Simple Amazon Ad Rotator : How To Rotate Amazon Affiliate Banner Ads Using ContextWeb Ad Exchange


The Need For Amazon Ad Rotator

For my blogspot blog, I was looking for a solution to rotate Amazon affiliate marketing ads. I wanted this so that I can use just one ad place to display all Amazon affiliate ads. This way I wanted to display as many Amazon ads possible without consuming lot of ad space on my blog.

I searched on Google and found that there are Amazon ad rotator solutions but those need php or are designed to work with Wordpress only. I was looking for something which is simple and can be used without doing php programming. This is required because there are only limited things possible with blogspot blog. But unfortunately I did not find any decent solution for rotating Amazon ads on my blogspot blog.

Then one fine day I came to know about ContextWeb and found that It is possible to rotate Amazon ads using ContextWeb ad exchange solution. Because many people may be looking for a solution to rotate Amazon ads, I thought of sharing this knowledge with all by writing this hub.

Using ContextWeb For Rotating Amazon Ads - Step By Step

After you register for ContextWeb and logs in to ContextWeb then click the tab "New Ad Tag Group". Here you would see the interface as shown below, for creating new ad tag group.

Creating New Ad Tag Group
Creating New Ad Tag Group

Using this interface you are going to create a new ad tag group and also first ad tag for this group. Ad tag group can hold one or more ad tags.

Fill the following information on this form for creating group and first tag:

  • Ad Tag Group Name : This would be the name of your ad tag group
  • Ad Tag Name : This is the name of the ad tag which we are creating for this group
  • Ask Price : This is the price in CPM that you want to charge to ConextWeb for placing ads in this ad tag
  • Ad Tag Size : Select the Banner size that you want to use

There is one added advantage for using ConextWeb for rotating Amazon affiliate ads. ContextWeb serve it's own ads in this ad tag and pay you for that. When ContextWeb can not serve the add at your specified rate then it would display backup ads that we are going to set shortly.

Once you fill all the fields explained in above form then click "Next" button at right hand bottom corner of the form. This would take you to the next form which is shown below.

Creating And Assigning Backup Tags

This form helps you to create backup tags and assign those back up tags to given ad tag.

Assigning Backup Tags
Assigning Backup Tags

Here you have to create backup tags for your Amazon affiliate ads and assign those backup tags to your ad tag. Click "Provide Backup Tag" button for creating new backup tag for your Amazon affiliate ad. This would display "Provide Backup Tag" pop up which is shown below.

Provide Backup Tag Code
Provide Backup Tag Code

Fill the following information on this form for creating backup tag:

  • Backup Tag Name : This is the name of your backup tag and is used while assigning backup tag to ad tag. We will see steps for assigning backup tags shortly
  • Enter your backup ad code : Here you have to enter the html code of your Amazon affiliate ad. You can get this html code from Associates site
  • Revenue Info (select an option) : Do not modify anything for this field. Jut keep default value "eCPM data"
  • Enter your eCMP data : This is the eCPM/day that you would earn from your backup tag. ContextWeb tries to beat this price in order to display it's own ads in the ad tag

Now click "Next" button at right hand bottom corner of the pop up window to move to next step, that is backup tag approval.

Approve Backup Tag
Approve Backup Tag

Here you can see the preview of your Amazon affiliate ad. If you had entered the proper Amazon affiliate ad code then you should see the preview of your ad here. If you see the proper preview as shown in above screenshot then click "Approve" button at right hand bottom corner of the pop up window.

Create as many backup tags as there are Amazon affiliate ads that you want to rotate. Once you finish creating all the backup tags then you can start assigning backup tags using "Provide Your Backup Tags" form as shown below.

Assigning Backup Tags
Assigning Backup Tags

Select one of the Amazon backup tag from drop down list as shown in screenshot above and click "Assign Backup Tag" button. You would see the list of assigned backup tags in right hand box which is titled "Active Backup Tags for Ad Tag#12". You may see a different number in title instead of "12".

Setting Ad Rotation Frequency

Once you assign all the Amazon affiliate backup ad tags then you can go for setting the percentage rotation for each backup ad tag. Click "Set Tag Rotation" button at the bottom of the window. This would display the following pop up window.

Setting Backup Tag Rotation
Setting Backup Tag Rotation

Here you can enter the percentage value for each backup ad tag. More the percentage, more frequently that ad would be displayed. Using this functionality you can decide which Amazon ad you want to display more frequently and which one you want to display less frequently. Percentage of all tags must be sum-up to 100%. Once you finished with entering the percentage then click "Save" button at right hand bottom corner of this window. You would come back to "Provide Your Backup Tags" window.

Getting And Using Your Ad Tag Code

Now click "Next" button at right hand bottom corner of "Provide Your Backup Tags" window to move to next window that is "Get Your Ad Tags". Here you can find the code of your Ad tag in a text box titled "Install this tag on any approved domain in your CONTEXTWEB account". Copy the code from the text box and paste in HTML widget on your blogspot blog. You can paste it in your non blogspot blogs or other website as well, provided you have got it approved from ContextWeb.

Sample Implementation Of This Ad Rotation Solution

You can see this simple Amazon ad rotation solution in action at my blog "Best Apps For Android". If you are visiting my blog from US then there is possibility that you may not see the Amazon affiliate ad because ContextWeb may have served it's own ad when you are visiting. If you are visiting from outside US then you would definitely see Amazon ad on my blog and you would see how ad changes on every page view.

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