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What is that all about?

Do you have friends or family abroad? Do you need to go somewhere but you can't seem to leave since you've got job that you can't leave? Are you planning to set up a business and wanted to expand it in major areas around the world? Everything is set up and well planned but one thing for sure is preventing you to do that. What is it then? Communication!

Yes, it is communication. This indeed plays a big part or role in everyone's lives, be it at home, school or at work. Without it everything seems dull and boring moment since you've got nothing to talk too when you're alone around the four corners of your home sweet home. As the famous cliche says, "No man is an island." With communication, issues and problems will be sorted out. It is just one call away, and everything will gonna be alright. When at work, communications plays an enormous role in business. Of course, it is one way as to how businesses conducts their plans and contract dealings. Without it, it will be crippled for lack of source of fuel to make the machine to work. What if one day, you needed to go somewhere and an emergency occur but your team can't seem to contact you since you are travelling abroad. It sucks then! What's we should do then under this situation? Is there any solution for this problem?

Well, of course there is! We just need to think, think and think for an alternative solution for every problem. Is there any way that someone might be able to reach you anytime or anywhere wherever you are? YES, there is. This is where Skype's product or services comes handy and makes our lives much easier. The best solution is Skype's Online number.

What is Skype's Online number then?

A Skype Online number acts like a local landline number but the only difference is that this number is issued by Skype to all its interested subscribers. This allows your friends, collegues or family to contact you anytime or anywhere in the world as long as you have it. All they have to do is contact you by just dialling the Online number you've purchased via landline or mobile number and you can answer it via your Skype account. What good with this Online number is that this will allow your contacts to contact you without paying for high international rates since they are paying you at local rates.

How can it be then? For example, you've purchase an Online number in the United States. This Online number in the United States allows your contacts in the United States to call you via landline or mobile phone in the United States at local phone rates. The call will be directed to your Skype account and you may answer it through your Skype account. This product is perfect when you need to go abroad and you can't seem to leave your contacts without any mode of communication to reach you. This is how Skype's Online number plays a big role. You are reachable anywhere you may go.

Is there a limitation for this? Yes, there is since not all locations in the world are covered by this amazing product of Skype.

Can I make an outgoing call using this Online number? No, since an Online number is just a number nothing else. Should you wish to make an outgoing calls using Skype, you will need to purchase another product of Skype for that.

Can I have many Online numbers for the locations that I wanted? Yes, you can as long as the Online number you wanted to buy is available in Skype. It means that I can have an Online number in US for my contacts in US, an Online number in Canada for contacts in Canada, an Online number in Hong Kong for contacts in Hong Kong, an Online number in Japan for contacts in Japan. Absolutely, you may have but there is a certain number of Online number that you may have.

What are the different locations that I can buy it? It is only available in: Australia, Chile, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malta, Mexico, Neatherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States.

To know more how amazing this product is, visit Skype's website or contact their customer service.

How Skype's Online Number Works?

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