to accept the tasks. I am a member of it and I noticed that they lowered their payout threshold to $10 but I still haven't made anything yet.

batman 5 years ago

It has paid me 10 $ and i have made 10 again.And rates are low but i m currently doing a task of 15$ which is the maximum i saw on shorttask.Its not a scam.if you have to work on it then you must know how to work.

one major attention-a seeker whose name starts from c he gives a task of 3$ and his task is related to easyhitsforu site don't accept his task he never pays.Its a warning

i have done his task 2 times worth 6$ he didn't paid a single time

Thank you all.

opu99 5 years ago

Very bad article.I work from 10 month and i am very glad to shorttask.Its pay me regularly and payment limit only 10$.Every month I payout from this site.This site so excellent site.I like this site so much.

Moses Jones 5 years ago

I am going to try this site. I have heard bad things about it but then that was a while ago. This article was written a while ago. Things may have changed. I have just gotten canned from Mturk for no reason and Shorttask is the only site I" could find that is remotely like Mturk. Every other one of these sites is just sign ups.

nithin 5 years ago

hi friends , iam working on this site from past 1 month and i couldn't make enough money. i don't want to waste my time and i need help from u guys ,please let me know if any one know good online website for good earning please mail me at don't forget friends.

driverfor 5 years ago

Do you have 2011 payment proof from ShortTask if yes please post I want to see...

driverfor 5 years ago

Do you have 2011 payment proof from ShortTask if yes please post I want to see...

Ruben 5 years ago

Hi, i just received my first payment in Shorttask , and it is not SCAM, they are paying. I just waited for one week to get paid of me and today i just happy to see my accounts that i been paid . Thanks to shorttask.

Ruben 5 years ago

Hi, i just received my first payment in Shorttask , and it is not SCAM, they are paying. I just waited for one week to get paid of me and today i just happy to see my accounts that i been paid . Thanks to shorttask.

Megan 5 years ago

I just signed up for Shorttask so I am not sure if it is a good site or not...but I joined Mturk about 2 weeks ago and can say that they DO pay. I made $60 in a week and transferred it into my bank account with no problems. The most I made in one day was $30 for doing 20 tasks. Most of the tasks don't pay much, but I came across some that were easy and were paying $5 a piece.

shannon 5 years ago

Hi, just came across this site, lots of good info :) I just wanted to say I have recently started at Shorttask myself, maybe a day or two in. I have made very little with the few tasks I have tried so far, but I was offered a side job from one of the Seekers that I completed a task for. He sent me private emails with 4 tasks on it and asked for my paypal email and I have submitted the first task and he said everything was correct. I just wondering if anyone else had those offers along with the other tasks at shorttask? i do beleive it said something about if you did something well soemtimes the Seeker would offer you something ( sort of like a bonus). Just nice to see different point of views and I appreciate both sides of them greatly. If anyone has any info for me that would be great! take care!


Nicole 5 years ago

Hi Short task is a scam. I did a task for them three weeks ago and have yet to be paid. Sticking to Mturk. When i emailed them and asked them about it i got a email back stating that they cannot tell me exactly when i would get paid because the seeker has to match my answers against other solvers to see if they are correct. That is not going to work for me, i am used to getting paid the next day through mturk. That is like working for an employer and them telling you they don't know when they can pay you because the have to make sure all the other employees are doing their job correctly.

Ruben  5 years ago

Oh.. my friend.. i opposed to tell you that.. shorttask is great. They are paying for the simple task we are doing, Ok.. I got paid for two consecutives already both $10. I just waited for 3-4 days before i got the payments. Please be patient if you want to know. ok...

hw5656 5 years ago

It's not a scam, but it is the world's worst website - just so badly designed from the seeker's point of view. really annoying website, stay away!!!

Ruben 5 years ago

What is wrong with shorttask now, there is popads manager came out... i cannot view the task.. and even finish a single task... huhuhu.. hope you can resolve this problem

SephGrave 5 years ago

I feel that they have become a scam in the recent months, I have been waiting for my payment for over 2 months, they say they are having issues with India but I am from the US, I have wrote to them on several occasions and have not received a reply back yet.

Marcin 5 years ago

Hey SephGrave.I have been waiting for filling the oldest withrawal order for 1,5 months. However the support replied and explain that they have technical problems with Paypal and that they will fix it soon. I think it may be true becasuse Paypal is known for freezing accounts for some time without serious reasons. Earler I was paid several times without any problems.Hope that I will get paid finally. But the concern is still remaining.

Joseph 5 years ago

They are a scam I have been with them before and went to cash out $20.00 and have yet to receive my payment two months later, never knew paypal took so long.

OMG BAD 5 years ago


Grrrrr ShortTask 4 years ago

I wish I would have read this post before I signed up. They have now conned me like the rest. Guess that's cash I earned and will never see.

Geound 4 years ago

Thanx for the review. Thought of getting into both of the sites but judged it as useless after reviewing the payouts...

John 4 years ago

I am a seeker in Shorttask, and I must say it is A SCAM!!! Twice I made a transaction of $20 to the shortask and it did not appear in my account balance,, no doubt it is a scam

brian 4 years ago

Used short task as employer(seeker). Every time I posted a task, EVERY slot was filled by the same worker. Despite guidleines that say one task per solver (worker) (different name every time)

They then charge a campaign fee to rerun campaign till you run out of $. No amswer from emails or phone call.

iks 4 years ago

there is another website called Solving Tasks which is way better than shorttasks and other link:

rokib23 4 years ago

thanks bro.. :)

Hatein Short Task 4 years ago

Their theifs never expect to get paid. All they do is lie and steal.

SephGrave 4 years ago

Been one year today and still never seen the payment.

MortReorn 3 years ago

Best of the Best!



dlfreelance profile image

dlfreelance 3 years ago

I just started seeking out Turk sites and I am happy to have found this article here. I am a member of short task and the first task I did lacked an input box for the url proof required.

~Task : Vote in a Poll

~Seeker : Josh Lucas

So, as a result there I lost credibility on my first task. I agree about the feeling you mentioned, especially with a lack of "report broken" or similar button to let admins know of broken tasks.

I'll stick it out for now and maybe I will update a little later.

Sonya 3 years ago

Guys don't waste your time with short task I've found a legit way to make money from home. My first day I made $250.

Brian 2 years ago

Shorttask!!!!! Short pay and longer wait till the employer pays you for the task, if at all. Then you have Sonya above me, telling everyone how she makes a million dollars in a day. {yeah right} A few times on shorttask I got fed up with my tasks being rejected so I just sent some foul words in the proof box and submitted. Lol!!! I could'nt believe it but my work was approved!!! That site is nothing but a sham. I have $4 and change on there so far. Hopefully I can get $10 by next year and cash out and never go back there. The best thing about shorttask is if a seeker rejects your work. (knowing for sure your not wrong on your answer) I like to load all there nonsense scam work with bull***t and send that to them. No penalties for bad work over there. Incase someone has a gripe, I'm not new to the micro sites and feel someone should be paid for their time unless they are undoubtedly wrong on their proof.

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