Signals of JOB Burnout and Easy Prevention Skills

Signals of JOB Burnout and Easy Prevention Skills

The signals of Job Burnout and the skills to Easy Prevention can save your job.

You are at work. You normally do and excellent job today however you "just don't feel like it."

Take a Break.  You need to look at yourself for a moment.

When you "don't feel like it" something very serious is happening

 that can cause you a ton of emotional and employment stress. You might actually be in a spot where how you handle your clients will be put in jeopardy. When you are working how you feel affects everything.

Perhaps you handle most of the complaints, maybe you don't get enough recognition or maybe just that one client pushed you to the breaking point by making you feel like every thing you did for them before didn't matter at all.

There are a variety of triggers but know this, Job Burnout is not instant. Its accumulative.

Check yourself, and be honest ~

  •  Are you talking less with co workers?
  • Is your energy level down?
  • Is your production faltering?
  • Have you been late recently and more often?
  • How are you sleeping? Too little too much?
  • Are you gaining or losing weight?
  • Worried about health?
  • Are you not showing interest in the world around you?
  • How is your concentration?
  • What has your Temper been like? Normal or short?
  • Are you resentful of other peoples joy?
  • Are you complaining more?
  • Are you using "artificial Stimulants" like maybe hitting the local happy hour more? More coffee? More candy?

Yep, that is Job Burnout! Don't feel worse, be happy

that you are reading this and have the opportunity to help yourself with some simple preventions that can turn the tables around. What you are experiencing is a common problem, all of us at some point go through this so there is nothing wrong with you and its a problem we can solve.

Things that you can do to Extinguish the Burnout~

  • Exercise. Not anyones favorite but a walk daily will open you up to the world and put good oxygen in your blood.
  • Make sure that your efforts are recognized. Stand up for your work.
  • Ask for what you want instead of waiting for people to figure it out.
  • Create daily to do lists that are achievable but challenging enough to stimulate you.
  • Speak your mind but do it professionally and with skill.
  • Avoid complaining. Its negative and serves no purpose.
  • Instead of complaining, find ways to turn it into a benefit. How can you prevent that situation again by working differently?
  • Do things that you enjoy and make sure that every day YOu have time for YOU.


By taking these steps you will Feel Better not only at work but in life!

How you feel is important and should never be back burnered for anyone or anything.

If you don't take care of you who will?

Once you implement these skills you will see and increase not only in your energy but your production as well.

Doing a job well means taking care of yourself first because if you don't feel like doing it, you wont do it well. That is not something that you want to feel, and its not something that you want on your job record.

Success always begins with you.

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