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In the social media world there are new tools that are popping up everywhere

You have jumped into the social media world and are interested in using it to promote your business. How will you keep track of the effects of your efforts? It should be tracked and analyzed just like every other marketing strategy that you use. You’ll want to know if your time and effort are producing leads or not really. If your social media turns out to be producing leads, what is the percentage of actual sales that result?

In the social media world there are new tools that are popping up everywhere that you can use to manage your posts and their responses. A dashboard is a great way to manage it all. You can use a dashboard for your business social media activity and you can have a separate one to see what’s up with your social social media personal contacts.

A dashboard can organize all of your contacts from email to Facebook to Twitter in one place. Some of the dashboards available can be downloaded for free and with no fee for their services they might just do the trick and provide an economical way to accomplish organization. Some of them are even download free so you can easily use them on your pda without hogging needed space.

Why not consider connecting your business team members with a dashboard that can be used to spread any information among users quickly and can also be used to divide tasks and chores among the users. This is similar to a task management program that many larger companies use with integrated access for projects that involve many hands. You can do this from your phone with a dashboard that’s designed to handle that specific information.

How about a dashboard that would allow you to monitor any traffic that applies to your company via discussions, comments, etc. Imagine customers noticing a bug in your software and being able to respond to them and contact your IT at once to solve the issue. Sounds efficient, doesn’t it?

Many dashboards have been around long enough to prove their usefulness and have tweaked the bugs out of their systems where there were any. There is a variety of them available. Some are free; some are more complex and do specific things but will charge a fee. When you need something to organize all of your biz media in one place, get a dashboard and you’ll be glad you did.


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