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Small Business Bookkeeping Services

The most important part of running a successful business is keeping the accounts, payrolls, taxes, and other financial transactions in order. This process is known as bookkeeping and is usually done by accountants or people known as bookkeepers. Despite the importance of bookkeeping, small businesses often neglect it due to the time and efforts it takes up. Most business owners would rather be out generating new sales rather than sitting in the office and recording transactions. For this purpose small business are finding it increasingly economical to outsource their accounting and bookkeeping needs. So if you think that you have good mathematical skills and proficiency with some of the software used for this, you could actually start your own bookkeeping service company.

Accounting can be complicated at times and while doing it you should have an extensive background in accounting, as well as more than just a general understanding of the latest accounting systems.

Bookkeeping for Small Business

You could start your own bookkeeping service company from your home because it can be started at anytime of the year and the work can be done anytime during the day or night. It can even be done in a part-time basis. Per client you can easily charge up to $300 if you are working part-time. Thus, for just three or four Saturdays you will be earning over $1,000 per month. However, most of the huge organizations usually outsource their work to service providers that have membership with major bookkeeping organizations such as the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers, National Bookkeepers Association, and American Association of Daily Money Managers. But to begin with you can start your search for the client through your friends, relatives, neighbors, and so on via word of mouth. Once you set your base, you can expand it later with the help of advertisements of your own clients!

As a basic qualification, a bookkeeper job requires good mathematical skills and proficiency with the use of softwares such as Quickbooks Premier 2007 and Microsoft Money. Prior experience in the field is an advantage. Also knowledge on the use of Microsoft Word and Excel are essential. All these help you to get the work done fast.

The responsibilities of a bookkeeper includes printing and mailing invoices according to the client requirements, applying for payments from the cheques received, along with analyzing client accounts for non-payments. Besides these it also becomes a part of your job to help the organizations employees, vendors, and clients in solving their accounts and procedure related queries. To be successful in your work it is important to have a strong research and client skills, reasoning power, and organizational skills.

Some companies outsource online bookkeeping jobs. This reduces the burden of critical, non-core accounting finances. For this job all you need is an Internet connection. With this multiple users can access company records from any computer. Through online bookkeeping job the work can be done in three ways – getting the source documents through fax or on the bookkeeper’s servers, connecting bookkeeper to the client’s computer to get the remote desktop access services, and finally updating the books of the clients. Online bookkeeping helps to reduce operating costs, improve quality, more focus on company core activities, and increase capabilities.

As you can see, bookkeeping is one of the best business decisions that can be considered for a small level business. The books are very private and important, and your personalized tailor-made services for a particular business improve reputation and trust. Thus, consider setting up your own bookkeeping service today!

Book Keeping Courses

  • SBA Online Bookkeeping Course from Start to Finish
  • Thomson Creative Solution – Client Bookkeeping Solution
  • Accounting and Business School of the Rockets: Professional Bookkeeping Certificate program.
  • Herzing University Online: Diploma in Bookkeeping and Payroll Accounting.
  • Penn Foster Career School: Bookkeeping, Diploma.
  • Penn Foster Global: Bookkeeping, Diploma.
  • U.S Career Institute: Bookkeeping, Diploma.
  • ICS Canada: Bookkeeping, Diploma.

Online Book keeping Courses

Book keeping involves recording the financial transactions which includes income, purchases, payment etc. Bookkeeping jobs are highly in demand. The expected growth of bookkeeping employment is around 12% between 2006 and 2016. The job vacancies for these individuals during the above mentioned time period is about 2,64,000, which is high as compared to most other occupations. A competent bookkeeper is required for every business company. During the economic crisis, there are fewer chances for a bookkeeper to be laid off since they are the essential part of any company. The best job opportunities will be available for those individuals who hold a certificate on bookkeeping. If you would like to be trained, there are several sources that provide training like colleges, distant courses, e- books etc.

Here, I would like to give some details on the online course that are available on bookkeeping:

  • AAS Training

AAS Training is one of the leading training providers in the UK and abroad. They provide several courses on bookkeeping, which are- Foundation and Intermediate, Sage Computerized Bookkeeping, Computerized Bookkeeping Diploma, Computerized Payroll, Accounting and Advanced Bookkeeping and Small Business Financial Management. They claim the courses to be of high quality and of competitive prices.

  • Gatlin's online bookkeeping

Provides QuickBooks training course which introduces the concepts of bookkeeping - accounting using the theory of double entry bookkeeping. Textbook and thorough tutorial are available in the course. This online certificate program is offered in partnership with major colleges, universities, and other accredited education providers.

  • Bookkeeper

It provides a course on bookkeeping which is a self placed tutorial and can be completed in about 20 hours. In this course, you will learn double- entry accounting. This course provides training on how small business financial statements are organized, prepared and analyzed. The course rate is $99 online when you register through


They offer hundreds of affordable online classes including the bookkeeping courses. The courses offered in bookkeeping are- Accounting and Bookkeeping 101 for Everyone, Accounting and Bookkeeping for Beginners, Introduction to QuickBooks Bookkeeping, Advanced QuickBooks Accounting and Computerized Accounting with QuickBooks.

  • Professional Career Development Institute

They provide online Bookkeeping Courses with no special math or prior schooling needed to enroll.

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Roger  6 years ago

I agree mall business owners MUST keep up with the numbers of their business. Quickbooks is a fairly easy to use software which could help, the hardest part is setting it up, then its just daily maintenance.

BusinessBankHelp profile image

BusinessBankHelp 6 years ago from San Diego

Great advice on helping small business owners to keep up with the numbers. Many people come to me looking to open a different business bank account but what they really need is to get a grasp on their accounting.

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Kevin Peter 3 years ago from Global Citizen Author

Hi Roger and BusinessBankHelp,

Nice to know that the information in the hub was useful. Thanks for your comments.

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