Small Business Success Stories

Want to get inspired by the business success stories?

There are several individuals who have entered to the world of Business and come up with flying colors. I would like to write here about some of the true small business success stories so that it inspires you too!!!

The celebrity gardener

This is the story of Asafumi Yamashita, Japanese, who made it great by growing vegetables in his own land. Asafumi was into bonsai- business in his backyard in Chapet in France. He used to sell his bonsai as well as rent them to hotels and restaurants. Thus he got familiar with the head chef of a Japanese restaurant called Benkey, who gave him suggestion to grow Japanese vegetables which were not available locally and to distribute them to Japanese restaurants.

He started his attempt with an investment of $500 and planted a few crops which were not available. Within a year, he started to supply them to 12 Japanese restaurants around Paris. Presently, he is providing his vegetables to six Michelin-starred Paris eateries and one local Japanese restaurant. He makes about $150,000 a year, from this business. Since Asafumi Yamashita prefers only a small business, he has not kept any employees and is working alone with his wife in the garden.

Pizza man

Jim McGowan came to restaurant business from his former real estate background. He actually turned to this area hearing that the real estate market was on edge of collapse.

The birth of South Brooklyn Pizza happened when Mc Gown decided to buy and renovate an old pub in his neighborhood. He learned the art of making pizzas and he opened his restaurant. Earlier, he got good reviews from the locals.

The New York Times wrote about the restaurant, which made people from different places to come and have a bite of his pizza. In his first year of business, McGowan expects his restaurant to bring around $400,000 in returns. Mc Gown has also encountered failure in his path. Before this, he had purchased Boston's Bulfinch Yacht Club and suffered a loss $1 million on the venture.

This did not let him down, but made him learn new lessons, which he applied in his new endeavor. When it came to making pizzas, he concentrated on only one pizza, ‘classic margherita’. He has bought another old bar and there he also serves brick- oven pizza. He is planning to open a few more restaurants in future. The one and only thing he has to say is “Keep the expectations modest”.

Connecting Women Entrepreneurs

Gabriela Chavez’s success story is based on the understanding that networking is important in case of women entrepreneurs and that looking for such opportunities may result in lasting and mutual benefits.

With such an intention in mind, Gabriela Chavez created ‘Beauties on the Go’. Here, like minded women share their ideas and concerns and provide mutual support to each other. Gabriela, who found pleasure in giving inspiring advices to her friends, later decided to host women gatherings and workshops.

To be available all the time to woman who are in need, she finally gave birth to the site. In the beginning, she had to face several challenges like getting the man power, financial backing and sincere support system, which she overcame with the right spirit. Beauties on the Go are also involved in a non-profit Teen L.U.V.E Program, intending to empower the at- risk teens. She has been successful in her attempts till the present and her advice to the entrepreneurs is to be flexible and open minded, which might help during the time of adversities. She also probes to remain consistent and not to give away when things go wrong so that one can taste the real success.

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Bill Bower 6 years ago

The best thing you can do to be successful is have a great business model. If your business model is not solid, you cannot expect a great business. Just a lot of hard work for small profits. There is a business model assessment tool available at

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 6 years ago from Global Citizen Author

business model assessment tool ? I don't know anything about it ....I will research and publish a hub soon...

globalsky profile image

globalsky 5 years ago

A business management is the most important start.

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 3 years ago from Global Citizen Author

Hi globalsky,

Thanks for your comment.

Hi sirrot,

I will surely read your hub on this topic. Thanks for leaving the comment.

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