Some Silly Mistakes that Internet Marketers Make

You might not get penalized for these errors but it is important to avoid these little things for better rankings.

Having 404 Errors

Avoid them! 404 or page not found error can hurt your rankings. If you delete a page from your website, make sure you remove at least all the backlinks towards it from within the site. Also remove backlinks from other websites if you can and in case you can't remove them, make sure that you have some customized error page there. You can write just anything on this error page for example:

"This page has been removed, please visit our home page"


You will most likely never see a website full of plagiarized content ranking first in SERPs, especially for competitive keywords. Write original and useful content. Engage your readers as time spent on a page is also one of the ranking factors.

Pinging Your New Blog Repeatedly

Although pinging seems like a good service, but I found pinging harmful for new blogs and pages. I have seen them totally disappearing from SERPS after being pinged. This was my personal experience and I can be wrong here, but wanted to share this bit as a caution. Please correct me if you feel otherwise.

HTML Errors

This is also one of my personal experiences. A website that I designed myself won't rank anywhere good in Google, then I removed some HTML errors and I believe doing this was one of the other factors that helped it ranking high for competitive terms.

To learn some easy ways of getting free backlinks, read my article: Get Backlinks Free. You can also find answers to some basic backlinking questions at Backlinks FAQs.

Making Automated Backlinks For New Blogs

Automation to a certain extent and with some care is alright when it comes to backlinks. There are many good automated/semi-automated backlinking tools that I may discuss in anothor hub. However, it is not a good idea to get such backlinks for a few days old websites and blogs.

Excessive Link Exchange

There is nothing wrong with three way link exchange and even a little two way link exchange might also not harm you; but excessive two way link exchange can easily get you penalized by search engines.

Messing With Page URLs

Those who are new to internet marketing often make this mistake. They don't know the way this practice can harm your blog. I have seen newbies asking on forums that how can they change URLs of their articles/hubs. I will strongly recommend avoiding this practice.

So, if you have avoided these mistakes and have done some keyword research and SEO, your website/blog is going rank high in SERPs.

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Comments 11 comments

nms profile image

nms 6 years ago from Cochin

marketers claim that they are experts but they do make these silly mistakes....

Specialk3749 profile image

Specialk3749 6 years ago from Michigan

Thanks for the great tips!

profile image

Whikat 6 years ago

Thanks for these tips. I did not know that changing the Urls was a no-no. That explains a lot with my hubs. I was wondering, if we are not to change them to make them more search engine friendlier and keyword friendlier, that what should we do?

profile image

Whikat 6 years ago

I had another question too. Without trying to sound self promotional, I will try to use an example from my own experience. Over a year ago I posted a hub which included the word "plasma" in the title. My meaning was plasma in blood not plasma Tv's.

After reviewing my bounce rates, I changed my title to reflect my hub more accurately to the effect of plasma in the blood. Why does Google penalize for trying to be more accurate with the traffic?

Please go ahead and delete this comment if I seem to be self promotional, but an all honesty I am just confused about the URL thing.

Ultimate Hubber profile image

Ultimate Hubber 6 years ago Author

Whikat, I understand your question and you are not being self promotional at all.

Now I was talking about changing the URLs, not the titles. URL is the web address of a page for instance URL of this hub is: ''.

Change titles whenever necessary but avoid changing the URLs. :)

Ultimate Hubber profile image

Ultimate Hubber 6 years ago Author

Nms, I am sure the professional ones won't make these mistakes. Thanks for stopping by.

Special, glad you commented!

profile image

Whikat 6 years ago

Thanks Ultimate Hubber, I feel better now :)

I appreciate the advice and tips and will use them.

Ultimate Hubber profile image

Ultimate Hubber 6 years ago Author

Good to hear that! :)

creativelycc profile image

creativelycc 6 years ago from Maine

Very good advice, I've seen those 404 errors on a certain site and they are very annoying. Thank you

Ultimate Hubber profile image

Ultimate Hubber 6 years ago Author

Flash websites that take a lot of time to load are also very annoying.

ContriveIT profile image

ContriveIT 3 years ago from Metairie, LA.

any advice on how to go about forcing webmasters to remove backlinks? I fell into this mistake awhile back and now when I go to these corny sites who have my backlink on them and ask them to remove it, I get no reply.

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