Small Business? Only in Name!

Small businesses are as tough to run as any big business. And, as rewarding and satisfying as any big business. And, who or what is going to stop you from traveling Northward any way?

The world's reigning richest man started off in a garage. One small step on to the moon transformed itself into a big leap for mankind. Not all businesses are big when they take their tentative first step. A small business is small only in size. It has all the ingredients, favorable and not so favorable and downright hostile environs. In fact, many hassles that surmount a business can be overcome relatively easily by big business, with the inherent influence that big businesses tend to have. So, small business is that much more business-like.

Most people could fit the description Jack of All Trades But Master of None. So, everyone is a potential businessman. However, when it comes to brass tacks,identifying a business is what any businessman worth his salt does first. Out of a million businesses out there, you need to zero in on the most suitable one for you. Your innate gut feeling apart, practical considerations are to be taken into account. After all, you cannot carry coal to New Castle. Not unless you can sell snowballs to Santa Claus.

Persistence is the key and the energy level required not to grow lethargic will surprise even the most tenacious. Failure can drag you down with it, if you let it. The most successful of businesses are the ones which take failures in their stride and learn from mistakes.

Conviction of purpose is necessary. When someone asked Henry Ford what shade he wanted for the proposed new model car, he replied "Any color so long as it is black". Can you beat it for an argument killer? He had the conviction that he was going to have his car only in black, thank you.

Once you commit yourself, you need to go all out and work towards achieving your goal. Innovation, improvisation and a willingness to correct oneself once some anomaly is pointed out even by the lowliest of the employees should all be embedded in a businessman, however big (or small) he is.

Keep all this in mind all this and work 25 (yes, 25) hours a day, at least until the teething troubles are there no more, and you have it in the bag!


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