Singapore Fashion And Lifestyle E-zines – A Must Read For The Fashion Forward

Singapore has some of the hottest and most happening fashion and lifestyle online magazines in the world. The e-zines covers all latest and hottest trends to hit the city instantly, bringing style worshippers their daily dose of fashion news and views.

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Complete Fashion and Lifestyle Coverage

The online magazines cover all of Singapore’s fashion and lifestyle news including product launches, store openings, style reviews, interviews with fashionable celebrities, and much more. Site content includes the following.

  • What’s hot and what’s not on the Singapore fashion scene as well as in the global fashion arena: Get the latest, most reliable style updates on hot and happening couture trends. Planning to get a new hair cut and wondering whether the fringe is in? Wondering where to find the coolest jeans? Looking for quirky boutique or ultramodern designers? These fashion blogs and e-zines ensure fashion faux pas are a thing of the past. These bring you the latest updates on fashion and style trends that are taking the runway and the fashion world by storm.
  • The coolest gadgets and accessories: iPods, eBook readers, tablets, smartphones … the list of must-have accessories just seems to grow longer with each passing year. With all the new models and products being launched into the market, even the most tech-savvy users may get confused by all the choices. Singapore’s technophile lifestyle magazines writers and editors take the stress and confusion out of the decision-making process; bringing you expert news, sneak previews, and comprehensive and trustworthy independent reviews on the latest must-have gadgets on the market.
  • Get the latest celebrity gossip and pictures: Find out who’s in and who’s out of the hottest celebrity lists. Read interviews of the most happening celebrities, including in-depth looks into their take on fashion and style. Get the hottest looks from red carpet photos and magazine photo shoots. Don’t forget to read all about who’s dating who, as well as the inside stories on the most tweeted breakups.

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Where to Find the Best Fashion and Lifestyle E-Zines

Singapore’s thriving style scene is aptly and enthusiastically represented by its trendy and fashion-forward bloggers and style reporters. There are literally dozens of online magazines covering lifestyle and fashion news on the net. So much so that choosing one for your needs can be tough.

You can start by checking out online fashion and lifestyle magazine WardrobetrendsandFashion.Com (aka WTF). The e-zine covers every single aspect of Singapore’s fashion and lifestyle scene including celebrities, cool fashion photography, happening fashion bloggers, style trends, hot gossip, and more. Follow them on Twitter at @WTFSG or like their Facebook page WardrobeTrendsFashion for the latest and hottest style news and views.

To conclude, Singapore is one of the hottest new fashion destinations on the map. Global style trends tend to find a huge and receptive audience in the city in addition to the area’s thriving indigenous fashion and couture industry. The various style and lifestyle blogs give you a unique insight into this vibrant and fun fashion scene, making them fascinating cultural statements as well as an excellent source of the latest fashion and lifestyle trends.

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jpcmc 3 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines Level 1 Commenter

Singapore is truly ahead when it comes to fashion trends. But what great is that here, Asian and western styles mix.

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