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Social Media Marketing

Social Media and Search Engine Optimization
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What Social Media Marketing Means

Having a business these days, you might be very curious to know what all the fuss is about with social media. It’s a relative newcomer to the business world. As far as you are concerned, perhaps electronic communications are better left to the young folks. High school and college students and young entrepreneurs seem to find a fascination with it that you don’t understand.

It’s not for kids anymore. Approximately 90% of all business to business advertising and marketing worldwide is now done with one form of social media or another. Traditional marketing methods are still being used, but are quickly being replaced with this new phenomenon called social media.

First, understand that it encompasses anything that facilitates electronic communications. Some examples are Twitter, Facebook, and Bing. If you are not familiar with these, sign up for a personal Facebook page to explore the site and you’ll see how powerful it could be when used appropriately.

The marketing aspect is conducted very much like a traditional ad campaign as far as looking for your target market. You can find potential clients right there on social media sites.

The way it works is for you to communicate with someone who has many followers or ‘friends’ and get them to mention one of your products. When they post an entry about your product, they can add a link or a picture or video of it for better results. The idea is that if that person has 100 ‘friends’ who will see it, some of them might post it on their sites, too, and so on. It’s an exponential way to spread the word about your business.

It is free to use social media in theory. In reality it may cost you something in the way of your time and also the people it will take to monitor your pages. Monitoring is very important because you’ll want to respond right away to inquiries, comments, and complaints. You will be building up a nice network of businesses and people, who also each have many people who will see your posts.

This is how you can receive free publicity, or virtually free, for your products or services. It’s somewhat slow and steady. You’ll be building a network of targets for your future marketing campaigns. Experts are available for hire to help you with your specific keywords and presentations to make them most effective.

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